Aries: Know Who Are Your Best Friends & Worst Enemies

Have you ever noticed that your friends are born around a specific time of the year, and the people you don’t get along with are bunched around particular personality traits common to almost all of them? Consider the cosmic geometry that reminds you that astrological compatibility is a real thing and that there are specific ways you can use Astrology to understand who could be compatible and not compatible with your particular Zodiac Sign.
Natives of this family of Zodiac are high on energy. No wonder it is the “Fire” sign. Aries is ruled by the passionate planet “Mercury”. A combination of these celestial influences comes together in your life to bring about vitality & energy in your persona. You are very competitive by nature. You are always ready to give a tough fight and never willing to back down.
The natives of this Zodiac sign are compatible with zealous individuals and those who are willing to follow your lead. You could be overly aggressive at times. However, your friends will understand that this comes from your energetic bent of mind. Compassionate individuals are not the best people to get along with.
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Let us explore who can Aries be good friends with and who can be your potential enemy.

Aries Compatibility: Best with -Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius


Befriending an Aries for an Aries is probably an extreme kind of a partnership. This friendship can be a true blessing because only Aries can match the energy & zeal that is so typical of this Zodiac. Natives belonging to your sign can be with you in anything you plan, even on short notice. Your friendship with Aries will be thrilling & adventurous. You highly respect each other and take leadership as and when required. You create a dramatic yet exciting life together.


Gemini probably makes the best of friends with Aries. Your friendship with the natives of this Zodiac is likely to take off like a rocket! You are the doers and put the exciting ideas of your Gemini friends into action. The fun and engaging Aries will have glorifying partnerships with natives of Gemini descent. Both of you can create beautiful collaborations together. However, because of your overzealous nature, you might get into accidents; being an Aries, you have no fear yet; your protective Gemini friend will look after you and your wellbeing. You can be open and have a meaningful connection with the natives of Gemini. Teaming up is suitable for both of you.


Both Leos & Aries are Fire signs and will create a lot of excitement together. You are most likely to have blissful friendship with the natives of Leo, and you probably would want more. Leo natives are pretty soft & full of love by nature. They will help you to get in touch with your soft side, which you try to hide in all probability. Your Leo friends spoil you with lavish gifts and compliments. They are spontaneous. You both can bring out the competitive side of the other. And you will have lots of fun together. Your Leo friend might expect you to treat them like the royals. This could be a challenge for you.


Though Aries & Libra are astrologically opposite Zodiac Signs, however, you both can make fast friends. Your friendship could be something that others might not understand because you value independence while your Libra friends are collaborative. You could inspire your Libra friends to be more independent, take more significant risks, accept criticism & have a direct approach to life & affairs. In comparison, your Libra friend would slow you down and inspire you to appreciate things more deeply. You might bring out the assertive side of your friend while they will make you more diplomatic. They highly value your courage & determination while you like their grace & style.


The natives of Sagittarius, very much like yourself, are party animals. They are fun-loving & fiery signs. You will hit it off together and be the life of the party! Both of you can easily double the fun while being together. You highly appreciate the honesty, open-mindedness & friendly nature of your Sagittarius friend while they admire your enthusiasm & courage. Both of you enjoy sports and athletics. However, your tastes & preferences might vary, but that will not come in the way of your strong friendship. You get along very well with each other.


Aquarius & Aries Both of you have a lot in common. You will have a long-lasting friendship with the natives of this Zodiac Sign. Both of you are in sync and appreciate the ideas and the methods of the other. While you are highly active & full of excitement, your friend is equally steadfast & stubborn. Both of you might have endless discussions about money & work; however, you are never controlling, and similarly, your friend will never try to overshadow you. Such healthy talks will not end up in the fight. Both of your know-how to get past a dispute quickly. Both of you cherish your independence.

Aries Enemies – Worst with Cancer & Scorpio


Cancer is a Water Sign, while Aries is a Fire Sign. You will be most incompatible with the natives of this particular Zodiac. You are straight forward and a little arrogant at times, while the natives of Cancer are sensitive & emotional. Cancer individuals are tough nuts, challenging to crack & get past the layers and layers they hide within. You might not be able to break defences with these individuals. This can lead to frustration and name-calling. You value independence, and Cancerian might suffocate you. You find them hypersensitive & cannot stand their delicate personality. Both of you can draw the battle lines, and are you guys hazardous for each other?


You are adventurous, energetic and enjoy high-risk situations while the natives of Scorpio do not bleach in dangerous activities. You might get bored of them, and they might even return the favour. You can get involved in a screamfest more often, which could lead to frustration in the relationship. Both of you would end up in some serious trouble.

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Ending Note

If you are not connecting with your friend through your uniqueness, what’s the point of even being friends? Right? And why make the relationship profoundly distasteful when you know you are highly incompatible with an individual. Knowing some of these nuances from the beginning is always good because it saves up a lot of your time & efforts.

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