Are You Libra? Know Your Best Friends & Worst Enemies

When considering the relationships in your life, whether they are amicable or challenging, you would want to take the support of Astrology. The precision with which it can predict your compatibility or incompatibility, in friendship or otherwise.

Although for in-depth astrological analysis, you will have to compare two people’s natal charts. However, you could also find natural compatibility between two individuals while looking at their Zodiac closely.
If two Zodiac Signs are four signs apart, they could be harmonious and supportive of each other and compatible with Zodiac Signs. You might also consider the Zodiac Signs that fall under the same element, viz. Fire, Earth, Air, & Water – to be compatible with Zodiac Signs.

Now, let us explore the very unique attributes of your Zodiac Sign “Libra.”

“Libra” is a cardinal “Air” Sign. It is governed by the loving planet “Venus”. The individuals of this Zodiac are sociable and friendly. So, they can make their friends feel very special and adored. Friendship with them will be very fulfilling. They are quite artistic by nature – no need to mention that Librans are all about fun.
Also, they appreciate the beautiful things in life. They are full of kindness. The individuals of the Libra Zodiac will put the views and opinions of their friends above their own.

However, the Librans is incredibly bubbly & breezy and awfully charming & attractive. Libra loves company & makes for a good company. They love luxury & everything sophisticated. As you know, they are social beings and love taking their friends out for dinner & drinks.

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Now let us explore the best and worst match: who could be your best friends and who are your potential enemies as per your Zodiac Sign.

Libra Compatibility: Best with Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, & Aquarius


Though Aries & Libra are opposite to each other, astrologically speaking. However, they have the potential of building a strong friendship with each other. They have a sense of calmness & composure that can aid in building a base for good friendship with individuals of Aries descent. They admire your friends’ ability to be decisive in adverse situations.
Likewise, they like their self assuring & energetic persona. The friend of Libra will also be adjusting to your last-minute changes. They feel blessed while being with Aries because they are more than willing to shift gears at the very last minute.


They will build a natural affinity towards the individuals of the Gemini Zodiac. As if they are born to be the best of their mates! Libra and their friend Gemini simply love spending time together and adore being around each other, most of the time.
When they meet their friend, there would be a lot of laughter, fun, and silly gigs. There would be an exchange of insightful conversations. Both of them would plan out elaborately. However, they would hardly stick to the plans that they make. Both of them share a passion for travel and adventure.


Out of all the Zodiac signs probably, Libra is the most compatible sign with Leo. They will instantly connect with the individuals of Leo Zodiac. Their friendship could turn fabulous in no time!
They simply love the glitz and glamour that their Leo friend brings about in their life. Also, Leo admires their love for a good and fulfilling life. However, both of you share a similar equal dislike for food, fashion, & festivals! Their friend Leo would at times coax them to do things in their style without considering the interest areas of Libra. This can lead to minor squabbles.
Also, their last-minute changes, quick opinions, and ideas will drive their Leo friend crazy. Regardless of these minor differences, both of them have a flair to bring out the very best in each other.
This is the secret to your long-standing friendship. Leo and Libra share a very keen interest in arts and entertainment. They are likely to spend ample time together visiting art exhibitions, attending musical shows, and watching a movie.


They will share an instant familiarity and similarity with the individuals of their own Zodiac Sign. Both of them love being around each other. Their fellow Libra friend is as witty, intelligent and charming as they are. Both share a fondness for architectural & historical places. They admire their grace and beauty.
Both of them will indulge in elaborate discussions on current affairs and the topics that will interest you. They can go on and on about discussing forever, and no one will ever complain!
Even if they differ in their opinions, they will keep the discussion very healthy and considerate. Both share a similar interest in music and indoor and outdoor sports. Also, both of them have a tendency to make plans. However, sticking by them is for the time to tell!


The individuals of Sagittarius Zodiac are not very popular amongst the other Zodiacs and especially in friendship. However, the cultured Librans wholeheartedly love and admire the Archers!
Their Sagittarius friend and Libra themselves believe that life is very short, and hence not a minute should be wasted. Both of them want to have a lot of fun and enjoy their life to the fullest. Their friend would make them laugh out loud with their funny antiques and jokes.
Sags would make Librans crack up. On the other hand, Libra would not mind laughing out loud in public! Given their serious and sophisticated persona, their Sagittarius friends would engage them in a lot of fun activities.


Libra and their Aquarius friend are destined to have a lot of fun while being together! Although they are a good speaker, their Aquarius friends are very good listeners. They both compliment one another very naturally. They would love to throw parties, while their friends would have a blast when they attend it.
Most of Librans’ doubts and questions could be very well resolved by their Aquarius friend. However, the Water-bearers can very easily let go of Libra last-minute change of plans, while Libra can ignore Aquarius stubbornness.

Libra Incompatibility: Worst with Cancer & Capricorn


It is very possible that they may not be able to comprehend with the individuals of the Cancer Zodiac. They will have a lot of mood swings, and they just won’t be able to understand that. While Libra looks for logic in all things, the individuals of Cancer descent dwell on the realm of emotion and feelings. Both are very different from each other and have attributes that can be very odd for the other. Hence, it will be a challenge for Libra to be friends with someone who is a Cancerian.


They are friendly and good-natured. However, they find individuals of Capricorn Zodiac quite perplexing. They are an outgoing & friendly being, and they feel snubbed by the flinty silence of individuals of Capricorn descent. Their very unique personality traits are at odds with your own.
The pessimistic approach of Capricorn is unbearable for Libra Zodiac. Their indecisiveness and frequent change of plans at the last minute will make them grind their teeth!

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Ending Note :

Exploring how the Sun, Moon, or planets interact with the people in your life can provide valuable insights on how much you connect or clash in your relationships. But always keep in mind that these details are only “jumping-off” points.
There are many other aspects and layers to be considered while you consider looking into astrological compatibility or incompatibility.

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