Shri Yantra: Advantages Of Placing Shri Yantra At Different Locations

Being known as Sri Chakra, Shri Yantra is a sacred geometry used for spirituality and meditation. In Sanskrit, a Yantra refers to an instrument or machine. Thousands of years have passed since its origin is unknown.

It is possible to interpret the chakras differently since many different figures represent them. Chakras are divided into three types: plane, pyramidal, and spherical. The worship of Sri Chakra is an ancient practice followed not only in our country but also in a few others.

Among the highest forms of Devi worship, it is a diagrammatic form of worshipping the deity. Every chakra is composed of nine interlocking triangles emanating from its centre. Goddess Tripura Sundari appears in the form of Sri Yantra. In Sanskrit, the symbol symbolises the pairing of both male and female forces. Some scholars believe that yantras have existed since the Upanishads.

As mentioned above, the chakra is known as the supreme power and is the source of all consciousness. It is carved on a stone and is worshipped by priests and followers as well. Additionally, you could imprint it on paper, precious stones, metal plates, and alloys.

How To Install Shree Yantra?

The Shree Yantra Copper is an excellent start in bringing good vibes, joy, health, prosperity, and wellbeing. As previously mentioned, Shree Yantra is a self-activating Yantra. Through the extraordinary power of the Mantra, it can be made more effective.
Take a look at the appropriate manner of sthapana (installation) and worship of Shree Yantra.

An Exorcism of the Muhuratha

According to ancient astrology, if you carry out a task at an auspicious time (muhurta), you increase your chances of completing the task successfully. It is important to keep muhurta in mind before starting any activity.

There is no particular day that is auspicious for Shree Yantra sthapana (installation) and worship. Certain days are favourable (especially Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as they are associated with Mother Goddess). You can also opt for Shree Yantra Copper Sthapana during festivals such as Navratri, Shivratri, Holi, Diwali, Guru-pushya, and Ravi-pushya Nakshatra, Akshay Tritiya, Dhanteras, etc.

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Which Direction Is Best For Shri Yantra?

Be the place is your home, factory, office, or shop, the correct placement of Shri Yantra matters a lot. The East, North, and North-East directions are the favourable positions for placing the Sri Chakra Yantra. According to Indian astrology, Sri Yantra should exist at an easily accessible location where visitors or customers can get a glimpse of this magnificent symbol.

What Is The Ideal Size Of Yantra?

A Shree Yantra must have at least 160 Masa (154 grams) per Shastra Shaubhagyalaxmi Upnishada. If you want to get a better and faster result, then it is advised that you should install a larger Shree Yantra than the specified one.

Shree Yantras in a small size (S-81mm) can be positioned in pooja ghar, study, office table, car, bus, or truck. A large Shree Yantra (L-108mm) would be the best pick for residences, shops, offices, factories, etc. (or areas up to 3000 square feet). A larger size (EL-243mm) is ideal for expansive areas, such as malls or hospitals. If your property is still spacious, you can place more Shree Yantras.

There are several benefits to having Shree Yantra Copper installed in the foundation of a structure as described by various shastras. Shree Yantras at the four corners of a new architectural project will lead to prosperity.

How To Worship Shree Yantra?

There are numerous ways to worship the Shree Yantra. Using a simple prayer method is recommended since it has the same positive outcome and is as meaningful as praying to Shree Yantra Mantra Chaitanya.

Every day, put Sindooram / Kumkum nine times with the three fingers used for worship (ring finger, middle finger, and thumb) while chanting the following mantras –

1. “Om Shrim Hrim Shrim kamale Kamalalaye Prasid Prasid Shrim Hrim Shrim Mahalaxmaye Namah”
2. “Om Shrim Hrim Shrim Namah”
3. “Om Shrim Om Namo Devye Ujjaval Hastikaye”
4. “Recitation of Shri-Sukta with Samput”

How Shree Yantra Is Beneficial For Health And Wealth?

Often referred to as the king of Yantras, the Sri Chakra Yantra is among the most powerful Yantras. There is a belief that the Shree Yantra can remove negativity and problems from a person’s life.

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Life becomes more fulfilling in the material sense as well as spiritual way. It is almost known to us that Shri Yantra meaning is an instrument of wealth. Shree Yantra, a combination of the two words ‘Shree’ means fortune, and ‘Yantra’ means tool. Compared to an equivalent Pyramidal structure, a Shree Yantra with perfect geometry has 70 times more energy.

The adoption of Shree Yantra is growing throughout the world as a result of its many benefits. Many Shree Yantra temples are emerging worldwide as well.

Shree Yantras must be drawn and constructed correctly, they must have the right size, and must be worshipped in the right way if one wishes to gain its maximum benefits. Frequently, people ask where to place the Shree Yantra. It is possible to install the Yantra anywhere, whether it be in your office, your home, or even the factory. Select the Yantra with the appropriate size depending on the size of the establishment.

Home: The Shree Yantra is capable of absorbing and spreading tremendous positive cosmic energy. With Shree Yantras installed at home, defects in the Vastu system can be fixed without dismantling the physical structure. East, North, or North-East directions are perfect for placing Shri Chakra Yantra in the home.

Office: The placement of Sri Yantra in the office attracts positive vibes. Hence, the majority of employed people spend most of their time at work. Accordingly, the Shree Yantra is beneficial for increasing positive emotions, self-confidence, influence, and trustworthiness, thereby improving productivity and mental peace.

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Factories: The key to success lies in having a positive attitude, but the surrounding energy is essential to this success. In most cases, homeowners spend a lot of time and money fixing Vastu issues in their homes. Factories and workshops can get benefited if they are blessed with the positive elements of Shree Yantra.

Temples: According to a study conducted by a Professor of the University of Oregon, charitable contributions have benefits deep within the body. There are many psychological and emotional benefits associated with charitable giving. Achieving happiness and self-contentment is possible by giving. Typically, what we offer, we expect to receive in return. Spiritual personalities know that this can result in financial prosperity when Shree Yantra is donated to temples.

Construction Sites: According to many Vastu Shastras, installing Shree Yantras is the right way to increase Vastu benefits. According to legends, the Shree Yantra installed on the foundation of Tirupati Balaji adds to its fame and popularity. As well as the above, Shree Yantra can line car interiors, shops, hospitals, schools, malls, etc., and provide as a gift of blessing to friends and family.

Final Thoughts

It is known to us that Shri Yantra brings joy, prosperity, and wellness to our lives. If you wish to gain success in your career and other areas of life, Shri Yantra will be helpful for you.

However, the Shree Yantra price may vary depending on the product you choose.

Consult our Expert Astrologers if you have any questions about installing and worshipping the Shree Yantra.

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