Kemdrum Yantra Copper – Appease the Lonely Moon!

Astrology and astronomy both deal with the planets, stars and other cosmic bodies. But there is a prominent difference in both the streams with regards to the major planets. While astronomy believes that Moon is the satellite of the planet Earth, Vedic astrology considers it to be a planet with two nodes Rahu and Ketu.

There are many important astrological calculations that are based on the position of the Moon in the horoscope of the native. And as with other planets, the Moon also has its set of Gunas and Doshas. One such dosha is the Kemdrum dosha or yog. This article reflects on the formation of kemdrum dosha in horoscope and how it influences the native. And of course, the article will also cover the remedies for kemdrum dosha, the kemdrum dosha nivaran yantra copper and kemdrum yog puja.

One pivotal point here is that for any dosha to build up; there are at least two planets required to come together. But in the kemdrum yog, this is not the case. This dosh is formed due to the absence of any planet on the Moon.

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Let’s discuss this after understanding the status of the Moon in astrology in the following section.

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Kemadrum Yantra: The Ending Note

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