An Overview of the Hanuman Yantra: Its Meaning and Benefits

Lord Hanuman, as mentioned earlier, is an ardent devotee of Lord Rama and is the personification of pure devotion, the removal of ego, self-restraint, and unconditional faith. One who worships Lord Ram is supposed to be directly protected by Lord Hanuman and bestowed with many boons.

The followers of Lord Hanuman are said to be protected from all evil forces and are blessed with mental and physical strength. Many of us are too busy today to dedicate time to prayer, worship, and other spiritual activities. Through Yantras, we can remain connected to the Supreme even in difficult times.

Purpose of using Hanuman Yantra

Hanuman Kavach Yantra: An object of concentration

Panchamukhi Hanuman Yantra: Its placement and uses

Astrological Significance Of Hanuman Yantra

Hanuman Yantra Mantra:

The Hanuman Yantra: How do you worship it?

How to make Hanuman Yantra effective?

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