Mercury in Gemini and How it Affects The Gemini Air Sign?

Geminis represent a dual personality. Their personality traits make them like two sides of a coin. They have two faces, one for themselves and one for others. They like to gossip and enjoy the company of talkative people. Mercury is the symbol of communication, and in Gemini, it enhances their skills of art, writing, creativity, music, and versatility. Mercury in Gemini natives can do ten different things together; they are never bored of anything and always do everything with conviction and commitment. They are known to be loyal, honest, spiritual, and truthful. Even though sometimes this puts them in trouble, they enjoy what they are and how they are.

A Mercury in Gemini makes them witty, brainy, intellectual, wise, smart, and most importantly, ready to adapt to changes throughout their life. Mercury in Gemini is magical. Although Gemini zodiac signs are very creative by nature, they are influenced by Mercury, and this combination makes them more effective and confidently presentable. They are born learners and have the capability of learning from others without being very close to them. They share knowledge and experiences happily and try to do good for others. Gemini is an air sign and should stay in open spaces that are windy. Geminis in mercury are social and curious to know about every new person they meet. They should stay away from using gadgets that cause harm to their nervous system.

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