The Effects Of Venus In Capricorn Sign and Its Natives

  • Element And Quality: Earth & Cardinal
  • Celebrities: Ben Stiller, Abhishek Bachchan, Seal, Imran Khan, Virginia Woolf, Steve Jobs
  • Positive Traits: Serious, Practical, Mature, Logical, Responsible
  • Negative Traits: Dull, Boring, Unspontaneous

The god of love, Venus, will transits on January 28, 2021, through the moveable sign of Capricorn and will remain in that sign until February 21, 2021. Capricorn is the zodiac sign ruled by Saturn. It denotes the deeds or efforts done by the ruler of the tenth zodiac sign. It makes one a workaholic, but Venus is the lord of sensuous beauty and luxury; therefore, these energies are incompatible. As a result, worldly ambitions will be fulfilled with some delay or through multiple efforts. Furthermore, this transit appears to be beneficial as Capricorn is Venus’ favorable sign.

Capricorn sign is a mutable Earth sign with a sense of stability in its personality and temperament. They are usually reticent and emotionally restrained. When Venus is in Capricorn, it makes it difficult to communicate feelings and emotions to one’s spouse. People born with Venus in the Capricorn zodiac sign have a difficult time asserting their desires and communicating them to their partners. They have fear before they get into love. They have uncertainty, a sense of rejection, and ultimately loneliness in their minds, and they tend to run away from it, making them emotionally unavailable several times.

When Venus Is Present In Capricorn

Effects On Male Natives

Effects On Female Natives

Venus in Capricorn Compatibility

Traits Of Natives Having Venus in Capricorn


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