All About Aries Ascendant According to Astrology

The Symbol for Aries Ascendants is ‘the Ram’. Their ruling planet is Mars and the element is ‘Fire’. You are an Aries Ascendant if, at the time of your birth, the Aries sign was ascending on the eastern horizon. Let’s know about the Aries ascendant meaning and all.

General Personality Traits

Energetic, Active, and Adventurous:

Aries Ascendant sign folks are highly energetic. They are physically fit, and health-conscious and they like to be engrossed in multiple activities. They prefer being outdoors and adventure is in their veins. Trying out new things, going to new places, and meeting new people – all require a huge amount of energy and this ascendant sign surely has that. Their curiosity becomes the natural gauge to propel them toward the unknown.

Entrepreneurs, Initiators and Want it all Approach:

These natural-born leaders have a knack for making it big. On the inception of an idea in their fertile mind, they jump into creating it on a physical plane. They want to name, fame, and success so intensely, that being an entrepreneur in this ascendant sign is quite common. They have the ability to work even if they don’t like that work.

They are enthusiastic beings who have a high potential to initiate a business of their own. Saturn being the lord of their 10th house, they reap what they sow. With many ups and downs in their life, the necessary transformation happens.

Ambitious and Highly Competitive:

They know what they want and they get it. It’s not easy to stray them away from their path. They are very ambitious people who never quit. Being calculative about their work, detail-oriented, and analyzing all the pros and cons, they reach great heights in terms of success. They are naturally inclined towards competition and go further than anyone else. They face a lot of hurdles and competitions in the work area and when they get through it, they have the power to retain their positions.

Waiting is a Pain:

Impulsive by nature, not being able to wait can become their second nature. Everything has to be done immediately. Even the conversations have to be short and fast. But here is the key, if they do things that will give them satisfaction in the long run instead of instant gratification, they will achieve stability earlier than they usually do.


Communication and networking are part and parcel of Aries Ascendants’ life. They connect with intelligent people such as philanthropists, activists, or those who are in high positions in society. They usually talk about bringing positive change to the world. Aries signs are very optimistic individuals and they do believe that with necessary involvement, this world can be a better place to live in.

Dynamic, Dominating, and ‘Don’t tell me what to do:

They have an absolute dominating nature toward everything. They think that they are right and can be a bit bossy. But they are extremely dynamic individuals. Their presence does not go unnoticed. Their self-expression is loud and clear. Since honesty is a crucial thing for them, they have nothing to hide.

Surely not the kinds to be instructed. They simply like to go their own way. In fact, they like to boss others around and give instructions. They are rebellious by nature and obeying is not their style. If someone can make them do anything, it’s either their willingness to tolerate it or simply out of love.

Spontaneous Spell:

Spontaneity keeps them alive in many ways. They don’t want the past to rule them and ‘living in the moment is their motto. If they see something they do not know about, they have a tendency to explore it. They tackle any situation spontaneously. If they decide to do something they will just do it.

Egoistic and Angry Birds:

“I am the best!” The feeling of ‘they are the only ones who are very important and there is no one like them, is an essential part of their nature. This is the reason why their ego can be easily hurt. the Aries zodiac can become too intense. When they are dealing with enemies, they are extremely critical. They prefer to crush their enemies. They will analyze the situation and wait to strike back.

They are quick-tempered. They can be furious in a split second and it’s very difficult for them to control their anger.

Comforts, not necessarily Luxurious:

They love digging into cuisines. Wherever they go, they want to try out new dishes. They also like comfort, and this is the reason why they want to be around family. They are not blinded by luxury, although sometimes they can use it as a status symbol where needed. If they are comfortable with something which is not very expensive or luxurious, they do not mind possessing it.

Problem solvers and Humorous:

In case they face any problem, their focus will be to find out the solution instead of complaining about it. They actively get involved in not just solving their own hurdles but also the people who they care about. They even crack witty jokes simply to keep the environment light and hearty.

Creative & Admirers of Beautiful Things:

Aries ascendants possess artistic talents, and they are proud of them. Although due to low patient levels, they do not stick to it for long. This depends on the planetary positions in their chart. They admire Venusian qualities from the heart and love to have beautiful things around. A lot of times, due to their work schedule, they let go of indulging in creative arts.


Whatever they believe in, they believe firmly. They like to stick to their own beliefs and ideals. They can be very stubborn. Expecting them to have an open mind to the views of other people who do not match theirs is like waiting for a miracle to happen. But this does have a positive side. Being honest individuals, no matter how much they lose, they will stick to their honesty. Not everyone has this quality.

Belief System:

If something can dissolve their ego, then it is spirituality. Their religious beliefs might come in the way of their liberation. They can be agnostic, atheist, or religious, but whatever they are, they will be rooted in it. They tend to spend on religious things or even travel to sacred places. If Rahu and Ketu are not malefic in their chart, then they are spiritual in a balanced way.

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Recognizing an Aries Ascendant by their Physical Appearance

The Aries rising appearance – they have prominent broad and wide foreheads. There is something about their forehead that stands out. Aries ascendants are prone to receding hairline, hair loss, or thinning of hair. This is not a general rule, but it is more common among men. Their bone structure in the face is quite noticeable with well-defined cheekbones, sharp and angular jaws, and pointy or V-shaped chins.

Their eyes are very intense and full of curiosity. Their eyebrows and eye structures are such that it gives a tinge of a Ram-like appearance. They are usually fit and their physique is athletic. Their impatience can be seen in their personality. The way they walk is as if they are on a mission.

Relationships in the Life of Aries Ascendants

Aries ascendants are quite sensitive towards their families. They are also curious about their family history and legacy. They are very communicative with their siblings but have an element of competitiveness with them. They are extremely attached to their mother.

They get a beautiful and balanced partner. They have a tendency to be dominating in the relationship. They are very active with their children. They nurture them with the right education, lots of sports, creativity, and extracurricular activities. They have a very strong conception of how their children should be or be doing in life.

Work & Career

Aries ascendants are career-oriented. They are highly competitive and want to achieve something big. They are naturally inclined towards the medical profession, hence many Aries ascendants become good surgeons.

Police departments, detective agencies, and the FBI are also very suitable for these people. They can be great at any field though, provided they have the independence to execute their own work style. They do not like authority, hence, many of them are entrepreneurs and wealthy business people. Be it media, journalism, social work, MNCs, theatres or film & fashion industry and Sports segments, they earn name and fame with their dedicated work. They can become courageous firefighters too.

Money and Wealth

Aries ascendants sign like to hold assets for a very long time. They do not invest in the things that give them short gains. They receive a lot of income and gains due to their networking skill. They are great at communication and they benefit from the people they associate with.

If the planets Venus and Saturn are well placed in their chart, they will receive a lot of wealth and money. But they need to look for the placements of the Sun, Moon and there should be no malefic planets aspecting. Their cash and wealth inflow is directly related to the efforts they make in the work area. Mars can make them a bit impulsive in dealing with finance.


The body parts for Aries ascendants according to Vedic astrology are the head, eyes, ears, mouth and entire head. They may succumb to medical complications related to these body parts. Aries ascendants have to be extremely careful of physical injuries. High fever, headache, cold & cough, soreness of the eyes, sinus, insomnia and burns are quite common among these ascendants.

Migraine, acidity, Mental disorders, blood pressure and digestion-related issues can also crop up. They can toil themselves a lot in work which can result in high stress and anxiety. These individuals are mostly health freaks but due to their lifestyle, they can have unwanted diseases and medical concerns.

What do Aries Ascendants Need to be Careful of?

  • You can get yourself into trouble due to your anger issues. You have to develop an understanding of various situations and your conscious response to them.
  • You cannot always be lucky with impulsiveness. Being spontaneous is a good thing but jumping into things without thoughtful consideration is not wise.
  • You can be hated for your – ‘ I, Me, Myself’ attitude. Too much obsession with yourself and not being mindful of others can put you in the same situation where you will not be considered by others in your time of need.
  • Physical injuries are something that you really need to be careful about. Driving at high speed is very dangerous – to you as well as to others.
  • Not letting out your hidden emotions can bring a lot of anxiety, stress and other diseases. Make sure you have some close people with whom you can share your buried emotions.

Aries ascendant is a powerful sign. If you belong to this ascendant sign, your whole personality will exude Arian energy. However, to have a clear picture of your life, it is important to see the overall astrological map.

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