Get Rid of Shrapit Dosh with Shrapit Dosh Nivaran Copper Yantra

Vedic astrology gives us so many reasons to justify all the tough times we go through in our lives. All the reasons revolve around the planetary positions in the horoscope or the karmas of the past life. Every planet has its own associated dosh and guna. And they also have a share of being Shrapit or cursed in certain positions. While gunas are supposed to elevate the good and positive side of life, the doshas are known to fetch problems, challenges, accidents, losses and miseries. The same is the case with the Shrapit condition. It also brings in a lot of negativity and difficulties.

It’s important to know that all the doshas have two sides to them. They have positive effects in certain planetary conjunction and pose a negative influence in some other possible combinations of the same planets, but in some different houses or signs. But for all the doshas and shrapit grahas, there are remedies suggested by Vedic astrology. In this article, we are going to throw some light on the Shani Ketu Shrapit Dosh. That will be followed by the Sapit Dosh Nivaran (Shani-ketu)-copper yantra and some other remedies against the Shrapit dosha. Before all that, we shall have a sneak peek into the real nature of the two planets involved in the Shrapit Dosh, which are the Shani or Saturn and Ketu or the Southern Lunar Node.

Shani: The Ruthless Teacher

Vedic astrology believes that the life of the native is governed largely by his past life’s deeds, which could be good or bad. All the positivity that you enjoy in the present life should be credited to the good deeds of past life. And all the discomfort or miseries one faces is attributed to the misdeeds of past life.

Shani is the one planet that keeps a record of your past acts. He acts as a teacher who enters your life to punish you for all the wrongs done by you in past. He is cruel and heartless. To teach you the lesson for a lifetime, he throws you into hell like life, where you might experience pain, misery, separation, bad health, accident, demotion, theft and all sorts of problems that can come to mind. And since Saturn is a slow-moving planet, the pain and agony continue for a longer period of time in life.

But all the troubles that one experiences due to the presence of malefic Shani, make you stronger and more perseverant. It induces patience and tolerance in you. You will learn to face hardships under the influence of Shani and this will help you excel later in life. And you will get so used to working hard day in day out, that success will never turn its back over you.

It is true that Shani is the significator of delays and miseries but it also helps you achieve unprecedented success and wealth. It makes you knowledgeable and wise too. There are some Shani Doshas that need to be addressed to enjoy a hassle-free life and one such dosha is the Shani Ketu Shrapit Dosh. And its remedies for Shrapit dosh are quite easy and effective. We shall discuss this in the coming sections.

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Ketu: Reason for Detachments and Intuitions

Astrology believes that there are nine planets, including the Rahu and Ketu, which as per astronomy do not exist. But Hindu mythology and astrology, both have given a great deal of importance to the role played by the Rahu and Ketu.

Ketu represents detachment from worldly affairs and materialistic things. It instils intuitive abilities in the native. Ketu is also considered the one who takes away everything from the native and in return guides him through the path of Moksha. Ketu is also one reason for having a strong and perfect ability to do something as it has been your skill in every birth you have had till the present one. So, in case you feel frustrated about not having a foray over what is your passion, it’s because the Ketu is making you feel that frustration.

Ketu guides the native towards the spiritual path and makes sure that the native gets detached from everything and every person in life. At times, it is also responsible for the separation of couples and fights with family members. Ketu makes the person stubborn and someone who is not ready to accept any changes, especially that don’t comfort him.

Ketu makes the person feel chaotic at heart and mind. Such people act in an explainable manner. It also makes a person mysterious to others. But with such a way of conduct, the person is bound to face challenges at home and the workplace. He may lose his job and face big financial loss. While the native suffers loss in all spheres of life, he may get into depression, sadism and fear. It can also make the person manipulative. So, it is important to pacify any dosha formed by the combination of any malefic planet with Ketu like the Shrapit Dosha.

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Shani-Ketu Shrapit Dosh: How It Affects The Natives?

The Shani-Ketu Shrapit Dosh is identified and experienced when the Shani and Ketu come together in a house or sign of the horoscope. Shani is believed to be malefic and Ketu doesn’t have its own identity as it is a shadow planet. Ketu takes up the properties of the planet that it conjugates with. In this case, Ketu takes up the properties of the malefic Shani.

Both the Shani and the Ketu are known to bring miseries and detachments. Hence, the Shani Ketu Shrapit Dosh results in friction in the relationship which may result in separation and divorce. It may make it difficult for the couple to be parents as there may be multiple miscarriages or abortions.

The Shani Ketu Shrapit Dosh also creates hurdles in the education and health of the native’s child. It may bring defame and loss of property too with it. The native is vulnerable to depression, suicidal tendencies and mental and emotional imbalance. Due to a bad mental condition, the native may meet with a fatal accident or get habitual to alcohol too.

Shrapit Dosh Nivaran Copper Yantra: A Powerful Remedy

Now that we know that the Shrapit Dosh has so many miseries attached to it, it is important to know some effective Shani Ketu Shrapit Dosh remedies. One such remedy is the Shani-Ketu Shrapit Dosh Nivaran puja and another is the Shani-ketu Shrapit Dosh Nivaran Copper Yantra.

The Sapit Dosh Nivaran (Shani-Ketu)-Copper Yantra symbolises Saturn and Ketu. With the positive energies of the Shrapit Dosh Nivaran Copper Yantra one can be relieved of the pain caused by the dosh. It will help him channelise his energy in a positive direction and save him from getting into depression. It will remove the obstacles in the way of success and help in boosting a better relationship with the partner, spouse or family. The shrapit dosh nivaran yantra will instil confidence and wisdom in the native.

Shrapit Dosh Nivaran Copper Yantra: Wrapping Up

But for all that good to happen, one has to energise, clean and worship the yantra religiously. Then the happier days will not be far.

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