Vastu Puja – Vastu Shanti Puja Benefits & Rituals

Vastu Shastra is considered the Science of Architecture. Vastu means dwelling, while Shastra stands for ‘the doctrine of teaching’. Vastu shastra works towards an amalgamation of architecture with nature as it combines five elements. It helps you restore harmony in the construction and decor of commercial and non-commercial spaces. The living space found with any kind of Vastu Dosha then must seek the help of Vastu Shastra. This ancient method will remove the dosha by remodelling and reconfiguration of internal and external spaces.

In accordance with the ancient Hindu Vedas and scriptures, Vastu shastra is said to be the brain of Architecture and Construction. This is because it guides us to reap the benefits of positive elements prevalent in nature, namely Earth, Sky, Air, Water and Fire. Vastu principles consider the position of planets and their corresponding effects with the help of the basic five elements. Let us shed more light on the Vastu Puja topic.

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Vastu Puja Benefits

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