Sagittarius Man Personality Traits, Compatibility and More

A Trailer of Sagittarius Man

The man of Sagittarius is above all optimistic. He considers every moment a chance to learn something new or help someone or improve his ability. Every goal he makes is ambitious and high, and every obstacle he faces is only an opportunity to improve. He’s always hopeful thinking is to be admired and he sees you also in this ideal lens.

He easily sees the best in people and he only connects seriously with the ones he thinks can do. He’s like a coach in many ways. Sometimes he pushes your buttons, but he wants to be the best version of himself at the end of the day.

Sagittarius Man Compatibility

Sagittarius is the ninth zodiac and ruled by Jupiter, which is the planet of wisdom, luck, gifts and blessings. Sagittarius is said to be the luckiest of the zodiac and the wild child. It is a fire sign and is extremely optimistic in nature. They are explorers and have the incredible intellectual capability.

Their symbol is half horse and half man, depicting both humane and wild nature in them. Sagittarius men have a lot in common with other fire signs, such as Aries and Leo. This makes them compatible with each other. They are equally driven individuals and want to achieve what they desire. Libra and Aquarius are freedom-loving signs the same as Sagittarius. They are independent air signs and share a high intellectual quality with Sagittarius.

By the way, Sagittarius man and Aquarius woman compatibility cook perfectly. Yes, you heard that right. Also, you may have seen or heard that a Sagittarius man chasing an Aquarius woman. Hence, it’s ideal if Sagittarius male and Aquarius female create a love story, making this world a beautiful place.

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Sagittarius Men Traits

  • Knowledgeable: Sagittarius men are intellectually gifted. They love to read and have a philosophical way of life. They are smart with the facts, and one shouldn’t debate with them unless they have the right understanding of something. Because Jupiter is their governor, so they apply their knowledge practically in the world.
  • Energetic and Achievers: These men are fire signs and have high energy. They are usually involved in various activities to channelise their energy in an optimum way. They are very driven and work-oriented. They grow tremendously fast in their career, and they get what they want. They manage to work smart and hard both.
  • Humour: Sagittarius men are funny and love to laugh and have fun. Well, they can light up the party. They have such a great sense of humour that they keep high vibrations in any get-together. It’s difficult for them to be serious. They can turn a painful story into a comedy.
  • Freedom: The fact is, Sagittarius man take their freedom seriously. They survive on it and run away from anyone who forcefully tries to tie them up in bondages. If you are too pushy or direct, they will ghost you. They need their space. They are forward moving signs, and they can cut someone out of their life and never look back if pushed too much into doing something they don’t want to. Sagittarius men also have a lot of difficulties in committing something. They take plenty of time because somewhere, they feel their freedom could be at stake.
  • Optimistic: Believe it or not, Sagittarius man can always find a silver lining in every situation. They are going to be your cheerleader because of their optimistic outlook. They have a way of convincing that the future is good, and they truly believe in it. If a Sagittarius man likes you, he is not going to back off. He will be loud about it and might end up motivating you to feel the same way. They will remind you that you need to be happy and enjoy life.
  • Vagabond and Explorer: The ninth house rules anything that is foreign. Hence, Sagittarius men are usually interested in travelling to other countries and learning anything about new cultures. They love to explore. When they hear something, they find out about it and get to know them from the very core. They can’t be homebound. Travelling is one of the things they cherish most. They believe life to be lived to the fullest, and exploration is a way to do it.
  • Spontaneous: A Sagittarius man loves his mind constantly being stimulated. One moment he will be talking about philosophy, religion, spirituality, conspiracy, politics and any educational or intellectual thing and another moment, he will suddenly be upto a quick getaway. Quick change! They go with the flow and are spontaneous to the extent that many people have to struggle to keep up with them.
  • New Experiences: Sagittarius men are always down for new experiences. They always find something unusual and exciting to do. The moment they feel they are stuck in a routine, they will move forward to do something else instantly.
  • Spiritual: They are not very religious but spiritual. They can be seers, intuitive and experience divine energies a lot. Like Scorpio signs, they are also pulled towards mysticism. They seek out ancient knowledge and wisdom.
  • Caring and generous: A Sagittarius man cares deeply about the people he loves. They have big hearts and are known for their generosity. They tend to look for little ways to make others happy. People get constant hope around them and appreciate their ways of showing love.
  • Impatient and Anger: They don’t care about the details, which may sometimes create trouble for them because they tend to see the big picture. Sometimes their speech is harsh when they don’t agree with something the other person is saying. They can be really mean. Let’s accept that they are both human and wild like horses.
  • Aim: Their aim is very good, especially in sports such as archery. They have goals, and once they set a target, they effortlessly achieve it. Be it in work, sports or love. They also like to live in a different country, and they put work before everything. They are amazing providers, and they do everything to strive for achieving success.
  • Big Spenders: Sagittarius are extravagant for the things they like. If they love clothes, they will have tons of clothes, many of them they wear only once. If they like travelling, they will spend tons of money just on travelling. And if they like a woman, they will bring beautiful gifts for her.
  • Outspoken and Honest: Sagittarius just say what they feel. They don’t hold themselves back from being expressive. Diplomacy is not their thing, nor do they have any intention to hurt anyone’s feelings. They say things honestly like a child. They hate lies and would leave people who hold any kind of deception.
  • Fragile Health: Sagittarius are paranoid about falling sick. They will take utmost care of their health when they fall sick. They will visit several doctors during that time to be reassured that it’s not serious, it’s just psychosomatic. Health remains fragile for them. They are prone to issues related to the hips, intestine and liver.

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How is Sagittarius Man in Love and Relationships?

Sagittarius men always want to make their partner feel special. They give the best gifts and experiences. They make big, bold movements once they know who they want. They will impress the lover of their life with their best weapon – HUMOUR. They maintain their freedom in relationships and don’t want needy partners. Along with that, they will need their own space to dive into their mental plane and stock of books.

The Sagittarius never shy away from their emotions. But in sex, they don’t put much emotion. Some people may not like that. It’s the animalistic behaviour that comes into play. It’s simply physical for them. They are highly likely to cheat when they are just dating because they are explorers, and they want to explore more people. They are the hardest sign in the zodiac to tame and keep. But once they are really serious about someone and want to commit, they are completely loyal.

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How to Attract a Sagittarius Man?

  • Space and Freedom: Give them enough space and freedom and let them come to you, then you reaching out all the time.
  • Mystical and Honest: Do not reveal everything about yourself at the beginning. But be honest when they ask you something. They hate hypocrisy, lies and posers.
  • Be Feminine: Sagittarius is a very masculine sign, and they look for their balance. Feminine doesn’t mean being a pitiful, helpless woman but nurturing, enduring, patient, tuff and someone who can do her own thing.
  • Responsible and Independent: Sagittarius men are freedom lovers, and they don’t want a clingy girlfriend. They want someone whose happiness is not dependent on them.
  • Show Appreciation: They love to be appreciated for all the things they do.
  • Short conversation but frequent: In the beginning, don’t make any conversation too long over the phone. In-person they are more communicative.
  • Go with the flow: Do not push them for commitment. If they like you, it’s obvious that they will take a further step with you and rather unexpectedly.
  • Travelling and adventures: They are fond of travelling so long weekends on the beach, or a picnic might make them happy. Be ready for many adventures. Any fixed plan or routine does not bind them. This is why they plan trips spontaneously.
  • Do not be fussy or whining: If you need something, just be direct and ask them.
  • Physical Sign: Sagittarius is a very physical sign. They like to feel your touch; they might want to cuddle you. That is how they are establishing attachment to you.
  • Deal with your Emotions: This is a happy go lucky sign. They want to see that you can handle your own emotions. Don’t overburden them with your heavy emotions.
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Wrapping Up

Dear reader, we understand that you might be judging Sagittarius man too much after reading this. We totally respect that, it’s up to you after all. But listen, as we said, they are loyal once they lock you as a partner. So better to take actions wisely without any hesitation. Stay happy, and healthy!

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