Virgo Friendship Compatibility: Your Best Friends & Worst Enemies

What Zodiac Sign is the most reliable one for a Virgo? Which one is the most unreliable? Let us land into the mystical cosmos to understand what Zodiac Signs can offer the best friendship to you. At the same time, let us gain insights about the ones that are not so compatible. We could always stay alert while dealing with such incompatible Zodiac Signs.

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The following are probable Friendship Compatibility percentage given for Virgo:

  • Virgo and Aries Friendship Compatibility: 75 %
  • Virgo and Taurus Friendship Compatibility: 80 %
  • Virgo and Gemini Friendship Compatibility: 70 %
  • Virgo and Cancer Friendship Compatibility: 80 %
  • Virgo and Leo Friendship Compatibility: 65 %
  • Virgo and Virgo Friendship Compatibility: 70 %
  • Virgo and Libra Friendship Compatibility: 60 %
  • Virgo and Scorpio Friendship Compatibility: 80 %
  • Virgo and Sagittarius Friendship Compatibility: 65 %
  • Virgo and Capricorn Friendship Compatibility: 80 %
  • Virgo and Aquarius Friendship Compatibility: 65 %
  • Virgo and Pisces Friendship Compatibility: 70 %

Before we go into a detailed account of the best & worst zodiac match for you let us explore the unique aspects of your individuality and Virgo friend compatibility.

Virgo Compatibility: Best with Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces


Taurus & you share a very natural liking & understanding. You get along well with each other. Taurus are very loving and caring by their nature. And this is highly admired by you. You are always willing to support your friend whenever they need any aid or help. Both of you share a lot of common interests and enjoy each other’s company a lot.


If you are friends with individuals of this Zodiac Sign, be assured that your friendship will last for a very long time. Don’t be surprised if you become lifelong friends! You can make very close friends with each other. You are in awe of the mysterious abilities of your Cancer friend to soothe your burning nerves.
They adore you for remembering to surprise them on their birthday every time! The “Mercury Child” & the “Moon Child” find a strong support system in each other. You know that your friend could have occasional emotional outbursts. However, however, you are all ready to support them during such periods. You learn the value of unconditional & selfless love from your friends while they learn to become more bold and assertive with you.


Both of you are ruled by the fascinating planet: “Mercury”. You will indulge in fascinating & stimulating conversations. Your Virgo friends are very well organized just like you like them to be. They will keep you updated with all the current affairs and you would not have to turn a page of the newspaper! Both of you are extremely talented and would push and support each other when required. You both remain in high spirits while together. Your Virgo friend would love to take you on long drives.


They are probably the best suited Zodiac Sign for you from the perspective of Cosmic Astrology. You will form an immediate bond with them. You very much adore the uncanny nature of the passionate Scorpions! They highly respect you for your kind and soft nature. They appreciate your willingness to always help others. You both are true to your promises. Also, you admire your Scorpio friend wholly and soulfully. Both of you, when together, can bring about interesting changes and bring out the best in each other.


Your bond with the individuals of this Zodiac Sign will be very strong. Such a strong bond that will not be broken for a lifetime! Both of you share an “Earth” sign and you have a natural understanding of each other. Your friendship will be very natural from the start. Your friend feels very secure & safe in your company and so do you. Both of you work hard in your lives and love to engage wholeheartedly in any given task. Both of you enjoy going on vacations & are fond of travelling.


Astrologically speaking, Virgo & Pisces are quite the opposite of each other. However, you both will make good friends. You love sharing your stories and insights with your friend, and they enjoy listening to them; both of you are pragmatic individuals. Your friends are very patient. They completely have faith in your ability to turn their dreams into reality!

Virgo Incompatibility: Worst with Gemini, Sagittarius


Gemini, just like you, is ruled by the planet Mercury. However, you are quite opposites. You are very stable and sincere in your affairs, while the individuals of the Gemini sign are quite unstable, and they have the tendency to take things lightly. They will just not get your “perfectionist” attitude, and you are frustrated by their “negligent” attitude.


Virgo and Sagittarius are often found at odds with each other. The individuals of Sagittarius descent get deflated by your very cautious and precise attitude. And you cannot find ground in their bewildering & sweeping visions. You both just cannot cope with each other’s idiosyncrasies. They will not understand your analytical behaviour, and you will not get their outright denial to settle down.

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Ending Note:

By now, you must have established faith in the fact that Astrology can tell a lot about your individual nature & capabilities. Also, it can give you insights into your compatibility with certain Zodiac Signs. Hence it is a medium through which you could make the relationships of your life more fulfilling & wholesome.
But that’s not all in Virgo friend compatibility! Astrology can also spill caution. It can alert you & advise you to keep away from certain incompatible or toxic Zodiac Signs. Often we come across people with whom we just can’t get along, no matter how much effort we put in. Either they want to control you or rule your life. Having a relationship with such people could take away your happiness. Better to avoid such people. Right?

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