ScorpioZodiac Sign

Sanskrit or Vedic Name : Vrishchika

Key Traits : Loyal, Strategic, Passionate, Determined, Enigmatic, Secretive

Deepest Desire : To Change the world

Noteworthy Qualities : Resourceful, Mysterious, Dedicated, Quick-witted, Faithful, Zealous, Honest, Emotional

The motto for Life : I Desire

Ouch, that stings!! Identifying a Scorpio sign is easy as well as difficult! Trust is the most important factor for Scorpio and this spills into everything they do. That includes people! Ferociously independent! These natural go-getters move as per their aspirations and do not need a hand to guide them! Scorpio zodiac sign is a master of secrets and this is what instantly connects them with everything and everyone! Have you obliged a Scorpio friend? If yes, just remember the aquatic creature never forgets a gift or an act of kindness! Expect some excellent rewards in the future! A curious bunch! These natives love peeling back the curtain and discovering what makes people tick. Probably to weed out a rotten apple from the basket! A cautious step before they get close to the wrong kinda people! Handpicked and scrutinized persons comprise a Scorpio’s friend circle! ‘Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends!” Gospel truth there’s no match for loyalty in a Scorpio’s friendship. Are you ready to explore this mysterious character and take a sneak peek at its amazing world?!! Read on as we unfold to reveal more about its inner world! Read Horoscope: Free Monthly, Daily and Weekly Horoscopes.

Dates of Scorpio Zodiac Sign : October 23- November 21

If you celebrate your birthday anytime between Oct 23- Nov 21 you belong to the zodiac sign of Scorpio. Each zodiac sign is subdivided by a 10-day slot called Decan. These Decans exhibit different traits of Scorpio zodiac signs as the given three divisions.

1st Decan (Oct 21- Nov 1) 2nd Decan (Nov 2- 11) 3rd Decan (Nov 12- 21)
Planet Pluto Neptune Moon
Traits Courage, Willpower, Emotional, Resilient, Patient, Determined, Analytical. Creative, Intelligent, Artistic, Mystical, Intuitive, Sensitive, Seductive Observant, Self-sacrificing, Willpower, Confidence, Charismatic, Compassionate.

Quick Insight Into Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Scorpio Symbol :The Scorpion

The Scorpio symbol depicts a Scorpion and its stinger. It is a pretty big constellation and has its name derived from the constellation Scorpius, which means Scorpio, in Latin. The Greek myth associates it with Orion, a giant who was killed by a scorpion. The Scorpion’s stinger expresses the security, depth, and extremism of the zodiac sign.

Scorpio Ruling Planet: Pluto

The ruling planet of Scorpio is Pluto. Pluto is associated with a continuous cycle of transformation and encouragement that aids Scorpio’s metamorphosis. It is relatively connected with power and bestows qualities like charisma, mystical charms, reliability, patience, secrecy, and inquisitiveness in Scorpio natives.

Scorpio Lucky Gemstone

Withholding the power of Sea - the lucky glimmering Pearl is highly favourable for Scorpions. Embedded with Moon’s energy, the white Pearl boosts concentration, focus, & memory power. Scorpio’s lucky gemstone Pearl/Moti helps clear your mind for better decision power when stuck in a dilemma. Know more about Pearl »

Scorpio Ruling House: Eighth

The Eighth House is the ruling house of Scorpio. It is a mere representation of the things a person shares with others for instance values, intimacy, or confidentiality. It is a ‘Succedent ‘ house that follows the rules of regeneration and death. This does not mean the physical existence of human form but of relationships or ceasing of something, for Scorpio is never interested in superficiality and relates to others in more profound ways. Learn more about the Eighth House »

Scorpio Element: Water

The element related to Scorpio is Water which is the feminine energy of emotion. Water signs are as mysterious as the ocean. They can either refresh you or drown you in their depths. The qualities are consumed by Scorpio natives who hold a reflection of these traits. Receptive and sensitive the zodiac sign connects at a deeper and more unconscious level. Scorpios tend to bracket with the divinity in themselves and each person surrounding the milieu!

Scorpio Quality: Fixed

Scorpio is the third Fixed sign of the zodiac. Fixed signs are believed to be the eager beavers of the constellation. They hold a knack of picking out what exactly needs to be done! Scorpios perfectly own this characteristic as they flesh out things with concentrated focus. Scorpio is a fixed sign associated with stabilization, determination, depth, and persistence. This makes them true to their given word to undertake responsibilities!

Scorpio Birthstone: Topaz

Topaz is the birthstone associated with Scorpio. The pivotal pillars in a Scorpio’s life are change and flexibility. The electrifying essence of the gemstone helps in signifying the zodiac’s life aspect. It endows Scorpio with qualities like getting focused, and creative. It perfectly handles Scorpio’s continuous high tide of feelings, making them more balanced. Scorpio also responds well to other stones like Aquamarine, Amethyst, Opal, Red Coral, Bloodstone, Yellow Sapphire, and Tourmaline. Know more about Scorpio Birthstone »

Scorpio Color: Red

The typical Scorpio color is Red. Red emits positive vibes by bringing inner peace and calmness along with an inflow of money and wealth. It is an intense shade and is considered assertive, daring, powerful, enthusiastic, and at times impulsive and aggressive. The color of blood and fire gels well with the Scorpio personality of passion, desire, sexuality, leadership, courage, vibrancy, and radiance. Other colors that suit Scorpios are Pink and Milky White.

Scorpio Pendant

This mythological scorpion is studded with the Coral right in the middle of its emblem. The gemstone will kill all the unfavourable planetary effects with a brilliant glow of pendant making it a complete package for every Scorpio. Scorpio is ruled by a dual planet which is Mars and Pluto which have to combine the ability to guide the path for natives in the desired way. Know more about Scorpio Pendant »

Scorpio Compatibility

Incompatible Matches : Libra, Leo, Gemini

Neutral Matches : Scorpio,Taurus

The Scorpio compatibility quotient is high between Cancer, Capricorn, and Pisces. Cancer’s outspokenness, Capricorn’s diligence, and Pisces’ dreaminess complement the Scorpio sign personality. This may lead to a blossoming, healthy, and long-term relationship. However, there may be no harmony in relationships between Gemini, Leo, and Libra. Scorpio’s unforgiving nature may unnerve Gemini, and Leo’s efforts for constant praise and attention may bring up challenges for Scorpio. Moreover, they may find it tough to handle Gemini’s flirtatious nature. In the meanwhile, negotiations may make it possible to bridge the gap in their relationship with Earthy Taurus. Learn more about the Scorpio Compatibility »

Scorpio Tarot Card : Death

Scorpio sun sign holds the tarot card of Death. The scary Death card truly symbolizes Scorpio’s connection to the transformative cycle of life. The card simply signifies that one needs to rest to start afresh! It’s the law of nature that one must die to live again! Scorpio persons stand true to this concept of transience to continually grow. The card relates to the Scorpio zodiac personality who looks out for new beginnings or ventures by shedding the old ones!

Scorpio Lucky Charms
Lucky Colors: Red and Violet
Lucky Stone: Red Coral, Bloodstone and Yellow Sapphire
Lucky Numbers: 1, 2, 4, 7
Lucky Metal: Copper, Iron, Steel

Scorpio Planetary Governor

  • Domicile: Mars

    The true nature of Mars is fiery and aggressive. Scorpio is almost a hibernating house of Mars But when it is the domicile of Scorpio it is likely to make the natives assertive, magnetic, and exciting. Mars can make a strong fighter for a cause or align its combined force with the native’s integrity.

  • Exaltation: Uranus

    In Scorpio, Uranus is in its sign of exaltation, which makes it easy for Uranus to express its full potential. The planet is placed in a powerful position. Natives under its influence will have great willpower and desire to succeed.

  • Detriment: Venus

    Venus is the detriment of Scorpio. As it is placed in an uncomfortable and contrasting position from its nature it is unable to utilize its full power. This may create issues for natives in establishing happy relationships and building financial security.

  • Fall: Moon

    As the Moon is in the fall of Scorpio persons, it is negatively placed. This may bring emotional challenges for natives. The Moon governs the mind and so its strength and potential power may turn toxic putting a negative impact on their health and behavior.

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