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Mercury in Cancer And It’s Impact on The Sensitive Zodiac

Mercury is the planet of communication, thoughts, ideas, and mental activity, whereas Cancer is about feelings. Cancerians are emotional and take most of their decisions by heart. Cancer is a water sign and is ruled by the moon. Cancerians take things personally and don’t like to be criticized. Even if they feel the most subtly negative vibes, they will react and get away from the person immediately.

Planet Mercury, the symbol of communication, helps Cancerians share their feelings and emotions with others. The moon makes them a bit of a fickle-minded person; therefore, when Mercury is placed in the Cancer sign, they become a bit conscious about which emotion is to be expressed and to whom. With the help of Mercury, they share their emotional feeling with the right person at the right time and are capable of making decisions wisely.

Cancer mercury sign natives are emotional with a strong memory and are deep thinkers and learners; with personal experiences, they grab knowledge and ideas. Mercury in Cancer natives have strong memory power and can quickly memorize data and information.

  • These people are kind-hearted, soft-spoken, sympathetic, and good listeners
  • They make others feel comfortable while sharing their problems with them and give them a shoulder to cry on.
  • The people with Mercury in Cancer are loveable, desirable, affectionate, and adorable. And that is why these people earn other’s trust, help them in their personal matters, and provide psychological advice.
  • They are very smart communicators and possess articulate personalities. At the time of any conversation, they are always participating and ready with an explanation.
  • Mercury in Cancer persons are smart enough to understand the undercurrents of what is being said and cannot be fooled by playing word games. Though they are emotional and sentimental, they possess a strong sense of intuition of place and person
  • When Mercury is in Cancer, people enjoy chats about art, culture, music, creativity, and literature. They know the deeper meaning of life and have a great sense of friendship and relationships, which is why they are like a charm at social gatherings, birthday events, and family get-togethers. Planet Mercury blesses them with the sense of understanding other people’s intentions.

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