SagittariusZodiac Sign

Sanskrit or Vedic Name : Dhanu

Key Traits : Optimistic, Hilarious, Freedom lovers, Intellectual, Best Conversationalist

Deepest Desire : Optimize Creativity

Noteworthy Qualities : Honest, Talkative, Exuberant , Versatile Good sense of humor, Egomaniacs, Charming, Confident

The motto for Life : Don’t Just Exist, Live!!

Sagittarius or ‘Sags’ as they are fondly called are adorned with a sparkling optimistic personalities! Naturally, they see the world through their rose-colored glasses and when they embody this trait, they are best at being helpful and kind. Truth seekers, Sags are not afraid to speak their truth. An optimistic Sagittarius zodiac sign is pretty annoyed with the words, “I can’t.” For they believe anything is possible! A human tigger- one can define Sagittarius as the most open, friendly, enthusiastic, and energetic sign. Visionary Sags are good at seeing the big picture.”Friendly, honest, and full of joie de vivre is what they are composed of! An endless thirst for knowledge keeps them moving and learning. Peripatetic or explorers! These natives love to roam and wander as a normal routine makes life boring and repetitive for them! A playful childlike spirit embodies the energy of Sagittarius sign. Curiosity drives Sags to lead an adventurous lifestyle. They move around and indulge in their love for questioning the world, dreaming about its mysteries, and seeking the best pleasures. Wherever an adventure may be, the Sagittarius zodiac is already en route! Fueled by wanderlust these daredevils embark on thrill-seeking expeditions traversing destinations. Let’s steer up for an exceptional trip with these gutsy globetrotters! Read Horoscope: Free Monthly, Daily and Weekly Horoscopes.

Dates of Sagittarius Zodiac Sign : Nov 22- Dec 21

Sagittarius dates in astrology are typically from November 22 to December 21. Each zodiac sign is bifurcated into a Decan that is a 10-day slot. Natives exhibit specific traits as per this division let’s check.

1st Decan (Nov 22- Dec 3) 2nd Decan (Dec 4- 12) 3rd Decan (Dec12- 21)
Planet Jupiter Mars Sun
Traits Honest, Frank, Humorous, Knowledgeable, Adventurous, optimistic, Blunt. Energetic, Impulsive, Spontaneous, Challenging, Responsible Instinctive, Impressive, Accurate, Truthful, Warm, Friendly, Broad Outlook.

Quick Insight Into Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

Sagittarius Symbol: The Archer

The Sagittarius symbol is that of an Archer. A half-human and half-horse symbol is associated with the Greek myth of the centaur Chiron, the son of a nymph and God Cronus. A bow and an arrow pointed skywards in the Archer’s hands signify wisdom and honesty of this philosophical zodiac sign. It focuses on high spiritual ideals and an optimistic attitude of Sagittarius natives.                 Read More.

Sagittarius Ruling Planet: Jupiter

The ruling planet of Sagittarius is Jupiter. It is the planet of faith, positivism, and optimism. Known as the king of planets it is the bestower of wealth and knowledge. People born under the sun sign of Sagittarius, are blessed with growth, development, justice, morality, humanity, joviality, wealth, and good luck, in generous doses.

Sagittarius Lucky Gemstone

One of the effective healing gemstones of Sags, Indian Ruby brings out the energy of Sun. Improving your courage, your lucky gemstone Ruby hands you power and self-confidence to gain social status and value. Edged with radiance, Sagittarius lucky stone Ruby empowers you to progress in the business. Know more about Indian Ruby »

Sagittarius Ruling House: Ninth

The ninth house is the ruling house of Sagittarius. It is called the House of Philosophy. The house deals with higher learning, spiritual understanding, expansion of belief systems, personal philosophies, long-distance travel, foreign languages, cultures, and publishing. Sagittarius’s optimism key phrase is ‘I see’ which perfectly syncs with this house that reflects the personality of these natives. Learn more about the Ninth House »

Sagittarius Element: Fire

The element related to Sagittarius is Fire. Fire ignites Sagittarius’s quest for travel and a desire to discover new things and have new experiences. As a fire burns brightly in Sagittarius they seem to chase philosophical pursuits in search of ultimate truth. Besides Sagittarius, the Fire signs of Aries, and Leo also obtain fame and fortune through the well-channeled signature intensity acquired from the Fire element.

Sagittarius Quality: Mutable

Sagittarius is a Mutable sign. Mutable signs mark the end of the season or the completion of a cycle. The keyword for these signs is “adaptability”. This energy is fully reflected in Sagittarius natives who are ever-adaptable and hold the ability to change form and accept things as they are. They can adjust themselves to a variety of situations like “chameleons”. This quality is also exhibited in other mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces.

Sagittarius Birthstone: Blue Topaz

The birthstone of Sagittarius is Blue Topaz. Wearing this stone enhances the positive personality of a Sagittarian, and helps them get an innate power within themselves and utilize it to the maximum, which otherwise would remain hidden within them. It also allows them to make the right decisions and correct judgments in a situation. Other suitable gemstones for Sagittarius natives are blue zircon, lapis lazuli, ruby, yellow sapphire, and turquoise. Know more about Sagittarius Birthstone »

Sagittarius Color: Yellow

The color that influences the Sagittarius zodiac sign is Yellow. Yellow signifies knowledge and wisdom that is naturally imbibed in Sagittarius natives. It is also responsible for balancing their inner and outer energies of creating positive vibes throughout the body. Besides the color promotes growth and draws in good fortune. The other friendly colors for Sagittarius native are Red, Pink, and Milky White.

Sagittarius Pendant

A varied designed pendant where a sterling Yellow Sapphire is stationed in the middle of your Sagittarius sign. It will help you adapt against the future hitches yet it will not fail to look soothing as the native wears it. Sagittarius is named centaur of mythology while Jupiter - it’s the ruling planet that will put you ahead of others. Know more about Sagittarius Pendant »

Sagittarius Compatibility

Incompatible Matches : Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Neutral Matches : Gemini, Sagittarius

Sagittarius sign is in great affinity with the fire signs of Aries and Leo. It also matches the air element of Aquarius which makes the pair highly interesting as they indulge in many wonderful discussions. Meanwhile, association with Earth signs of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn is quite shaky as they find it difficult to appreciate each other’s personality or outlook. In most cases, happiness between these two is sadly short-lived which makes it an unstable union. Sagittarius enjoys neutral compatibility with its fellow sign. It may also get difficult for them to gel with Gemini as both run the risk of moving in separate directions. However, finding a mid-way may lead to successful bonding.

Learn more about the Sagittarius Compatibility »

Sagittarius Tarot Card : The Temperance

The Sagittarius zodiac is connected to the Temperance Tarot card. The Sun rises in the background and an Angel is pouring liquid from one chalice to another demonstrating a culinary process called Tempering. Tempering means finding a mid-way. The card exhibits Sagittarius’ philosophical and truth-seeking nature of amalgamating the philosophical world into their physical world for ultimate awareness and genuinity.

Sagittarius Lucky Charms
Lucky Colors: Blue and Purple
Lucky Stone: Blue Sapphire, Turquoise, Yellow sapphire
Lucky Numbers: 3,5,6,8
Lucky Metal: Tin, Bronze

Sagittarius Planetary Governor

  • Domicile: Jupiter

    Jupiter traditionally rules Sagittarius. When the planetary guardian Jupiter is domicile in the zodiac’s eternal optimist Sagittarius it bestows great gifts of expansion and opportunities for the unanticipated discovery of self along the way for these natives.

  • Exaltation: Ketu

    The moment Ketu enters the zodiac sign of Sagittarius there is a stirring of asceticism. With the combination of the spiritual sign Sagittarius and the ascetic planet Ketu there is a sense of intense religiousness. Thus, with the exaltation of Ketu in Sagittarius, the native is inclined towards spiritualism and divinity.

  • Detriment: Mercury

    The detriment of Mercury in Sagittarius is said to be favorable not only because it gives a boost to Sagittarius’s optimism but also enhances their voracious appetite for seeking knowledge and wisdom.

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