Mangal-ketu Angarak Yantra Copper: Its Beneficial Effect & Its Influence

It is a known fact that every planet in astrology emits some energy, which has positive and negative influences on the lives of people. And when two or more planets come together in a certain house in the horoscope of a person, the influence gets amplified. If the planets are placed in an auspicious position, they are going to shower the native with all sorts of joy and luxuries in life. This combination is known as the Guna or Yog. But if these planets are placed at some inauspicious position in a house, the native will have to face an adverse situation like struggle, pain, loss, crisis, separation and hurdles in all spheres of life. This combination is known as the Dosha.

In order to reduce the pain caused by the inauspicious or unfavourable positioning of planets, better called as Dosha, there are astrological tools and remedies available in Vedic astrology. These tools are known as Yantra. These Yantras are known as Dosh Nivaran Yantra. In this article, we are going to throw some light on the Mangal Ketu Angarak Dosha Nivaran Yantra, which is an effective remedy against the evil influence of the Mangal – Ketu Angarak Dosh Copper.

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There are other remedies also mentioned in Vedic astrology to deal with angarak dosha like Mangal – Ketu Angarak Dosh nivaran puja, wearing a gemstone, fasting and chanting of mantras, donation and many others.

Before understanding the significance Shri Mangal Ketu Angarak Yog Nivaran Yantra, we shall first understand the nature of the two planets involved in this conjunction – Mars and Ketu. Find out more!

Mangal – The Power House and Ambitious Planet

Mangal or the Mars planet in Vedic astrology is considered one of the most powerful masculine planets amongst the others. It is fierce and bold. It holds the status of the sibling or the elder brother. It is characterised by an authoritative and dominating attitude. It signifies ego and arrogance. It makes the native ambitious and grants him the zeal the work hard and passionately to achieve his ambition. It also represents physical strength and courage.

The Vedic astrology considers Mangal as a malefic planet, though its negative influence can be most felt when it is debilitated or weak or placed in an enemy’s house. A well-placed Mangal in horoscope can bless the native with strength and courage. It will strengthen the desire to fulfil the dreams and aspirations of the native. it will also bless the native with prosperity and health.

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But a badly placed Mangal can ruin a person’s life by posing multiple challenges in the way of success, married life, personal relationship, finance and health aspect too. It may also be a reason for some severe injury or accident and the inability to have a child. So, it becomes significant to understand the remedies to deal with Mangal Dosha and other doshas related to its conjunction with planets.

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The Mysterious Planet – Ketu

Ketu has no existence in astronomy. But it has a prominent role in Vedic astrology. It is the Southern Lunar Node and is also called the Shadow Planet. Ketu is the lower body of the demon, whose neck was chopped off by Lord Vishnu when the demon had swollen a drop of nectar at the time of Samudra Manthan.

Like Rahu, Ketu is also responsible for the eclipses as it also has to take revenge from the Sun and Moon, who had informed Lord Vishnu about the demon taking the nectar.
For this reason, Ketu is considered a malefic planet that is responsible for all sorts of detachments from worldly affairs. The influence of Ketu drags the native towards the spiritual path and disconnects him/her from any emotional or materialistic attachments. Ketu has never favoured any relationship, especially that with the spouse. So, it is the one responsible for trouble in the paradise of couples.

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But Ketu is one that makes the native enlightened with the wisdom and knowledge of good deeds. It takes the native towards moksha and liberation. But there are dosha and yogas associated with Ketu too. So, we need to understand the Yantras that will help deal with the negative effects of these doshas.

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Mangal Ketu Angarak Dosha : A Glitch in Harmonious Life

As explained above, the Mangal and Ketu both are considered malefic planets. Both are strong and have a deep impact on the native’s relationships. Just imagine the disaster that could be caused due to their conjunction in a house in kundli.

When Mangal and Ketu come together in a house or sign in the horoscope of the native, it creates an inauspicious yoga is known as Mangal -Ketu Angarak Dosha, the heat of which is felt by the people in a relationship and also on the health of the native. When a native is under the influence of Mangal Ketu Angarak dosh, it makes him stubborn and aggressive. The native might resort to violence and his anger would know no limit. All this is going to hamper his relationship status and he may have to face a separation that would do further harm to him. This may also lead to depression and suicidal tendencies.

The mangal ketu angarak yog can also cause severe injury or fatal accidents. It may also make the native suffer from skin diseases. But as mentioned earlier, there are remedies available in Vedic astrology for Mangal-Ketu Angarak Yog. And one such remedy is the worshipping of the Shri Mangal Ketu Angarak Yog Nivaran Yantra – Copper.

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Mangal Ketu Angarak Yantra: A Brief Introduction

After knowing the disastrous effects of having the mangal ketu angarak yog in kundli, it is quite important to know the ways to deal with it. The mangal ketu angarak yantra is an easy remedy for this dosh.

The mangal ketu angarak dosh nivaran yantra comes in a copper plate with geometrical patterns embossed over it. It has clear patterns that are associated with the energies of the planetary bodies, known to have influence over our lives. This dosha nivaran yantra symbolise Mars and Ketu. If energised and attuned properly, the yantra will radiate positive energies that will help harmonise the life of the native.

Mangal Ketu Angarak Yantra: The Bunch Of Advantages For Native

One has to clean and worship the Shree mangal ketu angarak dosh nivaran yantra every day. This will yield the desired result. The yantra will help in controlling the aggression in the native and reduce the heat in him/her that makes him angry and revengeful. It will improve the relationship with the partner or spouse and will help in leading a happy life together. It will also help in expanding their family with the birth of a child soon. The native will have an invisible shield around him to protect him against any injury or accidents. It will also help in fighting diseases and maintain good health. It will act as a protector against all evil.

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Mangal Ketu Angarak Yantra: Lets Wrap Up Here

But one should remember that any such yantra that has immense power to affect your life, should be brought and used only after consulting the experts and by following the procedure religiously. Check out MyPandit online store to buy original and attuned yantra.

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