Vastu for Car Parking – Car Parking Direction as per Vastu

You may argue with the concept of car parking Vastu that ancient times did not have these facilities. BTW, car parking Vastu is prominent since the invention of wheels. As you know, with the invention of wheels, different modes of transportation evolved. This is why it became an essential part of Vastu Shastra.

Nowadays, cars and scooters (both two and four-wheelers) play an important role in commutation purposes, such as we perform pujas as soon as we buy a vehicle. We also allot parking spaces for the same as per the Vastu Shastra, this form of Vastu is called Car Parking Vastu. It provides security for our vehicle and safety for us while driving/riding it. Hence, now we know how significant this process is in the realm of Vastu.

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Vastu for Car Parking Things to Follow

After buying a new vehicle, it is very consequential to discern that we use all the safety measures for our protection. Often, we hear about car and bike accidents where mishaps are taking place after getting a new vehicle. Besides, we also witness problems in the engine, early repairs in the service centres, numerous parking issues, and theft complaints. So, to remove all such difficulties and complications, car parking, as per Vastu, comes into the picture!

Depending on various criteria, numerous key points are emphasized based on car parking Vastu. Some of the salient features taken in to account while dealing with Vastu for car parking are-

  • The first and foremost thing, you must perform a car puja after buying a new car or two-wheeler. Puja gives safety and longevity. It also shows respect and gratitude in the Vastu world.
  • As per car parking Vastu, you must set up the car garage in the North-West direction of the building. Moreover, you must park your vehicles in the East or North direction as they are considered to have a more positive influence on the safety aspects.
  • Business people must park their vehicles in the North direction, which increases the chances to improve business deals.
  • Construct the shed and floor in such a manner that its slope is towards the East or North direction.
  • Even though the North-West direction is the most favourable one, then the second-best option is to go for the South-East direction, according to Experts.
  • As per the Vastu of the car garage, the gate of the parking area must be in the North or East direction, and its height should be less than that of the main gate.
  • Always use colours like white, cream, and yellow or something on a lighter shade to paint garage walls.
  • Avoid the support of the compound wall while fabricating the garage walls; this is another epoch-making decision for the 20th century.
  • Ensure that the garage has at least a space of about two to three feet to walk and keep it at a safe distance from the walls around. Because keeping space also helps in flowing the positive energies around the area. At the same time, it keeps away the negative ones.
  • To build a garage, if there is no space available, you can always set up a porch in the North or North-West direction, which proves to be very beneficial for the owners of the vehicle.
  • Always keep the pathway for the vehicle clean, smooth, and properly maintained as that helps generate positive and cheerful vibrations.

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Vastu for Car Parking Things To Avoidx`

In Vastu shastra, the Science Of Architecture, there are certain things that you need to keep away from for the better. So, you consider them when constructing your car parking as per Vastu. For your ease, here is the list that you need to refrain.

  • Avoid parking your vehicle facing the South or West side as it increases the chances of your car being damaged due to fire.
  • Please don’t park your car or motorbike in the South-West direction because it impacts the longevity of the vehicle. It may also lead to frequent repairs.
  • Never park your vehicle in the South direction as it outspread pessimistic vibes.
  • If you find any negative issues or events in your experiences, you should try installing Golden Plated Vastu Yantra on your car’s dashboard. It will purify the negative energy and any Vastu dosh that may persist.
  • It would be better if you avoid keep any inflammable items in the garage. Stay alert and stay safe.

However, there are crucial aspect for car and bike parking in Vastu Shastra. This factors caught the attention of Vastu experts since ages. On the high key, since the invention of wheels, humans has evolved tremendously. This is why we now apprehend the prominence of this element in the world of Vastu shastra.

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