Unleash Your Inner Lion With Leo Silver Pendant!

Leo, the Lion rules the fifth position of the Zodiac cycle. It originates from the Constellation of Leo. People born under the date range from 23rd July and 22nd August are the Lions. Leo is the firebrand accompanied by Aries and Sagittarius. They are fixed modalities. The astrological sign represents a dominant lion. The lion is taken from the Greek mythology, Nemean Lion. It holds great significance in Greek mythology and the opposite sign is Aquarius.

Leos are regarded as fiery and confident beasts. Leo has cultural significance in different civilisations. Egyptians worship the constellation and refer to it as Knem, because it was present during the Great Nile River floor. According to the Egyptians, this event is significant as this event marks the significance of harvests for the upcoming year and Egyptians consider it as a gift from the earth. Tutankhamun’s gold throne also has lion heads where the seat and the front leg meet. This is a symbol of power and royalty.

Though they are dominant, they do have some weaknesses or better should I say the negative traits that can hamper their progress. They are ruled by the Sun and this heat can often burn themselves. To nullify the ill effect, astrologers advise the Leo native to wear their lucky gemstone Ruby. Ruby with its remedial impact can also bestow the native with immense wealth and fortune. Ruby is often worn as a gem ring. However, with the advent of modernisation, Ruby is now worn as a pendant and in necklace form. It is commonly worn in the form of a Leo Silver Pendant or Leo necklace pendant. Before going into the details of the gemstone and the Leo Zodiac pendant necklace let us get an insight into the Leo traits.

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