Vastu for Guest Room – Guest Room Tips, Things to Avoid, 10 Essential Items, & more

In Sanskrit, there is a saying, “Atithi Devo Bhava,” which means guests should be treated like God. Hence, arranging the room for your guest as per Vastu for the guest room is also necessary. Though, we know that Vastu Shastra is an Indian architectural science. With the help of Vastu Shastra Experts, we can construct a house that may bring peace, positivity, prosperity, fame, success and richness to our life. It has been believed that there is a solution to every problem. Vastu Shastra has come up with every solution that can eliminate or reduce the issues in our daily life.

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Since ancient times, Vastu Shastra has been used by rulers for building kingdoms to bring fortune, happiness and wealth in life. Vastu is like a safeguard to us in many ways, like bringing harmony in relationships, strengthening the bond, goal orientation and guarding the family against evil eyes. When the construction of the house is done as per Vastu Shastra, how can you ignore the Guest room. A guest room arranged as per Vastu Shastra can eliminate bad vibrations from the house and fill the area with positive vibes. This article will discuss the best-suited Vastu tips for the guest room for a fun-filled, pleasant, and comfortable stay.

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Best Guest Room Vastu

Executing Vastu tips while building the home or minor rectifications in the house can change your life. Every area of the house has a separate Vastu. Living room, kitchen, storeroom, yards, toilets, bedroom, swimming pool, stairs, doors and windows have separate Vastu. Most of the houses have guest rooms or guest houses for the comfort and convenience of guests. Vastu tips are vital while you arrange the guest room. Check out specific Vastu tips for your guest room.

  • North-West direction is perfect for the guest room. The door should open in the proper direction as per Vastu rules for the bedroom.
  • Do not place any bed under the beam.
  • The bathroom should not be located in an exact opposite location of the bed.
  • The South-West location is not ideal for designing guest rooms as this area is suitable for the house owner only.
  • The cabinets should be designed on the South or the West wall of the room.
  • Electronic gadgets like television can be placed on or close to the South-Eastern wall of the house.
  • The furniture in the guest room should be placed according to Vastu Shastra. If you are placing a bed or diwan in the guest room, the best position to place the bed or diwan would be in the south or west part of the room, and the guest should sleep with head towards the south.
  • The bathroom for guests should be separate as both the guest and the host require privacy.

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Things to Avoid While Constructing the Guest Room

The ambience of the room should be relaxed and calm. It should be constructed so that the person should not have any command over the host’s family. According to guest bedroom Vastu, the Vastu tip should be executed to balance energies and the environment. There are specific pointers you should avoid while constructing the guest room.

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Here are a few to consider while arranging a guest room.

  • One should avoid arranging a guest room in the South-West location of the house as this zone has been nominated for the head or the family owner.
  • A beam of light over the bed is considered inauspicious as per Vastu Shastra. Hence, it should be avoided.
  • Do not use dark colours to decorate the walls of the guest room as it may affect the environment and the guest too.

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10 Essential Guest Room Vastu

As per Vastu for Guest Room, the guest should feel at home during their stay as a guest in your house.

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Below is a list of a few essential items that should be kept for the guest’s comfort.

Extra Towels, Blankets and Pillows
Everyone has different personalities, likes and dislikes. Some people are cautious about their hygiene and health. Hence, separate face towels and hand towels should be kept in the bathroom. Place extra blankets and pillows for the comfort of the guest. If there is no proper arrangement of closets, then roll them up and place them in baskets on the bed or floor.
Keep a garbage basket in the guest room. Avoid cluttering of waste papers, tickets, toiletries in the guest room.
Keep a clock in the guest room so that guests can check the time without using their cell phones now and then. Please do not keep a stopped watch or clock in the room as it is considered inauspicious as per Vastu for the guest room.
Space for Clothes
In most of the house, guest rooms are used as dumping ground for items itemsunused and unnecessary items. But when guests are arriving, it is important to carve out enough space for their belongings. Make room for keeping their bags and hanging their clothes. Keep a few empty hangers extra.
Door Hooks
Door hooks are best when you do not have enough space in the room. You can hang purses, jackets, caps, raincoat and mufflers.
Add Iron in the guest room as the essential item. You can also keep an ironing board for comfort as it takes less space.
According to Vastu rules for the guest room, all-electric items should be placed on the South-Eastern wall of the room.
Tissues must be placed in the room as a strand of toilet paper looks annoying in the room.
Keep basic toiletries in the guest bathroom. Do not forget to keep toothpaste, shampoo, soap and lotions as necessary items.
Full length Mirror
Mirrors can be used as decorative pieces in the room. Add a full-length mirror on the empty walls or behind the closet door.

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Generally, it’s fun when guests arrive at our place. However, sometimes it has been found weird when guests stay for an extended period. Executive the best solution according to Vastu for the guest room will ensure a peaceful yet enjoyable trip for the guest.

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