Venus in Cancer: Meaning, Traits, Compatibility, Positives & Negatives

  • Element And Quality: Water & Cardinal
  • Celebrities : Angelina Jolie, Mae West, Mussolini, Madhuri Dixit, O.J. Simpson, Anna Kournikova
  • Positive Traits : Sensitive, Gentle, Nurturing, Cautious, Unconditional, Wholehearted
  • Negative Traits : Vulnerable, Emotional, Melodramatic, Controlling, Insecure

On the 2nd of June Venus enters Cancer with a period of three weeks. It is a great time to relax, to enjoy with their family and favourite foods. Venus in Cancer wants to create inner relationships with their relatives by increasing their bond and safety. They feel safe and stable in an intimate way through the next few weeks. Venus leaves the Cancer zodiac on 27th June.

Cancer is the sign of a watery planet governed by the Moon. Moon is intimately connected with Venus, a feminine watery planet. People born under this sign are strongly influenced by water and have a fast ‘flow’ of feelings and sensitivity and rapid attachment to people. They are particularly vulnerable because they can be sweet in communication and can be hurt easily. They have confidence in others and are optimistic about love. They are attracted to the opposite sex and also have a magnetic personality. However, they are very supportive of other people.

Venus is lord of the fourth and eleventh house for the natives of Cancer and is transiting in the first house. They will improve their intellectual ability and determine their interest during this period. They can benefit from foreign collaborations professionally. Also, for business and partnership, this time is good. Some problems may arise in family life, but after some mature handling, they will be solved. Native’s health should be taken care of.

Venus in Cancer means

Venus in Cancer means to be delicate and intuitive in love, as their element is water and their quality is cardinal. At this time, they feel on the top of the highest spirit, lovely and popular. They are highly desirable and are pursued by everybody. During this time, they may enjoy long beach days, prolonged lunches, and walks in the park. As a water sign, astrological cancer relies on its emotions to make a situation bigger. This means that in the case of love and relationships, Venus in Cancer is very sensitive. They are extremely wary when meeting new people, and they do not rock the boat when they are engaged.

Venus stands for romantic, balanced, financial, friendly, loving, effective, marriage, pleasant and worthwhile relationships, and leisure activities. Venus in Cancer shows its affection in its deep social circle through unconditional love. They bend backwards, sometimes at the cost of health, to ensure that others are comfortable. Instead of using logic or reason, they experience complex problems and pay attention to how their lover feels.

Venus in Cancer is attracted to something emotional. This native can like artwork, films, songs, etc. Probably these natives are interested as long as something calls forth an emotion. They may sometimes tend to be over-sensitive or sad.

Venus in Cancer Man

Venus in Cancer Man shows his love and affection right from the beginning, and at the earliest arrival of an opportunity, he will not hesitate to reveal all his emotions. Venus in Cancer man likes to see his partner happy with the treatment he offers. It contributes to building a sense of stability and security that nobody else can match. If man natives get to know about their partner, they may almost predict instantly what the female wants, what are her likes and dislikes, and especially her deepest desires. It is empathy combined with a very deep intuition that gives them this almost superhuman quality.

Highlights of Venus in Cancer Man:

1. Positive: Loyal and comprehensive;
2. Negative: Sensitive and impulse-free emotions;
3. Better half: Somebody who is patient and helpful;
4. Learn about Life: Take the time out to pursue something he likes.

Venus in Cancer man wishes to build a link from the ground up to help him on the way and to enrich the connections spiritually by sensitive approaches. Venus in Cancer man might be jealous, possessive, sad, but his feelings may not be expressed actively. Instead, he may prefer to be silent for a long time. He wishes to be recognised for what he is doing, and he wishes that his girl should always be desirous of his attendance.

Venus in Cancer Woman

The Venus in Cancer women are the natural guardians of the zodiac, always so affectionate, loving, and excellent at mingling their beloved, fulfilling their desires, and bringing people happiness in general. Venus in Cancer women is very charming, sweet, ready for those in need with their tender emotions.

Highlights of Venus in Cancer Woman:

1. Positive: Innocent and safe;
2. Negative: Gloomy and cursory;
3. Better half: Anyone with no question of loyalty;
4. Learn about life: Giving a bit more credit to those who deserve it

Venus in Cancer woman has nothing but the knowledge that she has a stable relationship and that the protection of her partner offers security, comfort, and happiness. Her love is honest, intuitive, giftful, and warm. This native woman can very easily delight her partner with her innocent and divine looks, which she seeks to inculcate.

Venus in Cancer Compatibility

Cancer is of a very attached character and is controlled by Moon. Therefore, placing Venus in this sign adds an attachment to luxury and comfort. These natives are blessed with the support of a strong Moon with a safe, beautiful, and cosy home.

The most compatible for Venus in Cancer – Venus in Taurus or Venus in Virgo. Taurus and Virgo, which focus on physical safety and practical matters, can form the basis for Venus’ emotional excess in cancer. The second-best compatibility with Venus in Cancer is Scorpio and Pisces. The worst matches are Venus in Sagittarius and Venus in Aquarius for Venus in Cancer.

Venus in Cancer Plus and Minus Traits

Plus traits: The Venus in Cancer natives are great listeners who know intuitively what others need to feel better. They always concentrate on safety and comfort. If things are messy or melodramatic, they do not like it. This especially occurs when this native feel that others do not take them seriously or give them sufficient credit or take advantage of their kind actions. The stability of Venus in Cancer is so important. They work hard to keep friends and their families in a comfortable and happy environment. Thus, the biggest cost for them is their home. For a comforting, cosy, and warm home, they may pay anything.

Minus traits: Cancer of the Venus people are susceptible to emotional outbursts, particularly when they think somebody has done them wrong. They are often silent and have trouble forgiving the person they are upset with. Everything that obstructs interaction with family and friends is a nuisance with which they do not want to be bothered. Therefore, they always plan quiet trips. That is why they really like to play host or hostess. It enables them to feel that they are in total control.


Venus in Cancer women must always feel secure, and this is exactly what they are all about in a romantic relationship. They need constant assurance, even if everything goes well, that the relationship is solid. They must constantly restore their trust in those closest to them, and once they commit to a relationship, they will give everything they need to ensure that things are stable and rewarding. Venus in Cancer is a social being who loves to spend time with loved ones. While no unforeseen circumstances threaten them, they are a loving and trusted partner.

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