Is Sun in Cancer Good? - Know Effects, Traits, etc.

Sun in Cancer: Sun effects, Personality Traits, Compatibility, and more

  • Ruling Planet – Moon
  • Element – Water
  • Date Range – July 16th to August 16th
  • Nature – Cardinal
  • Symbol – Crab

Cancer is a water element sign which is all about feelings and emotions. It is the original 4th house energy. It is a cardinal sign that brings in change with its own element and characteristics. The number 69 is associated with this sun sign, which is basically a graphical representation of the claws of a ‘Crab’, the symbol of this zodiac sign. However, 69 graphical representation is just a modern concept and has nothing to do with Vedic astrology. Vedic astrology has the Crab as a symbol for this sign but there is no sign of the number 69 in it.

Cancer is a sign of femininity that has motherly and mature feminine energy. Nurturing and nourishment are part of who they are and what they give out to other beings.

Sun is the soul and a part of the making of your personality. Your whole personality is a flux of ascendant, moon, and sun signs.

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