Water Lily- The Personification of Pisces Traits

The intuitive and smart Pisces are born between 19th February and 20th March. Pisces is ruled by Planet Neptune and influenced by the Water element. With the grace of Neptune, the Pisces have a very strong gut and perceive things and people as per their intuitions. They are very close to psychic activities. They are very intelligent people and are often characterised as scientists or discoverers.

The Pisces are very good and at their best behaviour in smaller groups. They believe that they have two shades to their personality. One that is visible to people and the other that is hidden within them. When left alone, the creative mind of the Pisces gets activated. The Pisces sign has a strong sense of good and bad. They may seem to be introverted and quiet people, but they are quite capable and strong humans. They are not judgemental about people and their actions. People like to take advice from Pisces, and they often rely on them as they have trust in the gut feelings the Pisces possess.

The Pisces have a different and faster way to act upon things. It’s because they don’t like wasting time and keep working but under the influence of their intuitions, which is most of the time quite favourable to them. They are always available to hear out others’ problems, but they are the last ones to share their issues with anyone. It is actually difficult to understand a Pisces mind. The Pisces are fun-loving and nature-loving people. In short, the Pisces are Psychic, intelligent, creative, emotional, sensitive, empathetic, compassionate and full of surprise.

As per flower astrology, every zodiac has a birth flower associated with it that has the potential to influence the native in order to accelerate their growth in a positive direction. So, in the sections below, we shall explore all about the birth flowers of Pisces and their favourite flower. Also, about the lucky flower of Pisces and the birth plant of Pisces.

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Water Lily – The Pisces Flower Embodies Their Traits Perfectly

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