Vastu for Locker Room – Locker Vastu Tips, Don’ts & FAQs

Vastu for Locker Room

The importance of ensuring financial strength in life cannot be overstated.
When Vastu principles are applied, it becomes easier to find the best ways to live a financially balanced life. In today’s world, money is most likely an essential thing required to survive, and without it, life can be completely hopeless.

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According to Vastu Shastra, when designing a locker room, various angles must be considered.
The principles outlined in Vastu storage space may help acquire and bring in cash, reducing the surge of money and overspending in the family.

All boundaries, such as the shape, shading, size, bearing, and so on of the storage, have a significant relationship with the abundance and prosperity you can accumulate.
The greater your economic upliftment, the better your background, which is why it is critical to give equal or more significant consideration to Vastu science’s storage space.

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Vastu Tips for Locker Room

The locker room contains cash and costly trimmings and adornments, which is why it is also critical to consider the location’s and storage’s safety and security.
According to Vaastu Shastra, placing the locker room can bring about positive changes in your daily life and help you achieve more incredible wealth and success. Here are some things to keep in mind before constructing a locker room.

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Locker Room location:

According to Vastu Shastra, the ideal location to build a locker room is in the house’s North direction. According to Vastu Shastra, making the locker room helps increase the inflow of money and doubles the investment from time to time. But, if the direction is wrong, the outflow of funds can be more than the influx leading to losses and problems. So, choose the best direction for a better future.

The Room's Size and Shape:

Vastu Shastra explains the importance of the locker room’s proper size and shape. It is essential to have constructed a locker room ideally in rectangular or square shape. Triangular and even Pentagon-sided rooms are also acceptable, but odd-shaped locker rooms are a big no. Ensure the locker room’s height is equal to the size of other rooms otherwise;, this encouraged stunted growth.

Locker's direction and placement:

The location of the locker is another essential consideration to make. If you have a safe or almirah, then ideally, it must be placed on the south side of the room. It would be best if you left south-east and south-west directions. Please make sure the locker’s back is on the south wall, and the front side of the vault faces the north wall as it is considered auspicious. Avoid northeast, south-east, and north-west corners of the room for the locker as it encourages unnecessary losses and expenditure. When it comes to placing the vault, it must be placed in the right direction having at least one-inch distance from the wall. According to Vastu, the locker must be a foot away from the North-west or south-west orientation.

Placement of the doors and windows:

Vastu Shastra explains that the ideal situation is to have a door with two shutters for the locker. With increasing modernization, there are many different lockers’ styles, but the right way is to use a door with two shutters. The locker room entrance must be in the north or east direction as it is considered favorable. Avoid south, south-east, south-west, north-west direction for placement of the door. For windows, prefer east and north directions in the room.

The room's colour scheme:

No room becomes a room without its colour. Every room has its own story, which is defined by the colours. If the colours are bright and vibrant, automatically, the room looks happy and cheerful. On the other hand, if the colour scheme is dull and dark, it feels like you entered into a depressing and gloomy place. Some colours attract prosperity, wealth, and riches, while many colours repel wealth and attract losses. According to Vastu, the colour yellow is considered best for the locker room. The room’s wall and floor must be painted yellow as it is believed that this color brings increment in wealth.

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Vastu for Locker Room Don'ts

While following all of the necessary Vastu tips to reap the most benefits from the locker room as per Vastu is critical, it is also important to note that avoiding certain elements can be very beneficial to the people living in the house.

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Here are a few noteworthy points to take into consideration:

Never put the locker room in the north-east corner because it will harm your wealth. Furthermore, the locker room’s south-east and north-west corners are not ideal because they can cause residents to overspend on unnecessary items.

The locker room door should not be placed in the South-East, South-West, North-West, or South directions.

It is essential to keep the locker room clean and tidy because Goddess Laxmi may not help you reap the benefits if the room is dirty and messy.

It is also recommended to use safety with four legs for added strength and security.

There should be no idols or deities in the room. Instead, place a small mirror in the box to reflect the money. This may lead to a more prosperous life for you.

It is preferable not to have a locker that is visible to anyone who comes to the house. Perhaps having a solid concrete foundation will add to the benefits you will receive.

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As a result, it is now clear that if some aspects of the Locker room are dealt with following Vastu principles, one can profit from this fruit-bearing process!

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Vastu for Locker Room FAQ's

Which Side Should Locker Face?
The best zone for the arrangement of the locker is the North zone of the house. Ensure that the locker points toward the North, which implies that its entryway should open in the North. Since North is the zone of Lord Kuber, it will consistently amass more riches and wealth.

Which Way Do You Place a Cash Box?
The south and south-west are the most favorable places for a locker room. It should confront the east, North, or upper east. And should never face the south, west, or south-west.

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Which Side Should We Keep Almirah?
Almirah ought to be put Southwest way with the goal that it opens in North or East. Almirah ought to be in some inconspicuous shadings like cream or light shading conceals. Try not to have any mirrors on the Southwest almirah.

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To summarize, earning money and making significant investments is the most important thing for anyone nowadays. However, as the inflow of money increases, it causes stress and anxiety to keep them safe. So, why not build a locker room following Vastu Shastra rules and faithfully protect your valuables? Use these hints to secure the locker with a combination of practicality and spirituality.

Bid farewell to all the Vastu related troubles in your household.

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