The Effects Of Venus in Virgo Sign

  • Element And Quality: Earth & Mutable
  • Celebrities : Ingrid Bergman, Kate Winslet, Julie Andrews, David Guetta, Luciano Pavarotti, Guy de Maupassant
  • Positive Traits : Grounded, Analytical, Impeccable, Devoted, Thoughtful, Organized
  • Negative Traits : Strict, Critical, Stiff, Boring, Slow

On July 22 Venus entered Virgo and remain till August 16. The effect of Venus minimises when it comes to Virgo but as Venus and Virgo are compatible, Venus holds its position in the middle rather than falling at the bottom. However, Venus in Virgo has negative effects on marital life, as Venus is associated with the partner and marriage, which is weakened here. Venus gives us a cautious and attentive personality in Virgo in general. The love and care of the opposite sex are endless. Mercury which dominates the Zodiac Virgo signifies the mind and the mind of the native always takes care of thoughts of love and sensuality when Venus comes together. They struggle in their love and married lives to experience a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction.

They are devoted to love. Their love idea is dedication. These indigenous people are able to participate fully romantically. They are usually good lovers. As an individual, the native is well mannered, fashionable, attractive, and immaculate appearance. Venus also encourages a strong desire for luxury in Virgo. Such a person would like to be well-dressed always and enjoy every luxury possible. They are strongly committed to material comfort like vehicles, property, etc. They are attracted by beauty and often linked with beauty industry professionals. They are also knowledgeable in creative fields like fine arts, music, etc.

Venus in Virgo – Means

Venus in Virgo means that relationships have a rigorous code of conduct. Venus is a loving, beautiful and harmonious planet. It governs their links and encompasses all forms of harmony and cooperation. Every year, Venus spends some time spreading his message of beauty and love to every sign of the zodiac.

These natives are unassuming and reserved. As a friend or a partner, they may be very loyal and would never leave your side in times of crisis. They may not be very emotional externally, but they are aware of what other people think. This does not prevent them from criticising people they care for, trying to always help them get better. They are discriminatory and may blow out of proportion little stuff. Once they commit to a relationship, they will have total involvement and they will work hard to maintain the beauty of a relationship.

A Venus in Virgo person has a timid, modest, and reserved style of love. They are not overly proving and generally do not express their love verbally; rather the partners need to be smart enough to pick their concerns by their actions and signal. Those in Venus want to serve the one they love and are self-sacrificing and devoted helping companions. Love often produces the most excellent characteristics of Venus in Virgo.

Venus in Virgo Man

Virgo is the most loyal partner of all the zodiac, a person with a planet of love at the sign of the maiden Venus. He is highly concern about them. It will be hard for him in the beginning to find the right partner, but once this male sees the full range of colours and warm air, the Venus in Virgo man would not waste a moment to know that she is the one.

Highlights of Venus in Virgo Man
1. Positives: Aspirant and Organised;
2. Negatives: Unsafe and cynical;
3. Better half: someone who is content with their life
4. Learn about life: read less about other activities

A natural, simple, gentle, and humble woman who is capable of keeping all well-organised is a good pair for Venus in Virgo man. They also need to have a great amount of patience and a sense of sacrifice to make a successful long-term relationship. Venus in Virgo man wishes to have a partner who can sail with him on his ship for a lifetime, without being afraid of the underwater risks that society poses. For Venus in Virgo man, the relationship is more than a romantic journey. It is a cooperation in which they can both facilitate their lives and resolve issues that might arise here.

Venus in Virgo woman

Venus in Virgo women has a particular ability to look at themselves introspectively, to observe their defects, to accept all of them, and to seek to transform them into benefits. Therefore, this woman starts realising her great potential, a path to self-perfection begins. In this regard, a female native is a humble person that knows the true value of knowledge, learning and she keeps herself grounded effortlessly.

Highlights of Venus Virgo Woman
1. Positive: Selective and attractive
2. Negative: Confusing and implacable
3. Better Half: Somebody who helps her see the bigger picture
4. Learn about life: Being children and understanding closer

With carefulness, she takes care of the details that form the overall picture and finds the perfect partner for her, sometimes with a meticulous atmosphere that only appears on the Virgo sign. The Venus in Virgo woman is known to be a highly respectful and dignified person, who never shrinks in society, who acts in an air of a highly powerful person according to certain principles.

Venus in Virgo Compatibility

Venus in Virgo best compatibility matches are Venus in Cancer or Venus in Scorpio. Cancer shares the attention of Virgo to detail, whereas Scorpio shares the importance of Virgo’s hard work. One thing that is good is that Venus in Virgo and Venus in Scorpio can both be excellent greenhouse experts who will recycle with more patience than most people.

The second-best match with Venus in Virgo is Taurus and Virgo in Capricorn. The third best matches are GeminiSagittarius, and Pisces. The toughest matches for Venus in Virgo are Venus in Aquarius and Venus in Aries.

Venus in Virgo - Plus and Minus Traits

Plus Traits: Venus in Virgo natives is honest and helpful. This native does not panic when something goes wrong and maintains their cool. Since they are so well organised, they feel that they can remedy any situation with their intelligence. Sometimes they would try to solve other’s problems even if they are not asked to. People who know them consider this as showing their concern.

Venus in Virgo natives should be recognised for the hard work and commitment that they attempt in their relationships. To make them happy, they don’t need a lot. A safe home, close social circle, and someone who loves them can make their lives heaven.

Minus Traits: Although often seen to be charming and reckless, if the Venus in Virgo goes overboard sometimes it can backfire. While they are not shown great affection, and if their detailed plan does not go their way, then they get upset. Also if it is not as much appreciated as it should be, they have to overcome disappointment most of the time.
While some can conform to these requirements, others are not in line. And if Venus in Virgo feels that his partner is one of them, it is hard not to criticise them. However, they are not toxic, and whatever they do, they do it to get the best out of people they care about.


The Venus in Virgo frequently takes time to do things for the first time and some people could be upset by their slow response. These natives are so careful and conscious not to rock the boat that sometimes other people, especially those with a lack of patience, may find it boring. However, it is not advisable to push them over an extent because they are oversensitive.

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