Libra and Scorpio Compatibility

A zodiac sign is a symbol that represents somebody’s personality, emotions, and motivations. As per astrology, every individual on this earth is born under a zodiac constellation and possesses the traits of that particular zodiac sign. A zodiac sign is most commonly referred to and used to explain a person’s basic nature and personality traits. Though being the same in outer appearances we are different due to the individual traits that define and make shine in the crowd Zodiac traits shed light on one’s intrinsic gifts, as well as blind spots. As we continue layering zodiac concepts, we uncover a rich and complex practice that delivers insight into our most authentic selves! Re-discovering our inner-selves can be interesting and fun especially while making matches! Libra is an Air sign, which represents movement. That means that Libra’s mind is an incubator for ideas and is keen to act and go like the wind. While Libra is not afraid of change, it is still one moment, and gusty the next. Libra and Scorpio love compatibility is like the horizon where air meets water. At a distance, the horizon looks still, and there is a clear line between equal amounts of air and water. But, in reality, there is no separation or balance between air and water, and up close, the lines are not nearly as clean. Similarly, Libra/Scorpio are twins who operate differently on the same level! Nevertheless, together air and water make a beautiful impression on the horizon, which looks like it could go on and on till eternity like the Libra/Scorpio pair that is a testimony of the same!


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Libra and Scorpio Love Compatibility

The Scorpion is an all-or-nothing kinda creature, so if it lets his walls down, Libra can get rest assured it’s completely enthralled! It’s so romantic to hear those three little words from the completely smitten Sorcerer! That’s sheer bliss to watch Libra and Scorpio couples in love!

  • The Sorcerer admires Libra’s sure-footedness and rooted grounded nature; in turn, Libra is in awe of Scorpio’s depths and charismatic aura.
  • The horizon is a beautiful and elegant meet of Air and Water that defines the serenity of the Libra and Scorpio relationship that one seeks! It’s gonna be a blessed association!
  • The heartthrobs are an artsy sort of couple who can be seen around town catching the latest events usually wrapped around each other in a kinda human love knot.
  • This is a relationship in which the head meets the heart, a talkative Air sign gets together with an emotional Water sign, to gain joy and comfort in the arms of beautiful blossoming love.
  • All in all, this love relationship is a very sensitive and satisfying union where the duo unanimously works towards building love castles strong enough not to be blown away by cyclonic stormy winds of distrust, jealousy, and discontent!

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Pros of Libra and Scorpio Relationship

They are quite the opposite of one another. But, does it pave the way or serve as a gate-way to a harmonious relationship?!! Yes, it does! Here, check the pros mentioned below:

  • A Scorpio can guess what it’s Libra partner is feeling and thinking and this can keep the latter satisfied and happy, by appreciating what they need and what problems they may be undergoing. This brings harmony to the relationship.
  • Libra has discovered a worthy damsel to test it’s correct balancing skills! Skills to handle the master-strategist Scorpio who is covered with a seductive scent of secretiveness!
  • Truly connected in mind and soul! The duo finds each other engrossed in debating over some intriguing topics, only making the attraction all the more strongly felt in their hearts.
  • In a Libra Scorpio relationship both bring the best in each other despite differences! After all, being with someone who helps you see this world in a positively different light is no less than a God sent!
  • The differences between Libra and Scorpio, if fused together constructively, can make this union absolutely satisfying for the two! However, we say if love is true, it always finds a way to overcome all odds. Cheers to the thought!

Cons of Libra and Scorpio Relationship

When Air and Water combine, you either get soft, fluffy clouds or hurricanes. Isn’t that unpredictable as in the Libra/Scorpio relationship! Trouble in the love-nest!!?

  • Scorpio is engulfed with clouds of jealousy when it witnesses Libra’s natural charismatic nature. It may almost seem flirtatious to the Water creature who gets upset by the very thought!
  • Beware, don’t ever touch Scorpion’s sensitive self, they might sting you with harsh words! Libra’s curiosity about studying the mysterious Scorpio can erupt a dormant volcano as well!
  • The Libra and Scorpio relationship is often a jarring jump between philosophical outlooks! Libra’s detached fairness can infuriate Scorpio at times, and Scorpio’s inexplicable dark moods or fervent responses can bewilder Libra too.
  • Troubles, troubles! It’s a tightrope walk- Scorpio wants to lock the door and pull down the blinds and Libra wants to be at the discotheque! With one a social butterfly and the other a dusky arachnid, it can seem an impossible gap to bridge in helping these two get together at times.
  • This relationship needs some adulting and hard work to get out of the starting blocks for it’s not a smooth transition, although both are astrological neighboring star signs.

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