The Aquarius Star Constellation And Where It Is In Space

The Aquarius Star Constellation is the 11th constellation of the zodiac family. It is also one of the oldest constellations documented by the Greek Astronomer Plotemy back in the second century. As per the Greek Astrologers, the Aquarius Star Constellation, the water-bearer, looks like a boy pouring water from an amphora. There are several stories about the Aquarius zodiac constellation created by various civilizations, a few of which we will read about in this article. The water bearer constellation is said to be found in the region of the sky that is commonly referred to as the sea. The region is perceived that way because of the many water-associated constellations found in the space, such as the Pisces, Capricornus, Eridanus, Cetus, and Aquarius itself. Let us find out more about the Aquarius zodiac constellation and its location in the sky.

Aquarius Constellation Location

The Aquarius Constellation is located in the 4th quadrant of the Southern Hemisphere. The constellation occupies an area of 980 square degrees, which makes it the 10th largest constellation in the sky. It is visible at latitudes between +65° and -90° and some of its neighboring constellations are Capricornus, Pisces, Pegasus, Cetus, et cetera. The water bearer constellation consists of 11 stars with names approved by the International Astronomical Union. Let us find out a little more about these stars and the brightest star in the Aquarius star constellation. 

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The Stars in the Aquarius Star Constellation

Many stars are a part of the Aquarius sign Constellation, however, the constellation is known to not have many bright stars and because of this, it is usually a little difficult to spot the constellation in the sky with the naked eye. The stars are visible when the sky is pitch black and that is when you will easily be able to experience the beauty of the Aquarius constellation location in the sky.

1. Beta Aquarii

The brightest star in the Aquarius Zodiac constellation is the “Sadalsuud”, derived from the Arabic expression “sa’d al-suud” which means “Luck of luck”. However, the star is commonly referred to as the “Beta Aquarii”. The star is more than 500 light-years away and belongs to the class of stars called the yellow supergiants. These stars are usually of spectral type F, G, and sometimes A or K and are pretty rare,  and make up less than 1% of the total found in space. With a magnitude of approximately 2.87, the star has a luminosity of 2300L☉.

2. Alpha Aquarii

We know what you are thinking, “Doesn’t Beta come after Alpha?”. Well, buddy Beta Aquarii is the brightest star in the constellation, We don’t make the rules. The Alpha Aquarii is also called the Sadalmelik, which is another G-type yellow supergiant found approximately 800 light-years away. The star has a magnitude of 2.94, which makes it the second brightest star in the Aquarius Zodiac constellation. The star’s name is derived from the Arabic phrase, “s’ad al-malik” which translates to the luck of the king.

Some other stars found in the Aquarius Star constellation are Gamma Aquarii, Delta Aquarii, Epsilon Aquarii, Zeta Aquarii, Theta Aquarii, Lambda Aquarii, 91 Aquarii, Eta Aquarii, Gliese 876, Gliese 849, Kappa Aquarii, et cetera. 

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The Myths Behind the Aquarius Zodiac Constellation

According to one Greek Myth, the Aquarius is associated with Ganymede, the son of King Tros. The young boy was said to be abducted by the King of Gods, Zeus, who sent his eagle, Aquila to snatch the boy from the fields where he was tending to his Sheep. Ganymede was a beautiful, young Trojan boy, who was then taken to Mount Olympus to serve as a cupbearer to the Gods and was granted the boon of eternal youth.

In another Greek myth, the constellation is associated with Deucalion, the son of Prometheus. When the king of gods, Zeus flooded Planet Earth to punish all human beings for their misconduct and ugly deeds, he advised Deucalion to save himself and his wife, Pyrrha by building an arc. The story resembles the one in the old testament about Noah and his arc that saved all animals and his family.

The Egyptians associate the Aquarius natives with the God of the Nile River, Hapi, The God is said to distribute the waters of life and bring about good luck.  Whereas the Babylonians associate the cup of the water bearer constellation with the heavy rains and the representation of God Ea Himself. 

Aquarius star sign constellation is the luckiest

The Aquarius Star Constellation is considered the luckiest one due to several beliefs. First of all, the stars that help in the formation of the constellation are considered some of the luckiest stars in astrology. The brightest star of the water bearer constellation is the Sadalsuud which means the luckiest of the lucky, while the second brightest star of the constellation is called Sadalmelik, which means luck of the king. There are also various myths surrounding the Aquarius Constellation, such as the Egyptians believing that the constellation is a sign of good luck, and many other civilizations have believed it to be a sign of fortune, prosperity, and growth. 

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Finding the Aquarius Zodiac Constellation in the night sky

The water bearer constellation is visible in the night sky during autumn in the northern hemisphere or a spring in the southern hemisphere. It is found between the Pisces and the Capricornus constellation. The Aquarius Star Constellation is highest in early October at around 10 PM and in early November at around 8 PM. We hope you are able to spot it in the sky in these directions and be enchanted by the beauty of astronomy.


We would urge you to try and spot the beautiful Aquarius star constellation this year and experience the creativity of nature. And if you are an aquarian, well you need to look for it and now that you know the stories and stars associated with the constellation, you will sound pretty intelligent when you tell your friends about them. 

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