Vastu for Car Parking – Car Parking Direction as per Vastu

You may argue with the concept of car parking Vastu that ancient times did not have these facilities. BTW, car parking Vastu is prominent since the invention of wheels. As you know, with the invention of wheels, different modes of transportation evolved. This is why it became an essential part of Vastu Shastra.

Nowadays, cars and scooters (both two and four-wheelers) play an important role in commutation purposes, such as we perform pujas as soon as we buy a vehicle. We also allot parking spaces for the same as per the Vastu Shastra, this form of Vastu is called Car Parking Vastu. It provides security for our vehicle and safety for us while driving/riding it. Hence, now we know how significant this process is in the realm of Vastu.

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Vastu for Car Parking Things to Follow

Vastu for Car Parking Things To Avoidx`

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