Know about the Effects Of Mars In Aquarius Man And Woman

  • Element And Quality: Air & Fixed
  • Celebrities: Leonardo Da Vinci, Salman Khan, Jay-Z, Justin Bieber, Jon Bon Jovi, Victor Hugo
  • Positive Traits: Original, Compassionate, Productive, Intellectual, Innovative
  • Negative Traits: Unpredictable, Erratic, Egotistical

The planet Mars signifies energy that pushes us toward our goals. It is the driving force that induces desires in us, and these desires could be anything from aims, and ambitions to love and sex. Mars is a strong planet that makes us brave, but at the time, it makes us aggressive and argumentative too.

The Aquarius sign symbolizes unpredictability and intellectual sense. It shows a progressive attitude. The 11th house in the horoscope is assigned to the Aquarius sign. This is the house of friendship, projects, and social work that is expected by the native.

When a deep thinker absorbs the energy of mars, the result is surely going to be a true innovation. This is what we see when Mars is in the Aquarius sign. Let’s find out what happens when mars is in the Aquarius sign and what influence does the red planet have over the stubborn Aquarius.

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What Happens If Mars in Aquarius Sign?

The Aquarius is a sign of creativity and innovation, and when it is combined with energetic Mars, with Mars in Aquarius in the horoscope, it creates a spark in the mind of the native. And an innovator is born. The energetic mars make the Aquarius use its potential to inspire and influence others and use their skills. The native is turned into a team leader who can convince others to do better and more than they can. The confidence of the native with Mars in Aquarius gets a strong trigger, and the native is filled with super confidence that impresses and inspires others.

The Aquarius zodiac sign is more inclined towards working for a greater cause and with Mars in Aquarius. The native gets a jolt that pushes him towards this goal. The native may seem to be a rule-breaker, but he is just a revolutionist and has some new ideas to uplift the social condition.

The secret energy can identify Mars in Aquarius, meaning that the native feels and the personality transformation gets visible. With Mars in Aquarius in the horoscope, the native becomes an innovator and a creator of many unknown and undiscovered great ideas. The native with Mars in Aquarius is always ready with the thinking caps on. The natural talent of the native of being a problem-solver is enhanced manifold with mars in the Aquarius sign.

The Mars in Aquarius makes the native crave maximum freedom, and if not given, the native may get it by hook or by crook. It triggers aggression and anger in the native if freedom is denied when mars is in Aquarius.

The Aquarius sign symbolizes critical thinking capabilities, and Mars in Aquarius, it enhances the thinking process. It supports the native to think with a broader approach toward all things. Such natives are never conservative. In fact, they have an open mind to accept whatever new they find. The mars in Aquarius make the native unconventional in his approach and is often ahead of the other world as they can recognize the next or new thing that would be soon out. They can even sell out their thoughts and earn a huge profit as they are already aware of what’s going to be the trending thing.

The Aquarius is synonymous with being kind-hearted people, and with Mars in Aquarius, the attribute becomes even stronger. And this also makes them fight for justice for the needy people who have suffered a lot. They would be a leader in a protest against any sought of injustice done to anyone. The natives are often connected with some NGOs or some organization that works for some social cause.

But there may be a negative aspect of Mars in Aquarius in the horoscope, as it may make the native so aggressive that he may lose control over himself and often try to snatch or gab what he likes or wants. The result could be quite destructive and devastating.

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The Effects Of Mars In Aquarius Woman And Man

The man with Mars in Aquarius is an open-minded person who believes in total freedom. He cannot be tied to a thought or a person with which the Mars Aquarius man agrees. The man with Mars in Aquarius in love doesn’t like to get involved in a relationship with a partner who doesn’t give him freedom. The mars Aquarius man in love prefers a smart woman who is ready for an open relationship and who is ready to accept new and fresh ideas to keep the flame of love burning between the two. The native would love to help his lady love but only if she wants. Such natives always love their partner to be desirable.

The woman with Mars in Aquarius is a woman of substance. She likes to stick to her words and is quite adaptable to new things. A woman with mars in Aquarius believes in inequality with the opposite gender. She is curious to know about new things and the prevailing taboo. The woman, with Mars in Aquarius, in love is loyal but secretive and unpredictable.

The native with Mars in Aquarius compatibility would be sound with Libra and Sagittarius zodiac’s natives. Mars Aquarius man would be most compatible with a woman associated with Venus in the Aquarius sign.

Ending Note

If Mars is posited in Aquarius, the native gets unconventional, stubborn, and at several times. The native is power-packed with energy, confidence and enthusiasm. The mars Aquarius sign signifies the open-mindedness of the native. Those natives are not meant to be bound by love or restrictions. They love being free and independent. They might be rebellious and may also head or lead a protest rally.

The mars in Aquarius sign natives are inclined towards social work, especially for poor and needy people and also for those who need justice. They are brave, unconventional and loyal people who don’t shy away from trying something new. However, they are not attached to people emotionally and get involved with some purpose, yet they are quite sympathetic towards others and always ready to help.

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