Know Before bearing Ketu Yantra-Copper

Yantras enhance a person’s life. It is also known to enhance the mood of its bearer and makes them feel happy and content. These Yantras have a whole spectrum of benefits for their bearer. These may be benefits to one’s personality, prosperity, fortune or even to their whole life. But one needs to always keep in mind that some of these yantras are very powerful and can greatly affect their life. If bought after seeking deep analysis and guidance by an expert pandit, the respective Yantras are predicted to have boundless benefits for its bearer. But if the same Yantra is used by someone who is not supposed to use it, as predicted by his/her respective zodiac sign or by a pandit, they may suffer adversely. So one has to be very careful while bearing one of these precious yantras.

Yantra: The Core Definition

The word yantra stands for “instrument”, “contrivance” or “apparatus” in Classical Sanskrit. It comes from its root word-” yam”, Yantras are some mystical geometrical diagrams that are worshipped or used in worship in many Indian religions and philosophies. These help in the process of meditation and have powerful benefits attached to it, as per beliefs in Hindu astrology and various Tantric texts. The Yantra is a kind of mandala, and this spiritual symbol is believed to be a representation of the universe.
The Yantra can be a powerful possession to bring out your hidden divine potential. The Yantra’s powers include the delegating of peace and spirituality in one’s life. It is designed to give a variety of other benefits to its qualified bearer.

Ketu Yantra Copper: Learn The Significance

The Ketu Yantra-Copper bestows its bearer with the blessings of Ketu, the shadow planet. Worshipping the Ketu kavach yantra regularly can help alleviate evil energies, adverse situations, harmful diseases as well as secret foes from the life of its bearer. The Ketu Yantra Copper is important for all these reasons and for several other ones. The energised Ketu yantra can help its bearer enhance their career prospects as well as several aspects of their business. It can help them to defeat their enemies or their fake friends. It is widely believed that the Copper Ketu Yantra offers the elimination of snakebite effects and provides protection from mishaps. Rahu Ketu Yantra blesses its bearer with wealth, prosperity and good health. An attuned Copper Ketu Yantra is capable of attracting the positive energies and principles of the planet of Ketu, which is believed to be very powerful. It is important to eliminate the malefic effects of Ketu and radiate just positive energy from the planet.

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Ketu Yantra- Copper: The Wide Range Of Benefits

Each Yantra is often associated with specific Gods/Goddesses and have innumerable advantages for its bearer. The Yantras are beneficial in enhancing one’s power, knowledge, wisdom and wealth, among other things. The Yantras also act as a protective shield around their bearer and save them from surrounding negative energies. Specific Yantras work to enhance specific aspects of one’s life.
The Rahu Ketu Yantra benefits or the benefits of Ketu Yantra-Copper are boundless. These benefits of the Ketu Yantra are wonderful, and thus the bearer of Copper Ketu Yantra can experience wonderful progress in multiple aspects of their life. Some of the benefits of bearing an authentic Ketu Yantra-Copper are:
Ketu Yantra-Copper can help in alleviating the malefic effects of planet Ketu and can appease this powerful planet of Ketu, if worshipped.
The shani ketu shrapit dosh nivaran yantra benefits expand to include the formation of a natural protective shield around its bearer to protect him/her from surrounding negative energies or influences.
Protection from mishaps and misfortune are a few of the many ketu yantra locket benefits.
The Ketu Yantra Copper helps its bearer to achieve business and financial success.
This Yantra gives its bearer immense energy which helps them to defeat their foes or enemies.
The Guru Ketu Chandal Yog Nivaran Yantra bestows one with prosperity, wealth, along with good health.
The Copper Guru Yantra largely enhances one’s growth prospects.

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Ketu Yantra Copper: The Working Principle

Ketu Yantra- Copper consecrates one’s living space and gives them protection from the malefic effects of Ketu, if it is placed in one’s home or office space.
Your horoscope might be influenced by malefic Ketu. The Copper Ketu Yantra works to eliminate this malefic impact from your horoscope and improve the impacted aspects of your life while making your life a living dream!
The Ketu Yantra copper is filled with powerful energies that have the capability to transform one’s living space into a sacred space and thus bring in spirituality in their life. This Yantra helps in radiating the positive energy of the planet of Ketu.
The Copper Ketu Yantra works to engrave great effects on one’s environment, body, life destiny and in their life as a whole.
The Ketu Kavach Yantra works to provide God’s secure, nurturing embrace to its bearer while they live each moment of their life.
The geometric designs on the Ketu Yantra Copper works to yield the positive effects of the planet of Ketu, as it is associated with the Ketu Yantra.

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Ketu Yantra Copper: The Instructions To Care

  • Place the Yantra on a clean and sacred altar in the north east.
  • Allow no one to come near the Yantra.
  • Wash the Yantra with rose water or milk on a regular basis. After that, rinse with water and dry completely. The hue of the Yantra may vary over time, but this has no bearing on the Yantra’s efficacy.
  • Place circular dots of sandalwood paste on the Yantra’s four corners and in the middle.
  • In front of the Yantra, light a candle or a ghee lamp and an incense stick. You can also serve fresh or dried fruits as Prasad.
  • Ideally, after showering, sing the previous front Yantra Mantra.

Ketu Yantra Copper: In A Nutshell

  • Associated planet: Planet Ketu
  • Purpose: Offers success in one’s love life and marriage along with auspiciousness in life as a whole.
  • Ketu Yantra mantra: Om Hreem Ketave Namah

Ketu Yantra Copper: Where To Get The Yantra?

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Ketu Yantra Copper: Last But Not The Least

*Remember to buy an attuned/worshipped Ketu Yantra only!
A Yantra works on the premise of an energy field; thus, it must be properly cleansed, sanctified, energised, and adjusted in order to provide you with the most advantage. In reality, if you want to reap the advantages of the Yantra put at your place of worship, you’ll need to worship and sanctify it on a daily basis. A Yantra that is not worshipped or tuned is like a body without a soul; it must be energised through suitable rituals. So don’t think twice and be wise. Get it all here!

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