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Sun in Aquarius – The Combination of Brilliant and Eccentric Innovators

Ruling Planet – Uranus and Saturn
Element – Air
Date Range – January 20- Feb 18
Nature – Fixed Sign
Symbol – The Water-Bearer

Sun in Aquarius people is very much focused on achieving more success and upgrading their status. The influence of the Sun makes them self-obsessed and materialistic. Since Saturn and Sun are enemies to each other, the natives may have a pinch of Sun in Aquarius traits which are more on the negative side. They need to open up and try to express themselves rather than only analyzing and calculating. There is a lot more to do in life other than materialistic achievements.

Sun - The Basking Advantage

Aquarius- The Intelligent Creative Aqua

Sun in Aquarius - The Unique Innovators

Concluding the Sun in Aquarius

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