Taurus Star Constellation – Let’s Find Out More About It

Since the beginning of the Bronze Age, the Taurus constellation has been used to identify the Sun’s location on the spring equinox. The bull has been linked to many cultures and mythologies, like the Greek and Egyptian, and Sumerian. Bull worship also goes back to the days of Ancient Babylon.

Taurus Star Constellation Meaning

Taurus is a large constellation located in the northern sky. The word “bull” is a reference to the Latin language. In Greek mythology, the constellation was represented by the bull’s head, ♉. This constellation is one of the most ancient in the sky. For hundreds of years, it has been a mainstay of human civilization.

The 12 constellations of the Zodiac signs (the zodiac constellations) were established by the Greek astronomer Claudius Ptolemy around 100 AD. Zeus, a king of the gods in Greek mythology, supposedly used his powers to turn himself into a bull in order to approach and abduct Europa, a princess who was of interest to him.

Because of the many bright stars in the constellation of Taurus, people often name objects after these stars. Aldebaran, Elnath, and Alcyone are among the brighter stars in this constellation, as well as the variable star T Tauri. Also known as the Seven Sisters, the Pleiades (Messier 45) are found within the constellation of Taurus, while the Hyades, the two nearest open star clusters to Earth, are located within the same constellation but further away.

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Taurus Constellation: Basic Fact and location

Taurus is the 17th largest constellation in the sky, covering an area of 797 square degrees. Its location is between 90° and -65°, with the upper left corner located in the northern hemisphere. Aries, Auriga, Cetus, Eridanus, Gemini, Orion, and Perseus are the neighboring constellations.

The Taurus star constellation has two Messier objects: Messier 1 (M1, NGC 1952, the Crab Nebula) and Messier 45 (the Pleiades). Five stars in the constellation are believed to have planetary systems around them. Aldebaran, also known as Alpha Tauri, is the brightest star in the Taurus star constellation, with an apparent magnitude of 0.85. There are 13 brighter stars in the sky than Aldebaran. In the Taurus constellation, two meteor showers occur, namely the Taurids and the Beta Taurids. During November, the Taurids are at their peak, while the Beta Taurids can be spotted during June and July.

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Taurus constellation Myth

Since the Pleiades and Taurus star clusters can be found in cave paintings dating back 15,000 BC, the stars are most likely also mentioned in an ancient text. These constellations and Pleiades have also been known in various indigenous cultures, and people have used the names interchangeably, which implies that these are names that share a common root.

Taurus is traditionally connected with Zeus, who took on the form of a bull in order to seduce and steal Europa, the lovely daughter of the Phoenician King Agenor, according to Greek mythology.

Zeus, being the most handsome bull, made his way into the king’s herd, where he met and started a conversation with Europa. While riding on the bull, the princess admired him and, as she sat on his back, he took off in the direction of the sea. The father of the gods was an old sailor named Zeus, who picked up the child Europa in Crete and brought her to his island hideaway, Crete. Zeus revealed his true identity to Europa, who was surrounded by lavish gifts.

They produced three kids together, one of whom was Minos, who went on to become the famed ruler of Crete, who constructed the palace at Knossos, where bullfights were held; each year, seven young boys and girls were sacrificed to the Minotaur. The bull was later memorializedby Zeus, who placed it among the stars.

The planet Saturn rules the Zodiac sign of Taurus. Europa, the daughter of the Phoenician king, is the descendant of this nymph lo, who was seduced by Zeus and later turned into a cow when she and Zeus nearly got caught by Hera.

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Taurus star Constellation- Major star

1. Aldebaran

Aldebaran is also known as Alpha Tauri, When observed from Earth, Aldebaran, the brightest star in the Taurus constellation, has a magnitude ranging between 7.5 and 9.5. It’s rating in the rankings of the brightest stars in the sky is 13th.

2. Elnath

Elnathis is also known as Beta Tauri. In Taurus, Elnath is the second brightest star. Approximately 131 light-years distant, its visual magnitude is 1.68.

3. Zeta Tauri

A spectroscopic binary star of the type B2 IIIpe, designated Zeta Tauri, is located in Taurus sign constellation. The object is roughly 440 light-years away and has a visual magnitude of 3.010. This model consists of two orbiting bodies with a rotational period of approximately 133 days.

4. Theta Tauri

This other binary star in Taurus is known as Theta Tauri. The Hyades is a group of stars within the Taurus constellation. This system has two elements that are separated by 5.62 arc minutes. The primary star is located at a distance of 154.4 light-years from the solar system, while the second is located at a distance of 150.4 light-years.

5. Lambda Tauri

Taurus is home to the bright, shining Lambda Tauri triple star. The bull’s chest is called Pectus Tauri, which means “the Latin name of which is Pectus Tauri. This astronomical object is around 480 light-years distant and has a visual magnitude of 3.47.

6. Epsilon Tauri

The orange giant of spectral type K0 III is known as Epsilon Tauri. Astronomers estimate that the apparent magnitude of this galaxy is 3.53, and it is approximately 147 light-years distant. In addition to the ecliptic, occultation is possible in a small region of the sky near the ecliptic.

7. Gamma Tauri

Gamma Tauri is one of the Hyades group’s members. The spectral class G8III, approximately 154 light-years distant from the Sun, is a huge (giant) star belonging to that class. This magnitude appears to be 3.654. Approximately 430 to 530 million years ago, the star was born.

8. Delta Tauri

Delta Tauri contains three stars in the Hyades cluster, all of which are members of the Delta Tauri Constellation. In the Delta Tauri system, all of the stars are close to the ecliptic, and the Moon and planets can both occlude them.

9. Kappa Tauri

In the Hyades cluster, Kappa Tauri is another star system. The distance between it and the Sun is roughly 148 light-years.

10. Upsilon Tauri

Taurus has another three-star system known as Upsilon Tauri. The Hyades star cluster is where it is. The apparent magnitude of the system is 4.28, and it is about 155 light-years away.

There are other stars in the Taurus Constellation 119 Tauri, Rho Tauri, 111 Tauri, Omicron Tauri, T Tauri, RV Tauri, HD 37124, Eta Tauri, Atlas – 27 Tauri, Electra – 17 Tauri, Maia – 20 Tauri, Merope – 23 Tauri, Taygeta – 19 Tauri, Pleione – 28 Tauri, Celaeno – 16 Tauri, Asterope – 21 and 22 Tauri.

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The Taurus star constellation is one of the larger constellations and contains many bright stars and deep-sky objects. That is the starting point for two-star hops that are very simple. Make your way to it from Orion and explore the wonders of this constellation.

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