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Sun in Leo: Sun effects, Personality Traits, Compatibility, and more

Ruling Planet – Sun
Date Range – August 17 to September 16
Nature – Fixed
Symbol – Lion

Leo is ruled by the sun hence its element is naturally fire. This is the only zodiac sign with the sun as the ruling lord. The fire element is about creativity and intuition. Leo sun sign natives are fixed in nature. That means once they form a perception about everything, it is very difficult for them to shift it. They are fixed on their own judgments and perspective. The symbol of this sun sign is a Lion which represents kingly presence, authority, vitality, and courage. Hey, let’s explore more about the Sun in Leo.

Sun in Leo Meaning

Sun in Leo: Signification of Personality

Sun in Leo: The Leo’s Royalty and Loyalty

Independent to the Core

Sun in Leo - Career

The Matter of Confidence

Concretisation of Beliefs

Last Thoughts on Sun in Leo

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