Mercury in Capricorn – Let’s Be a Bit More Aware About It

On the 29th of December 2021, at 11:15 am, Mercury is going to be in transit in the Capricorn sign and remains in this sign until the following year when Saturn rules the Aquarius. Individuals born with the planet Mercury in Capricorn have a methodical and analytical approach to matters governed by this planet. Their tendency is to assign different labels (some of which they create themselves) to the people with whom they interact and the relationships that they have with them and to judge these relationships and people on the basis of these labels.

Their minds are extremely well-organized, and they frequently find themselves needing to gather their impressions from a particular event or activity and form a general conclusion about them before moving on to a new activity or event. The characteristics governed by the planet Mercury are enhanced by the characteristics of the sign of Capricorn. In order to maintain their stability and calm, people born with this placement must be careful when speaking to or interacting with other people. They dislike people who are hasty and disorganized, and they prefer people who are well-organized and follow procedures.

Mercury in Capricorn - Meaning

Mercury in Capricorn Man

Mercury in Capricorn Woman

Mercury in Capricorn Compatibility

Mercury in Capricorn – Positive And Negative Traits


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