Scorpio Man Personality Traits, Compatibility and More

A Trailer of Scorpio Man

Speaking of Scorpio man traits, his sign has always a tone under the surface, no matter how cold it seems outside. No subject is too impossible for him to address he has an incredibly wise, emotional and psychological depth. A Scorpio know-how is an experience, however, by intensifying everything you do together, he goes one step further. It is never just a kiss or a hug – it’s a hug. You just don’t date him, it’s more than that. They are quick memories of adventures. This is how Scorpio traits male sounds!

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Scorpio Man Compatibility

Scorpios are water signs and ruled by Pluto. They are like warriors with intense eyes. Their gaze can make anyone nervous as it’s difficult to bear the energy coming out of it. They usually have very sharp or distinctive features. Being water sign, they are hypersensitive and extremely emotional but they hide it under their poker face #SmartDucks. That’s the speciality about Scorpio man!

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Scorpio men are the most passionate people of the zodiac sign. Whatever they do, they do it with utmost intensity. There is nothing casual for them. Scorpios are compatible with other water signs such as Cancers, Pisces and Scorpios as well. They have good tuning with Virgos too. Cancers and Pisces connect with Scorpios at an emotional level. They all are very intuitive. Cancer meets the emotional security requirement of a Scorpio and nurtures him. Pisces fulfils the passionate love they crave for and Virgos are submissive to their dominant nature as well as have a common interest in being financially secured leading to a very harmonious union.

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Scorpio Men Personality Traits

Passionate and deep: Scorpio men are extremely passionate people and the depth of their nature exudes in everything and everywhere, Be it work or personal life, they are completely involved in the process of life.

Mysterious and Magnetic: Scorpio men are very mysterious because they keep things to themselves. They do not trust so easily. They might even seem cold and aloof. But what adds to their mysticism is the way they experience life and witness many unusual events that can’t be explained in words. Also, they are quite spiritual as well. They have a supernatural kind of energy and they are interested in mysticism, metaphysical and astronomy.

Ambitious and Persistent: Scorpio man characteristics are like; they are purposeful, ambitious and have a clear vision of what they want. They keep on striving for it till they achieve it. They are go-getters and prove to be great leaders. Cancer man put a lot of fire and fuel into whatever they do. When they truly get interested in something, they become absolutely one-pointed towards it.

Fiercely Loyal: Scorpio men are absolutely loyal to their near and dear ones. Their friend circle is limited. As friends, they can be hard to reach or engaged. In fact, their friends tend to become their fans. They never forget a favour and make sure to pay it off in double folds. If they get backstabbed, the relationship is completely over as if it never existed.

A keen observer and Brutally Honest: A Scorpio man easily knows if you are honest or not. Even if he is laughing or joking, he will be observing you. He keeps analyzing secretly. He will see in your eyes and go beyond your facial expressions and words you say. He will be brutally honest with you until and unless you give him a reason not to.

Sarcastic sense of humour: Not everyone likes their humour as it has an element of sarcasm. Only their friends love it as they know the caring side of their Scorpio friend. Scorpio men somehow tend to enjoy dark humour too. Many people find them quite witty and spontaneous.

Revengeful and Resentful: They don’t take betrayal or hurt of any kind lightly and sting or lash back as revenge. Even in love, if someone cheats them, they cheat them back in return just to make them feel how it hurts. They never forget an insult or hurt. They can wait for years to get back at someone who betrayed them.

Intense Emotions, Self Destructive: They are highly misunderstood. They seem calm and composed but underneath they are boiling with the flux of deep-rooted emotions. They become very vulnerable when they lose someone they love.

Transformations: They have died many times since they are born and gone through so much pain and turmoil. Because of such memories, they can also become self-destructive by getting addicted to people or substances.

Secret Keeper: This man can uncover your secrets. You don’t even need to tell him. But he will keep them safe forever and will not mention them to you again unless you initiate to talk about it.

Possessive and Over Protective: Cancer men tend to become very possessive and protective of their loved ones. They have this unexplainable fear of losing them. Scorpio men have gone through a lot on the emotional front and they have unattended insecurities in them.

Loners and Rebels: They need alone time to dig into the issues of the world, emotions, mysticism, spirituality – whatever is their subject of interest and passion. They are not the ones who will be excited about social gatherings. In fact, even if they happened to attend a wedding or gathering, you will find them somewhere aloof and watching everyone.

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How is Scorpio Man in Love and Relationships?

Moving to Scorpio men in relationships, when a Scorpio man loves you, he loves you with his heart, mind, body and soul. His love is deep and intense. It’s either everything or nothing. If you are loved by a Scorpio, you are extremely fortunate because it will be a blend of passion, unmatchable love, intelligence, emotions, unknown world, minor heartburns, love bites and a connection that can get you addicted.

He will go through all the difficulties to make his family comfortable. Even when he is surrounded by ten thousand women, his eyes will be looking at his lover. He connects at a spiritual level with love.

Speaking of Scorpio male in love, a Scorpio man showers love on their beloved. His physical intimacy is so intense that he leaves physical marks on them. The passion and heat are always on. He can be very intense emotionally and physically. If you are a fragile kind, choose Cancer or Libra, not Scorpio.

This man will test you for your endurance. It’s very difficult to live with a Scorpio man and without a Scorpio man. He will be extremely protective and jealous if you are being over-friendly with other guys. He cannot forgive promiscuous behaviour. He is fiercely loyal and expects the same from his lover. Once heartbroken, he remains single for a long time. This man doesn’t forget nor forgives easily. They can be self-destructive when they lose someone they love.

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How to Attract a Scorpio Man?

Patience: He is a very hard shell to crack. He does not trust easily. You need a lot of patience to get his attention.

Purposeful: You have a purpose and determination. He cannot bear with people who are lost, superficial and have no value of time.

Genuine Interest: There is nothing casual for him. Go for him only when you are sincerely interested in him.

Honesty: They can smell lies and it’s a big turn off. Just be honest. They will have respect for you.

Mind Game: Never try to make him jealous because he will leave you and never turn back.

Deep Conversations: You can’t have a frivolous talk with them. They are too intelligent, wise and serious for this.

Strength: They love courageous and enduring people. They can’t be with someone who doesn’t have a spine to stand up for something.

Unusual Dates: Regular dinner dates and parties are not their kinds. If you really want to have a good date with a Scorpio man, take him for a late-night ride or alone time on a beach, or maybe a cosy night on the roof while gazing at the stars.

No show off: Don’t try to impress them with the things you own. They are least bothered about it as their love is unconditional. They find this show off behaviour very cheap and superficial. And Scorpio males are too sophisticated for it.

Own your skin: Nothing more appeals to a Scorpio man than someone comfortable being herself. He is not a people pleaser nor he likes one.

Substance: They admire you if you have some substance and sensibility in you.

Mysterious: If you are secretive and mysterious, you will surely be caught by his gaze.

Support in all the seasons: Summer can be good, winter chilling, rains may drench and autumn takes away something. If you are supportive throughout all times, this will win his heart.

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Wrapping Up

Hey pals, as mentioned earlier, dating a Scorpio man is something out of this world. They always rock! Speaking of Scorpio man personality, full marks. But listen, if you have a long term plan then understanding Scorpio man must be your top priority. And then, you are ready to go!

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