Sun in Cancer: Sun effects, Personality Traits, Compatibility, and more

  • Ruling Planet – Moon
  • Element – Water
  • Date Range – July 16th to August 16th
  • Nature – Cardinal
  • Symbol – Crab

Cancer is a water element sign which is all about feelings and emotions. It is the original 4th house energy. It is a cardinal sign that brings in change with its own element and characteristics. The number 69 is associated with this sun sign, which is basically a graphical representation of the claws of a ‘Crab’, the symbol of this zodiac sign. However, 69 graphical representation is just a modern concept and has nothing to do with Vedic astrology. Vedic astrology has the Crab as a symbol for this sign but there is no sign of the number 69 in it.

Cancer is a sign of femininity that has motherly and mature feminine energy. Nurturing and nourishment are part of who they are and what they give out to other beings.

Sun is the soul and a part of the making of your personality. Your whole personality is a flux of ascendant, moon, and sun signs.

Sun in Cancer and 4th House

The fourth house is your mother, motherland, your peace of mind, how your relationship is going to be with the mother, your emotional state, compassion level, nurturing inclination, nourishment, comforts, and feminine energy.

In a more expansive view, the 4th house represents mother, comforts, real estate, ancestral properties, happiness, vehicles, well, land, clothing, furniture, antique items, architecture, and anything that you store in any place, especially within the home. sun in Cancer also represents divine knowledge, learning of spirituality, scriptures, and astrology, something which is beyond religion, school, college, or university.

It also represents your nearby relatives, the wealth or resources of your younger sibling, your ability to travel, the financial losses of your children, where your children will donate money to, what type of hospital environment sun in Cancer will go into in case sick, death & hidden wealth of father and Guru, gains through women, family after marriage, your own dwelling, the career of your spouse and luck of your joint assets.

The Cancer zodiac is a sign ruled by the moon, and the moon is the planet of your mind, emotions, opinions, desires, body nurturing, mother, and home environment. It is the ability to think and take action. It directly impacts your mind, which leads to actions that create a destiny for you.

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What does the Sun Represent in Astrology?

Sun is the planet of light that gives visibility, vision, strength, vitality, health, ego, and consciousness, and represents father, authority, and government. It also shows the decisive nature, leadership qualities, and career. The nature of the sun is clear, reliable, and stable. Sun represents anything that gives structure to you. Hence, it rules the condition of your bones as well.

Impact of Sun in Cancer Sign

When the sun is in Cancer, it means that the planet of ‘Self’ & stability comes into the sign of emotions. This creates a deep sense of self in the sun in Cancer natives. They are connected to themselves very deeply. They have a high emotional quotient because the sun lights up the house it is in. When the sun comes in here, it makes them have strong convictions or opinions.

Sun is the planet that is all about masculine nature, and Cancer is receptivity, femininity and motherly nature. Here, the sun loses some of its masculinity. In other words, the planet of visibility goes into the sign of invisible emotions. So these people are very intuitive.

When the Sun goes into Cancer at 5 degrees, i.e., between the 20th to 22nd of July, it enters into Simha navamsa. This means it is at its own navamsa and will give better results.

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Sun in Cancer: The Tao of the TWOs

The sun in cancer is about the home environment or private life. The natives cannot hide their emotions. The 4th house is directly opposite the 10th house, and the sun is the Karaka of this house. Hence, these people have to strike a balance between their private and public life. They might be in public no matter how difficult it is for them.

They are quite compassionate beings. However, it totally depends on their upbringing and the kind of nurturing they get. Sun in Cancer could be very giving but only within their family circle, and other people might be judgmental freaks. When the sun is in Cancer, but the ascendant or moon does not support the depth of emotions, they will not implement much compassion.

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Cancer Sun Sign: Condition of Emotional State

Usually, Cancer sign natives are very attached to their mother, but if the sun is in Cancer, their father has a very strong role. If you are born with the sun in Cancer, you will be emotionally attached to your father. Your father would show you the importance of the family and become a huge emotional influencer. Even his negative aspects might have contributed to your emotional state.

It has been observed that fathers of Sun in Cancer natives are somewhat working in hospitals, homeland security, local government, hotel, or any place that involves nurturing or taking care of people.

When you judge your sun and what the sun would be doing in your horoscope, look at the placement of your moon because the moon controls the sign of Cancer. If the moon is debilitated in Scorpio and the sun is in Cancer, you will be too emotional about everything. You might be psychosomatic about certain things or have obsessive behavior. You may not be very emotionally balanced. Or you may even be totally oblivious to your own emotions.

If the moon is exalted, then you are balanced with your emotions. Suppose the moon is in a Taurus, then the sun in Cancer might nurture other beings without shedding tears. If the moon is in Aries, you will have a very headstrong personality. It makes the sun have strong emotions well directed towards self-development. In case of a lack of nourishment from your father, then you won’t be that emotional. You will just do the needful.

As we end this Sun in Cancer blog, we must say that your sun sign is not solely responsible for your personality. Vedic astrology gives a detailed analysis of possibilities in your life based on ancient scientific calculations.

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