Water signs Zodiac, their lives and everything you didn't know about them

The Water sign, supposedly the calmest, peaceful, and most nourishing sign of the entire zodiac. The water signs zodiac is known to be all about elegance out of the 4 zodiac elements. The four elements that form the zodiac are Fire, Air. Earth and Water, and from here on, I’m going to be talking about the Water element, Water signs, and all their beauty.

What does it mean to be a Water sign?

The Water Signs zodiac represents fluidity, strength, and duality. Water can both nourish and ruin, representing its dual nature and the subtleness of its personality. Water is nature’s most powerful element; in fact, it overpowers fire, nourishes Earth, and gives direction to Air. The Water signs are artistic, compassionate, intuitive, and sometimes psychic. It’s always nice to have a member of the water signs in the group because, just like the nature of water, the water sign is giving and pure by heart. The water sign is emotional, passionate, and strong and would make a beautiful romantic partner because they tend to nourish most of nature and its beings. I’m now going to go into detail and talk about the individual water signs – CancerScorpio, and Pisces.

The Classification of the Water Signs

The 3 zodiac signs that fall into the Water signs zodiac are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. The Water sign is the most composed and emotionally balanced of all the other zodiac signs. They have a great sense of intuition and see right through people and easily figure out their true intentions, their aura nourishes everyone around, and they maintain a peaceful balance in the environment, each of the water sign has a unique aura of their own, and we’re going to try and understand them.

Cancer Water Sign

The Cancer water sign is the cardinal water sign and the biggest softies of the zodiac.

They are extremely emotional and connect with emotional experiences like a magnet; they have serious troubles with people who lack empathy and do not accept a word they’d say in their defence, “Be empathetic towards other people”, this is the motto of the cardinal water sign, and they work hard to create a safe and positively vulnerable environment around them and love to help people emotionally.

They are extremely loyal and passionate when it comes to romantic relationships or even other relationships in general, but if ever in any way you happen to hurt a Cancerian, they will suck back all the love they showered at you and leave you dry as a drought. You’ll never hear back from cancer once you’ve hurt or betrayed them in any way. Cancers have a high sense of respect for all human beings and do not accept any bad behaviour against themselves and everyone around them; they are the most beautiful and everlasting friend you’ll ever make.

Scorpio Water Sign

The Scorpio Water sign is the fixed water sign. They are often misunderstood as uninterested and rude but, in reality, are extremely sweet and loving people once you willingly spend time with them and get to know them. They are protective of their feelings and get hurt easily. They’re deep, dark and don’t like to have pointless connections. One of the best people to have deep and real conversations with; are the scorpions. They’re honest, committed and work with the highest of moral principles; once they have a real connection, you can expect them to stick around forever; their honesty, loyalty and commitment make them great romantic partners and the best of friends.

Pisces Water Sign

The Pisces water sign is the mutable water sign; as their nature speaks, they’re dreamy, mysterious and almost impossible to completely understand. Just when you think you’ve got a Pisces figured out, think again! Just like their element, they’re flowing, completely free of boundaries and the most intuitive of all the water signs. There aren’t any human emotions that a Pisces hasn’t felt, and they always know exactly how you feel at all times. They are filled with love and will work hard to make the world a better place, helping everyone they can at all times. Having Pisces as a romantic partner is a huge blessing and one of the most beautiful experiences.

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Water signs Zodiac compatibility

We saw what the Water signs are like individually; now, how about we see how they are together? I’ll now find out how great the relationships between the water signs would work out.

Cancer and Scorpio

The Cancer water sign is the most loving of all the signs and loves building a comfortable environment for everyone around them, while Scorpio finds the attention, comfort, and that deep connection a Scorpion is looking for with a Cancerian. They’re both highly faithful because they both understand how much lying and infidelity hurts the other person and would never want anyone to go through that; they’re also quite intuitive and can easily sense unfaithfulness. They’re the perfect match because they connect in all possible ways; they’re equally smart, emotional and intelligent.

Cancer and Pisces

One can easily say this is going to be the most romantic, affectionate and beautiful match in all of the zodiac signs; they’re both deeply sensitive, sensual, intuitive, passionate, empathetic, tender and all the sweetest things in the world.

Dear Cancerian,

If you’ve found yourself a Pisces partner, please, oh please, for heaven’s sake, don’t let them go; both of you are made for each other and would really love to find out how amazing your relationship turns out and tell Pisces the same about you.

Yours truly,

Ha-ha, honestly, the relationships between Cancer and Pisces can be everlasting and stay just as strong as they were in the beginning, I’d advise all of you Cancerians and Pisces to find yourselves someone like each other.

Scorpio and Pisces

Scorpio and Pisces are a great match; they are both honest, committed and highly emotional. Although the Scorpions don’t seem very emotional at first, deep down, they are filled with emotions and Pisces, on the other hand, has enough love for the whole world. A Scorpion would start trusting Pisces deeply and relatively sooner in their relationship, and Pisces would never break their trust. Both the signs are highly intuitive, nourishing and intelligent. They will make a great pair and enjoy several fun experiences together.

You know what? I’d really like to end this competition of strength between Fire and Water by answering this next question, so keep reading.

Are Water signs the strongest?

Strength can be seen in a lot of contexts; however, I have mentioned before that the fire signs are the strongest when it comes to aggression and passion; the Element Water is considered to be the strongest force of nature, it is almost poetic how life-saving and destroying water can be, the Water signs’ greatest strength is their emotions and intuition. They are so emotionally active and not at all embarrassed of everything they feel, their intuition can greatly help them identify threats, and their intellect can help them save themselves. I can safely say they are emotionally the strongest zodiac signs. So to all you Fire signs and Water signs, I’d ask you to chill out and become friends again; you both won.

Here we are again, with all the information you needed about the Water signs; let’s hope you use this piece of writing to identify people and yourselves and make your lives better. Do remember to check out the articles of all 4 elements for more details about the Zodiac Signs, their elements, and how they affect you and everyone around you.

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