Saturn In Cancer – Learn About Effects Of Saturn In Cancer Zodiac Sign

Vedic astrology works on the concept that planets emit some energies that may be positive or negative. And these energies influence a person right from the time of birth. This influence can be studied and analyzed by means of a horoscope, which twelve houses, zodiac signs, and Nakshatras. And these houses have their governing planets, and the other planets keep traveling through the houses and signs.

In this article, we are going to highlight what happens when Saturn is in the Cancer sign. We will analyze the characteristics of people with this combination, especially the Saturn in Cancer of a man’s horoscope. We shall also try to understand which house is bad for Saturn and which is good. And we shall throw light on what happens when Saturn returns to Cancer. But before that, let’s find out the significance of Saturn and Cancer in Vedic astrology in the following sections.

The Placement Of Saturn In Cancer

The planet Saturn is also known as Shani, which is most feared among the Hindu deities. Saturn is the slowest moving planet, and hence its malefic influence is felt for a longer period by the native. Saturn is believed to be an austere teacher who will not forgive you and let go unless you get all the punishment you deserve for all the misdeeds of past life.

Saturn is a dry and cold planet, which does not believe in a word like ‘Emotions’. In many scriptures, it is considered a serpent whose head is Rahu and the tail is Ketu.

Saturn in Cancer in Vedic astrology is not considered good conjunction or a favorable position of planets. Saturn positively influences when it is present in the 2nd, 5th, 9th, or 12th houses of Jupiter. Saturn is debilitated in the 1st house and exalted in the 7th house.

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Saturn In Cancer Man And Women's Kundli

The 4th house in Vedic astrology that is governed by the Moon belongs to the Cancer sign. The Cancer sign belongs to the water element, and hence it is attached with characteristics like emotions of caring, nurturing, and protecting loved ones and family members. The sign makes people sensitive and moody. The people with the Cancer zodiac sign are family-oriented and sensitive. For them, their home, family, and relatives are their worlds. They are creative and dependable people who often face mood swings, but they are very loyal and take up all familial responsibilities without any pain or grudges.

Every planet has a specific influence over the Cancer sign. When the Sun is in Cancer, it makes the natives doubtful and over-protective. The Moon in Cancer can result in major mood swings and make the native too sensitive and sympathetic. When Mercury is in Cancer, it makes the natives remember all the emotional episodes without missing anything. They turn into emotional fools and lack logical reasoning skills. With Venus in Cancer, the natives get hurt easily and are vulnerable to cheating too. The presence of Mars in Cancer makes the native aggressive at the workplace yet emotional at the home front.

All the above positions of planets in Cancer reflect that it makes the native emotional and protective. But there is one contrary condition that yields opposite results. The Saturn in Cancer ascendant is a completely different picture.

In A Nutshell

The two are completely opposite in their significance. While Saturn is all about discipline, responsibility, seriousness, duty, and restriction, the Cancer sign signifies love, emotions, bond, family, home, warmth, and protection. So, is it possible for the two to be happy together? Or are there any problems associated with the positioning of Saturn in the Cancer sign?

As explained earlier, every planet moves in the 12 houses and signs of the horoscope. So, it is certainly going to happen that Saturn transits Cancer sooner or later. Saturn is a dry and cold planet, while Cancer belongs to the water element. Saturn is synonymous with desensitized or benumbed. On the contrary, Cancer is all about emotions and sensitivity. Cancer is about family, while Saturn is his father’s enemy. And most importantly, Saturn rules Capricorn, which is the opposing sign of Cancer.

With so many differences, it is clear that Saturn in Cancer will not be a pleasing combination. The impact of Saturn in Cancer makes the natives shut their window of expression, and they turn introverted and keep to themselves. At the same time, Cancer influences Saturn and makes it a bit sensitive toward the past.

When Saturn is in cancer retrograde, it brings a bit of insecurity into the individual’s life. Therefore, they may start questioning and doubting their relationship status and position in the family. If a native is born under Saturn’s influence in the Cancer sign, they are likely to be more inclined towards the domestic front. They take responsibilities so seriously that they forget to enjoy living with them. It’s more like a duty than a family. Most of the time goes in guarding the family than enjoying being with them.

The influence of Saturn in Cancer man can be identified when the man starts feeling that the family is a burden over him, and he often gets frustrated over trivial issues on the family front. However, the man with Saturn in Cancer will turn out to be a true lover who would intend to take the relationship further and even plan a family together soon. The Saturn in Cancer men makes him ask for more love and attention from his partner as he might have had a difficult and devoid childhood.

Saturn in Cancer retrograde might fetch some positive news for the native. It might have a positive influence on marriage life, as it enhances the chances of getting married and also bring success in professional life as well. Moreover, it might also bring wealth and prosperity and bless the native with good health. But After all, an accurate result of Saturn in Cancer depends on the aspects and placement of the other planets. Also, one must learn about Saturn’s aspect on the other houses.

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