Sagittarius and Aquarius Compatibility

Mutual Interest is neither directly nor indirectly proportional to the compatibility of the relationship. It is an added benefit that both the people in the relationship have the same interests. They both could do the same things with equal zest and energy and can have conversations about the same things for hours! Planning activities could become a lot more easy and fun. Having said that it is completely fine to have different interests as long as couples prioritize spending time by merging their interests and participate with equal enthusiasm.


23 Nov - 21 Dec


21 Jan - 18 Feb
Great sense of humor
Freedom Lover
Easy Going

Sagittarius And Aquarius know each other’s minds very well. They very easily can identify the hidden meaning from the statement of their partner. They are indeed a couple with mutual interests. They will have infinite topics and discussions on their philosophies, shared concerns, and their values. Communication resonates with the conversations of two intelligent, well-travelled, and deeply thoughtful people. Their communications will hold depth and wit, and there won’t be any place strange enough for them to reach through their communion!

Sagittarius And Aquarius Love Compatibility

Sagittarius and Aquarius’s love looks like a blessing right from the start of the relationship. They have deep profound affection and admiration for each other and are a couple who would start as friends but even before they know it, they are sailing in the deep waters of love. They both share an intense rapport and are inseparable!

  • Sagittarius And Aquarius are both gregarious. They will attend all the social events together and can be seen having a good time around each other’s arms. This couple has to be present at all DOPE parties around.
  • Apart from being intelligent and WOKE, they are also very unconventional. They both do things in eccentric ways, which may seem normal to them but can shock others.
  • Jupiter Ruled (Sagittarius) is warm, whereas Uranus ruled (Aquarius) are highly affable. They are truly a bohemian couple. Although, Aquarius is a tad bit more boho than Sag. They will never snatch the freedom and space needed from the relationship as they regard it with utmost importance.
  • Conflicts between this couple will be solved efficiently in a mature way as both of them are rational and intelligent. Personal conflicts will also be handled by adults.

Pros Of Sagittarius And Aquarius Relationship

Sagittarius And Aquarius Relationship is between two zodiac signs who are ruled by 2 strong planets. They have powerful energy forces that don’t repel. They multiply! Multiply to create an abundance of excellence!

  • Sag is quite low-key on commitment. They would only commit when they feel they are holey and solely ready to give in. Aquarius being even more of a freedom-lover, would have no qualms in commitment and will love to continue the relationship at its pace.
  • Even though they are highly passionate lovers, they understand the need for space in the relationship or the desire for freedom from their partner. Sag and Aqua both will oblige to the need of taking a breather!
  • Love, in the alliance, may gradually develop at a slow pace, taking its own time to progress. They feel the love, and then recognize the signs of love.
  • Uranus rules Aquarius and Jupiter rules Sag. Uranus is a planet of ideas and creativity, whereas Jupiter influences learning and expansion. Together there is a lot of scope for growth between these strong zodiac signs.

Cons Of Sagittarius And Aquarius Relationship

Trust is the major drawback of this relationship since they both know and comprehend each other so well. They both love freedom and versatility and will always support each other’s actions and movements. They both might always feel either of them is straying out from the relationship.

  • Both these zodiac signs are very good at hiding emotions and love. So even if they fall in love, neither would know of the developments. They will not take any initiative to express or convey the advancements because of which the relationship would never go ahead of “Casual Dating”.
  • Mutable Sign Sagittarius is happy to hault what they are doing, however, the Fixed Sign Aquarius is slightly less adjustable. They are passionate about completing a task once the progress has begun.
  • Aquarius is a little more flexible than Sag in some matters. The water bearer may find the archer a tad bit selfish to not let go of some things invariably.
  • Sag is very optimistic which often might be regarded as irresponsible and careless. They have plans for everything, however, nothing concrete or very few materialize that could make Aqua feel insecure and insatiable about their future.

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