Vastu for Flats – How to Check Vastu for Flat? | Guide

Vastu for apartments is based on the science of architectural method that provides particular instructions and guidelines regarding the layout, planning, geometry, measurement, structure and design of flats and apartments. The main object of this traditional architectural method is to use symmetrical configurations along with directional alignments in the house. Vastu’s principles are equally vital and should be executed in the same manner as they apply to bungalows, factories, offices, and other buildings.

Whether you are buying a flat or planning to shift into a rented apartment, you should still check out specific Vastu Shastra tips for better living. However, many people do not have faith in Vastu Shastra and believe that Vastu Shastra is only required when your house is on the ground floor. But Vastu Shastra acts in its way.

Though you occupy a house on the top floor or any middle floors, you are still connected to the ground. A house can be spacious or small, but the members should feel happy and satisfied. This feeling of content and happiness should not be affected by negative energies. Various Vastu remedies for the flat are there that are effective in eliminating the ill effects of negative energies from the house.

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Which Floor is Best to Live in an Apartment as per Vastu?

Whenever you choose to live in a high-rise apartment, you must check whether the flat is Vastu-Friendly or not. Most people are unaware of the fact that your home is still connected to the ground. Our Universe is the powerhouse of various energies. The energy changes from land to air as you go higher.

Choosing the right flat, according to Vastu, is very important. Here is a quick guide on how to choose the right floor for your family.

Generally, overhead tanks are installed on the terrace of the building. Overhead tanks put pressure on the areas under them. Hence, families shouldn’t choose the top floor.

As per Vastu experts, do not choose apartments above the fourth floor and water elements are negligible. Hence, do not buy an apartment to elude complications in career and relationships. According to Vastu remedies for flat, decorate your home with seashells to lessen the Vastu defect.

Most of the middle floors do not receive ample sunlight. According to apartment Vastu tips, there should not be any dark corner in the house. Install enough lights to eliminate the destructive effect of Vastu.
Do not choose flats near septic tanks and water storage tanks.

Choose a flat where you can enjoy spectacular views of the surrounding and have windows for proper ventilation. Ensure that tall trees should not block the flow of good energies if you stay on the upper floors.

According to Vastu Shastra, for the apartment, do not utilise basements for living purposes as basements do not receive sunlight as dark corners and areas attract negative energies.

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How to Find Flat Facing Direction as per Vastu?

In this topic, we will read about the directions. Learn how to identify the best approach for the main entrance door and find the flat facing direction as per Vastu direction for the flat. This article will discuss in detail which direction is suitable for sleeping position, kitchen direction, main entrance direction, toilet seat arrangement as per Vastu tips for flat and many more.
Directions as per Vastu Shastra
We know that there are four main directions. These directions have four sub-directions.

The four main directions are as below:

  • East
  • West
  • North
  • South
    And below is four sub –directions:
  • North-East
  • North-West
  • South-East
  • South-West

These four sub-directions hold a vital place in Vastu Shastra as these directions indicate where the bedroom, living room, study room, guest rooms etc. should be placed for prosperous life and happiness.

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Flat Directions and Its Placements

  1. East– This direction symbolises Lord Indra and is connected with wealth and lushness in life.
  2. West– This direction is ruled by Lord Varun and is associated with natural water elements such as rain and other water sources. This direction attracts richness and luxuries in life.
  3. North: This is the favourable direction of Kuber, the Lord of Wealth.
  4. South: Yama, the God of death, rules this direction. This direction is linked with wealth, crops and desires.
  5. North East: This location is managed by Lord Esshaan and is known for wealth, health and success. If you want to achieve success, health and wealth, buy a flat facing this direction according to the best Vastu direction for a flat.
  6. North West: Lord Vayu manages this direction, and this direction is the source of all kinds of changes and modifications faced in business, relationships and enmity.
  7. South East: This direction is associated with the fire element and is ruled by Lord.
  8. South West: This direction is connected with character, death and long life. Niruti (the God who safeguards us from evil eyes and bad omens) is the ruler of this direction.

These above eight directions are further extended into another 16 directions, which are as below:

  1. North East – The direction of intelligibility of Mind
  2. East of North East – The direction of Entertainment and Fun
  3. East – The direction of Community Networks
  4. East of South East – The direction of Anxiety and Agitation
  5. South East – The direction of Fire, Cash and Liquidity
  6. South of South East – The direction of Power and Buoyancy
  7. South – The direction of Relaxation and Eminence
  8. South of South West – The direction of Expenditure, Wastage and Disposal
  9. South West – The direction of Bonding and Skills
  10. West of South West – The direction of Education and Savings
  11. West – The direction of Profits and Gains
  12. West of North West – The direction of Melancholy and Detoxification
  13. North West – The direction of Support and investment
  14. North of North West – The direction of Attraction and Sex
  15. North – The direction of Growth and Opportunities
  16. North of North East – The direction of Immunity and Well-being

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How to Check the House Facing Direction?

1. To check the flat entrance as per Vastu, stand at the door of your home facing the exterior.

2. Use a compass and read the direction you are facing, and that particular direction would be the direction of the house.

For instance, if you are looking towards the North (exterior of the house), you have the North facing home.

How to check the Sub-directions as per Vastu for Flats?

Let’s check out how to find all the Sub-directions:

1. The point at which the North and East intersect is the North-East corner.

2. The place at which the South and the East meets in the South-East Corner.

3. The South-West is the corner where West meets South.

4. North-West corner is the corner where West meets North.

Vastu for Flat Entrance

According to the flat entrance as per Vastu, North, East or North-East direction is perfect for constructing the flat’s door. Let’s consider a few other things which are essential while building the entrance of a flat.

  1. If you are planning to build the main door in the North Wall, then the door should be in the North-East section of the North wall.
  2. The construction of the main entrance door in the South wall is considered auspicious. Do not construct the main door at the centre of the wall. If the main entrance of your flat is in the South direction, then there should be a door in the North direction.
  3. If the entrance door is in the East wall, then place the main door in the North-East direction.
  4. Half of the North-West wall is ideal for construction the entrance according to entrance of flat as per Vastu.

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Toilet Seat and its Placement

As per Vastu Shastra tips, the North-East or North-West direction is perfect for toilet seats. It should be placed so that a person, while using it, should neither face the East or West.

Vastu for Flats Facing South Good?

The South facing entrance must have the door in the South-East direction. This portion receives ample sunlight during day time through the East direction. If a South facing home is having Vastu defects, it is known as the South-East cut Vastu. As prescribed in Vastu tips for flat, the South-East position is perfect.

The South facing and East facing houses are considered the best houses as these houses attract harmony, prosperity, fame, health and name. The house or flats built at the end of the roads are considered inauspicious in Vastu Shastra.

It would help if you did not opt for a triangle-shaped plot for building your home. These irregularly shaped plots are considered inauspicious and release negative energies. The owners must take the necessary steps to fix the Vastu dosh to eliminate the negative energies. The rectangle and square-shaped flats are best, as mentioned in Vastu for apartments.

If you plan to buy a property or rent out your flat, you can opt for online solutions as per Vastu for flats. You can’t know how to execute the Vastu Shastra tips while buying a flat.

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