Mars in Cancer: A Guide To Balance Emotions And Energy

  • Element And Quality: Water & Cardinal
  • Celebrities: Mozart, Audrey Hepburn, Roger Federer, Nostradamus, Pablo Picasso, Keanu Reeves
  • Positive Traits: Intense, Intuitive, Seductive, Nurturing, Emotional, Protective
  • Negative Traits: Defensive, Moody, Fussy, Oversensitive

Mars in Cancer people tend to be indirect and passive-aggressive. Those born with Mars in Cancer are inclined to control their feelings and emotions and then erupt unexpectedly. Despite his or her vulnerability, he or she is quite protective of himself or herself.

A key characteristic of this person is that he or she can be empathetic, indecisive, vulnerable, and withdraw at the first sign of rejection. Mars in Cancer people are unlikely to initiate the first move toward their goals and prefer to allow others to pursue them.

Mars in Cancer woman is drawn to individuals who are compassionate, intelligent, and careful. A feminine with this inclination values emotional sensitivity over physical attractiveness, and she looks for men who are family-oriented and caring.

Men who are mature and protective or those who possess father-figure qualities will appeal to women who have Mars in Cancer. Before getting close to someone, the consistency, and trustworthiness of the individual values.

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Characteristics of Mars in Cancer

The planet Mars affects many aspects of one’s personality, but it mainly pertains to temper, career, and attraction. Here are a few characteristics of the personality portrayed by Mars in Cancer.

Attitude or Mood

  • A person born with Mars in Cancer does not exhibit an outward temper. In general, you avoid confrontation rather than being direct.
  • It is natural for you to hold onto anything that you perceive as slight. It is possible to harbour resentment for a long time without expressing it properly, but when it finally explodes, it can be devastating.
  • Typical Mars in Cancer personalities have passive-aggressive characteristics. Sometimes your behaviour might oscillate between manipulative tactics and emotional outbursts.
  • Mars in Cancer individuals have difficulties verbalising their emotions, but this is integral to controlling their emotional outbursts.
  • A Mars in Cancer man is unable to express emotions. Hence, he might face trouble and create disturbance in life as well. These unstable emotions mess with their will and drive and defeat them in many facets of their lives. Prior to being strong, Cancer men must deal with their emotions and resolve internal issues.
  • Mars in Cancer natives tend to feel like they’re the victims in almost every circumstance due to their inability to see things abstractly. Being right and getting over their victimization is important.
  • Mars sign Cancer means you should acknowledge that suppressing negative feelings doesn’t improve your well-being. The most important thing is to work through your feelings more than anything else.

Career and Profession

  • Mars in Cancer is incredibly successful in many careers, but getting into the right career can be challenging for them.
  • Cancer with Mars makes it difficult to figure out what you dislike since you don’t know what makes you tick. Feeling lost or struggling to discover your innate talent can be overwhelming for you.
  • There is probably something exceptional about you, but to find it and pursue it with passion is the trick.
  • People with Mars in Cancer usually excel in jobs related to domestic work or in jobs related to drawing or writing. There is no firm rule in this respect since your chart determines this.
  • People sometimes have the inclination to settle down (have children, to buy a home, to get married, etc.) rather than develop a career.
  • They need to find a workplace where they feel secure, surrounded by coworkers who consider them like family. Alternative work options include working from home is well suited for them.

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An Attraction:

  • As Mars enter Cancer, you enjoy the chase but don’t make direct moves. You’re probably not a bold initiator.
  • Mars in Cancer woman is naturally attracted to gentlemen who make her feel emotionally secure and comfortable. The Mars in Cancer man exhibits this sensitivity and knows how to be gentle towards those he cares about.
  • Having Cancer and Mars together in the birth chart makes you attracted to truth and integrity. Being emotionally safe is crucial. Furthermore, you can recognise emotional dishonesty at a glance.

Cancer and Mars: Good & Bad Qualities

Mars in Cancer placement has positive undeniable qualities and less-than-desirable features.

Mars in Cancer may not make you aware of all of these qualities that you possess. There will be variations in qualities based on the natal chart, the type of house, placement, aspect, etc.

Good Qualities:

  • Family-oriented
  • Helping The Weak
  • Inventive
  • Perceptive
  • Innovative
  • Caring
  • Protective
  • Security-Conscious
  • Parental Relationships

Bad Qualities

  • Actively-aggressive
  • Impediment
  • Intimidating
  • Depressed
  • Protective
  • Instability
  • Clutchy
  • Easily Offended

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Mars in Cancer Man

  • Mars in Cancer man will have the tendency to attract a partner by his emotional sensitivity.
  • It’s important to him that his relationship is safe and that emotions are shared.
  • Mars enters Cancer, an individual becomes notably temperamental and vulnerable to wounds. It is imperative that he has a partner that will support him emotionally.
  • It is not uncommon for a man with Mars in Cancer to have disagreements with his mom, particularly once he gets into a relationship. He sometimes attempts to find a mother in a partner and needs to be coddled and babied. Men born with Mars in Cancer are often attracted to women who are like a mother figure to them.

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Mars in Cancer Woman

  • Mars in Cancer woman prefer men who are nurturing and caring. Having a strong emotional connection can make her feel at ease in a relationship.
  • Her partner may be smothered a little by the woman. Even after being in a relationship for a while, she still needs plenty of reassurance.
  • There are times when she seeks out someone she can rely on. This initial attraction may help create the attraction between them even if her partner resents her over time.
  • Mars in Cancer women are generally drawn to strong, large men, but are also fascinated by men who are moody and emotional. Strong and sentimental have proven to be a great combination for these women.
  • The woman can have a dramatic mood swing in a relationship. It is common for her to use her emotions as a spark for conflict and make the situation more dramatic.
  • Alcohol might be an option for her to cope with mood swings. There is a possibility that she suffers from both mania and depression. Choosing a moody partner makes her situation worse.
  • It is something she wants unconditionally but is not always ready to give, at least not until her partner makes the first move. This woman will nurture and care for her partner.
  • Mars in Cancer women strive to master their emotions, to feel and control them, and to work on their own emotions.

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The intensity of the relationship can be only felt when Mars in Cancer have deep feelings for their partners. Their partner is their life and they do anything to make her happy. They are devastated if their efforts go unrecognised. A couple may find this particularly difficult if any of the partners don’t want a family. In addition, they could also have different expectations of how they should live.

Cancer tends toward becoming a parent due to its caring nature. If you’re not interested, be honest with your partner immediately, as it could radically change the way you develop a relationship.

It is also wise to be cautious during physical intimacy with your Mars Cancer lover since they are quite sensitive people. It is not their style to rush into anything. Don’t rush them, instead give them space to think about the situation. Once they do, you’ll have a lifetime companion.

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