Get Blessings Of Navagrahas With Navratna Silver Pendant!

Since ancient times, it is believed that celestial bodies impact our life. It can be either positive or negative. It all depends on the position of the planets on your natal chart. The position of planets in your natal chart either makes you or breaks you. We all have heard something like your Mangal is weak or Your Shani is Vicious with all kinds of dosh etc. Astrologers would suggest different gemstones specific to different planets. For example, we have Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) for Jupiter, Ruby for Sun, Blue Sapphire (Neelam) for Saturn etc. So ever thought that you would get the blessings of all the planets? For that, you need to have these gemstones of all the navgrahas in one place. This can be done by placing them in a single entity called the Navratna Silver Pendant.

The Navratna Pendant or the Navratna Locket can give you blessings of all the nine planets in one place. It is said to be the ultimate solution for all your problems. In case of a crisis, it can be beneficial for the person who wears this pendant or necklace. It holistically impacts the natives and addresses the issue with respect to various aspects of a person’s life. An individual is always tangled in his life about his fortunes, wealth, business, personal and professional life. The Navratna Pendant takes care of all this together. On the lighter side, King Akbar names his prized court members as navratna. 

Significance Of Navratna

As per Hindu astrology and other eastern civilisations, the earth is controlled by nine planets or the Navgrahs. Wearing the gemstone related to the navraghas provides the native an astrological balance and benefit in their life. However, the gemstone has varying effects on different individuals. So it is advisable for the native to consult an expert astrologer before wearing any of the gemstones. 

Gemstones should be worn based on an individual’s natal chart. Based on the position of the planets, it is advisable whether to wear a single or combination of gemstones. Navratna gemstones along with Nakshatra are some of the varying factors that influence the individual’s life. One can consult an expert to know how this Navratna Locket or Pendant can be beneficial for the native. Wearing this pendant can give tremendous fortune or rise in health.

Let us know something about the Navratna stone. Navratna stone is symbolic of the name and is representative of all the planets, sun and the moon. It is a combination of nine stones namely Ruby, Emerald, Red Coral, Pearl, Yellow Sapphire, Diamond, Hessonite,  Blue Sapphire and Cat’s eye. The entire benefits of these stones depend on the person who wears this pendant. The Navratna Pendant is made either of gold or silver. They have tremendous healing and spiritual properties. The Navratna ring gives the wearer the benefit of good health, fortune and wealth.

Navratna Silver Pendant Gemstone Arrangement

As already described about the navratna stones, each stone represents a specific planet. 

  • Pearl or Moti correlates with the Moon
  • Ruby or Manik correlates with the Sun
  • Diamond or commonly known as Heera represents the Shukra graha or Venus
  • Emerald or the green coloured Panna represents the planet of knowledge, Mercury (Buddha)
  • Neelam is the representative of Saturn
  • Hessonite represents the ascending lunar node Rahu. It is also called Gomed.
  • Yellow Sapphire represents the planet Jupiter or Guru. It is commonly known as Pukhraj.
  • Red Coral or the Lal Moonga represents the Mars planet
  • Lehsunia or the Cat’s Eye is representative of the descending lunar node called Ketu.

The arrangement of these navratna holds the clue. Furthermost, the quality and the position of the nine gemstones impact the wearer’s body differently. It helps the native to quench his thirst for desired mythological or peculiar benefits and get the desired health resolutions for his ailment. The conventional setting of Navaratna generally starts in a clockwise direction with Ruby being in the centre, representing the starting of the solar system, the Sun. Diamond starts from the top, then it is followed by pearl, red coral, hessonite, blue sapphire, cat’s eye, Pukhraj and emerald in the end.

It should be noted that no other gemstone except the manik or a red spinel is placed in the middle of the setting. The logic behind this is that Ruby is representative of the Sun and the Sun in the solar system lies in the centre. So any other arrangement is considered as going against nature.

When the arrangement is correct and these gems come together that are representative of the nine planets, actually the nine planets are coming together. This collaboration creates positive vibration. Even if any of the planets is weak, then the combined effect of all the navagrahas nullifies any negative effect of individual gemstones.  So now you must be interested to know the benefits of Navaratna Pendant. Let us move forward.

Benefits Of Navratna Silver Pendant

To know the benefits of this combination, we need to decode the benefits of each individual gemstone. This will give you a holistic picture of the benefits of the Navratna Silver Pendant.

  1. Diamond gives the individual the power, wealth and wins over enemies
  2. Ruby imparts native vitality and success. It imparts individual leadership qualities and makes him independent.
  3. Emerald or Panna gives the native the courage and security in his life. It also improves concentration and memory power.
  4. Pukhraj or Yellow Sapphire helps the native succeed in professional life and financial status.
  5. Hessonite helps the native with health and longevity.
  6. Neelam helps the native with love and wealth.
  7. Pearl bestows the person with prosperity and luxury. It gives the native mental and emotional stability.
  8. Lehsunia protects the native from disease and danger.
  9. Red Coral imparts courage.

Now let us know about the product in brief.

Product In Topography And Use

The navratna is generally worn as a combination of rings, but nowadays with modernisation, it is worn in the form of Navratna Silver Pendant, Navratna Locket or also in the form of antique navratna pendant. It can be seated on gold or silver. People generally prefer silver due to cost. We have already discussed the arrangement of the stones. It is covered by a silver pendant or necklace. The purity of Silver is >90%. The stones are cut at a diameter of 5 mm.

Navratan or Navratna word has its root in the ancient Sanskrit text. The nine celestial gods of the universe are represented by this navratna. It is quite difficult to retrace and prove the exact birth of these gemstones and their known significance. But according to Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism, these holy gemstones are believed to hold great mythical powers and have a special palace in Hindu Vedic astrology.

Individual gemstones can have both side effects as well as positive effects for the wearer. However, the combined effect of all the nine gemstones nullifies the negative effect of single stones. Still, it is highly recommended to take advice from an experienced astrologer before wearing any gemstone because of the side effects it may show to the wearer. If you are not comfortable wearing the Navratna Silver Pendant then you can go for individual gemstone pendants like the Aries Silver Pendant, Scorpio Silver Pendant, Aquarius Silver Pendant and so on. 

The Navratnas gemstones hold mystical powers and healing capacity. It can make the wearer’s life a bliss with all the prosperity showered on him. However, the quality of the gemstones should be pure. As per Agni Purana, a broken or dirty gemstone is a sign of misfortune and instead will harm the native. The Navratna Silver Pendant can be gifted to someone or can be used as an alternate form of astrological jewellery. It looks good and stylish and gives you that auspicious result of the planets you desire for. So what are you waiting for? Consult your astrologer now and get the first bite of Navratna Silver Pendant.


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