Which Zodiac Signs are Sagittarius Friends and Enemies?

While it is not the healthiest aspect of our lives but let us be honest, everyone has enemies. Let me warn you, we are not talking about a “frenemy” here but a true passionate enemy who might go after your life. If you want to avoid such people or situations in your life, you should know what Zodiac Signs make your Sagittarius souls’ worst enemy.

Likewise, always keep your friends closer. It always feels great to know beforehand who you are likely to get along with. The kind of people who would stick around. Would you want to know who could be your best friends and worst enemies?

But before we venture on the terrain, let us concentrate on your very unique traits-: “Sagittarius.”

The Unique Sagittarius Traits

Sagittarius is a “Fire Sign”. The natives of this zodiac are adventurous souls. The expansive planet of Jupiter rules this sign. You are well behaved & good-natured individuals and hold a very optimistic perspective of life & doings. Sagittarius are always up for impromptu things: dining out in an unknown restaurant, attending poetry reading sessions and so on.

For the “Archers”, life is all about experiencing a vast gamut of things, one different from the other. You want to enjoy and find pleasure in each & every experience that this world has to offer. Sagittarius are fiercely independent souls. They love freedom. They blend well with people who let them be free and be at their pleasure. They do not believe in following timelines made by anyone else except themselves! They enjoy engaging in everything of this world & universe and take part in various activities & discussions.

Let us explore the best and worst match for your Sagittarius souls! The zodiacs are Sagittarius friends and Sagittarius enemies.

Sagittarius Compatibility: Best with Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius


Sagittarius & Aries are both Fire signs and get along well. You both make great playmates! Both of you are full of boundless energy and have enough to enjoy and be full of fun all the time. Aries love to throw spontaneous & raucous parties, and you love it! Arians adore your sense of humour & funny gigs! Both of you are super hyperactive & enjoy sports, working out together & all the activities that come with boundless enthusiasm. Aries natives are not one of the Sagittarius enemies.


Though “Archers” & “Twins” are astrologically opposites, however, they complement each other. Your Gemini friend will know the ins and outs of you and will be able to understand your every small nuance. Both of you can be tight friends. You are both highly sociable, enjoy the company of each other’s extended circle and share a passion for travelling. Your Gemini friend can genuinely get inside your brain, and you would not mind a tiny bit also! Both of you will share a “school-like” friendship.


Out of all your friends, Leo probably is your best friend. Both of you like each other’s company. While natives of Leo descent are playful, they highly admire your humorous side. You appreciate the tremendous enthusiasm of the Lions as both of you dance away with confidence! You go on exciting trips, play sports and create uproar wherever you are! Both of you admire each other immediately after the meeting. Both of you know how to let go of minor disputes and form a long-lasting bond. Leo is on the zodiac list of Sagittarius friends.


Libra are real fun, and Archers love them! You and your Libra friends enjoy partying. You take part in all the celebrations, festivals and have a blast. Both of you indulge in stimulating discussions about life & justice. You can go on talking at lengths about courtroom dramas and never get tired. Both of you respect & trust others opinions & judgement. You never jump to conclusions without having an open discussion with your Libra friend. Your friend has complete faith in you. Libra admire your knowledge & understanding about a given topic, and you are in awe of their argumentative spirit. Both of you will indulge in light-hearted leg pulling of the other friend! It is a sign for Libra. This zodiac sign is not one of the Sagittarius enemy signs.


There will be a party every time you meet your Archer friend! Both are equally brimming with enthusiasm! Both of you share a similar festive spirit. You mingle almost immediately because both of you are outgoing, humorous and optimistic in any situation. You share the common love of exploring the unknown and love to crack jokes to make others laugh. It is utter fun and delight to team up with your Sagittarius friend.


Sagittarius and Aquarius share a very comprehensive & satisfying relationship. The Archers and Aquarians are friendly, adventurous and philosophical and enjoy newer experiences of life. You will explore new places, meet different kinds of people and have elaborate discussions on exciting topics. There is no place for envy in your relationship.

Sagittarius Incompatibility: Worst with Virgo & Pisces


This friendship is full of challenges, the one between the Archers & the Goats. Both of you are at odds with each other most of the time. While the natives of Virgo descent have a sharp focus on every tiny detail, you appreciate the bigger picture. You are entirely laid back with sweeping visions, and the Goats are uptight & precise. Individuals of Virgo descent are cautious by nature, and this makes you feel deflated. This sign is one of the Sagittarius’ worst enemy zodiacs.


Pisces expect a robust support system from their friends. However, you are a lover of freedom & independence. The Fish can get emotional and have mood swings at unpleasantness while you may get brutally honest with your friend. While you are always “on the move”, the Fish loves to sit & dream.

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Nevertheless, the best of friendships & worst of relationships are part of everyday life. However, you can take a call on how sooner or later you want to be informed of them. Life is precious. We might as well spend it with some insightful guidance. Right?

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