Aries Flower – “My creepers ascend to great heights.”

The onset of the spring season brings with it a freshness that attracts new opportunities, hopes, dreams and aspirations. Spring signifies the beginning of a new life with new energy and enthusiasm. It’s the time when the cycle of one year gets completed. It is the month of March and April. The earth shines under the bright sunlight, there are beautiful flowers with sweat fragrance and plants with lush green leaves. The world seems happy and prosperous. And everybody gears up to start fresh.

These are not only the signs of the spring season. These are also the traits of the Aries zodiac sign. Like spring is the first season of the year, the Aries is the first zodiac in the horoscope wheel. And since it is the first of all zodiacs, the natives born under the Aries sign are leaders who are born with leadership traits. They are the initiators of anything. They are fierce and believe in getting what they want. But they are not always ready to battle, they are good at heart and very loyal partners and friends.

The Aries natives are dependable and always defend their friends and close people. They are sweet people with courage in their heart. So, the birth flower of Aries would also be sweet yet thorny.

Let’s find out more about Honeysuckle and other birth flowers of Aries. We shall also discuss the birthstone and birth plant of Aries in brief in the following sections.

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A Little Sweet! A Little Spicy! The Aries Birth Flower

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Winding it Up!

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