The Gemini Birth Flower – What Suits the Twin Sign!

The expert communicators, Gemini natives are born between 21st May and 20th June and are blessed by the ruling planet Mercury and are influenced by the Air element. If you find a dynamic person in the crowd who gels well with practically anyone around and keep changing colours with changing people’s perception, you may rest assured that you just met a Gemini.

The Gemini natives are known to have a contagious energy and can be compared with the chameleon which changes its colour to blend with the surrounding. These people, just like a chameleon, the Gemini signs also blend well with people of any class or group and is talented enough to get absorbed easily in the group. They are emotionally smart people and never stick to past experiences, though they learn a great deal from them. They are comfortable in moving on in present rather than crying over failed past. They never cry over spilled milk and focus on what can be done to get things done in a better way. They are profound optimists and always look for positive aspects to cherish in life.

Though the Gemini are dynamic and full of energy always, it’s not necessary for them to be in a company to enjoy. They can give company to self and enjoy the best time alone making plans so that their aspirations turn into reality. This is a reason why Gemini never feel bored whether they have a company or they are left alone with themselves.

The Gemini zodiac signs are true lovers only after they find their perfect “special person” in life. Till that time, they keep falling and rising in love. Eventually, they settle with the special person and then there is no looking back for them in love. They make the best possible effort to keep their partner happy. They are very loyal to their partner.

For these self–motivated and emotional people, the birth flower should reflect their dynamic nature. So, in the following section, we shall discuss the five exuberant Gemini birth flowers and the birth plant too, in detail.

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Lavender - The Gemini Flower for the Dynamic People

The natives born under the Gemini zodiac are a complete package and do not shy away when they meet people who don’t have similar approaches or thoughts. Gemini traits make it inevitable to assign a birth flower that suits their personality. The Gemini zodiac flower should be kind that reflect exuberance and elegance; both. Here is a small list of such Gemini sign flowers with a brief description of their significance.

 Lavender – According to the flower astrology, Lavender is considered as the official Gemini birth flower. The Gemini natives are quite inclined towards spiritual acts and meditation and Lavender is one of the most common flowers used in such practices. Lavender symbolises grace and purity of soul. The primary purple colour of Lavender is known to have a mystical influence over people during meditation. And because of its healing and spiritual significance, lavender is the primary Gemini flower.

 Hawthorn – The flowers of the Hawthorn plant bloom in the month of May and it has a striking resemblance with that of the Gemini. Hence, it is the May Gemini birth flower. The Gemini natives are quite versatile just like the Hawthorn which can be used as a flower in a bouquet or as fruit in jam and jelly. The Hawthorn symbolises balance as it blooms at the time when the earth experiences mid-time of the Spring Equinox and Summer Solicit. The zodiac sign Twin is also a reflection of the balance between the two opposite personalities. Gemini is believed to have a dual-facet personality.

In reality, they are versatile people and they treat you the way you treat them. If you are good to them, they will be the best of people in your life. And if you mistreat them, you will get back the double mistreatment.

 Honeysuckle – Honeysuckle is considered the June Gemini birth flower. The Gemini natives have a magnetic charm that attracts people towards them just like the sweet scent of honeysuckle flowers that attracts bees towards them. Honeysuckle symbolises love and loyalty which are the traits of a true Gemini native.

 Begonia – The bright and big flowers of Begonia symbolise independence and idiosyncrasy at one side and it also symbolises caution against danger, at the other side. And this unique dual symbolic significance makes Begonia a Gemini zodiac flower.

 Daffodil – The Daffodils symbolise change. Gemini natives never shy away from accepting changes. In fact, they are always up for a change. They never stick to one thing and if they don’t see any connection or benefit, they easily move on and leave the past behind. Because of this trait, the daffodil is also considered a lucky flower for Gemini.

 Lily of the valley, the Gemini birth flower, signifies luck and joy. It is synonymous with happy-go-lucky Gemini natives. It is also one of the Gemini’s favourite flowers.

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Other than the birth flowers for Gemini, there are some Gemini birth plants too. Let’s check them out in the next section.

Gift the Gemini Birth Plant for Peace and Harmony in Life

The birth plant has a healing effect on the native. It brings with it positivity and happiness to the lives of the native. The Gemini birth plants are also the same. They have pacifying influence over them and also help in experiencing love and luck in life.

The rose plant is a good choice for Gemini, and it has many common Gemini characteristics too. Another one is the Poppies plant, which is considered the Gemini birth plant. It signifies beauty and growth. The Carnations flower plant is symbolic of passion and love, which are again a strong connecting trait of the Gemini.

The Gemini flower sign could be that of the Hibiscus flower. It comes in a variety of colors and blooms in almost all seasons, just like that of a Gemini.

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Wrapping Up the Gemini Flower

The Gemini Flower fills the air with a sweet aroma, whether it is daffodils or lily of the valley, or lavender and honeysuckle. Just like the Gemini, who is always energetic and mix well with people without any apprehensions, these Gemini zodiac flowers also get adapted to the changing season and yet keep blooming. They are the symbol of love and loyalty. They also show the quality of moving on and never getting back into the past.

Having the Gemini flower or the Gemini birth plant around can help the native do well in life with greater success in personal and professional life with the enhanced ability to communicate even better than they do.

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