Mercury in Aries – When Planet of Words Meets Sign of Enthusiasts

Vedic Astrology is widely used to understand the impact of different planets and their combination with one another. It is used to understand your future and to prepare for what is going to come next. If it gives positive signals then we generally try to make it stronger with the help of this study else we try to nullify its negative effects if it has negative remarks. From the study of these planets, we come to know about our strengths and weaknesses, future aspects, marriage, love life, career, and other aspects. Almost every horizon of life can be covered in this and help us have a better future ahead.

Vedic Astrologers are those specially skilled people who can read and study the transit and retrograde movement of planets and thus make all the analysis and their impact on someone’s life when the retrograde or transit of planets takes place. Retrograde is the backward movement of the planet and transit makes the planet move forward. In both cases, natives get affected, whether in a positive or a negative way, and even mixed at times.

Here, through this article, we will come to know the negative and positive impact of Mercury in Aries. Before going into the details, one should know the basics of both – the Planet Mercury and the zodiac Aries individually. So, let’s get started.

Before that would you like to know what magic planet Mercury is spreading magic? Consult Expert Astrologers to know.

Importance of Mercury as a Planet in Astrology

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Key Takeaways from Mercury in Aries

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