Portico Vastu: Gain Health and Wealth – Complete Guide

Portico is a part of the roof of the building. It is an area that is supported by columns. However, it is a spatial area outside the home but attached to the building in the form of a porch. You can use this structure for multiple purposes, such as parking cars or sitting with family or friends. Portico designing and framing is a very western thing, but it is considered as a space outside the door that helps in bringing a lot of optimistic and positive vibrations for the native as per Vastu shastra principles!

Portico is also known as Porch/Verandah. As per Vastu, the portico is viewed as quite auspicious. Starting from its location to design, building a portico is proven to be very advantageous for generating good health, wealth, and prosperity.

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Portico Vastu Do’s

One of the main reasons to construct a portico is that it acts as a shield against negative energies. It blesses the native with sound health. Also, it creates an optimistic vibe in the house.

Doing so in a particular direction can also scientifically be explained as it helps in receiving the optimum amount of morning sunlight.

Don’t let the portico be in contact with the main building directly. Use pillars as supporting structures, and don’t let them face the wall.

As per portico Vastu, if you park your car under the portico, then it is favourable to do so in the North or North-East of the plots, facing the North Or East direction.

Slanting the verandah roof on the East or North side can create propitious circumstances for you and your family. This will increase the effectiveness needed in dealing with situations as well.

You can plant trees in the North-East area so that you will connect to mother nature at some level.

Ensure that the height of the portico should be less than that of the main building.

Keep the space in the verandah open because it will let in the refreshing air.

Always paint the walls of your portico with light colours such as white or shades of yellow.

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Portico Vastu Don'ts

Don’t upstand portico in the South direction as it brings a lot of bad omens and mishappenings in the family.

Never place heavy furniture as it blocks the flow of air circulation around the place.

You must refrain from erecting circular corners of the verandah.

Ideally, you must abstain from using Tin roofs and rather resort to cement walls. Experts advise, having no roof at all is good.

Make sure that the walls have not cut corners as it affects the aura of the place.

You must consult a Vastu expert who can provide more detailed knowledge for constructing the portico. It is a very crucial part of the house, so you must stay alert in it.

Always plan and design your portfolio before building the house. This will help you to plan your special arrangements in a better way.

Never place a portico in the West direction as it has many disadvantages. So, it would be best to avoid this completely.

Always keep the place lit up and make sure that the area is clean.

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