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We, humans, are considered as different species on the planet. Knowledge, intellectual art can differentiate us from others. One of the essential characteristics that humans possess is the process of learning. It’s known that expertise can be adapted through several methods, including reading, writing, doing, observing, hearing, and various other education modes. Since the olden days, we follow one of the most common learning methods or “Studying”.

While studying, you need to be focused, rigorous and attentive. This learning method can be done by sitting at a calm, composed and an open mind. This method of learning demands- an area where you can sharpen your brain, increase the retaining power of the mind and a place where you can be comfy and study without any noise. According to Study Room Vastu this area is known as “Study Room”.

Every house must have a study room where your kids can focus on gaining knowledge. The Study room should be built and constructed as per Study Room Vastu norms. The room should be located at the right place and direction, followed by Vastu Shastra guidelines. If you place the books, table and other furnishing materials in the right place, this room will allow you to concentrate on your study.

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Study Room Vastu Direction

Study Room Vastu Position of Study Table

Study Room Vastu Tips

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