Taurus Health and Wellness – Taurus Health Problems, Ideal Foods, Traits etc.

Taurus natives generally possess good physical and mental health. They have a decent build and vigorous endurance. They do not usually get sick, but once they do, it might become severe. One thing they hate the most is the physicians who are always in denial when it comes to abiding by their orders.

Lack of physical exertion may lead to illnesses when they start getting mature. To live a healthier life, you must control your craving for food and drink. Steady light to moderate exercise is the secret mantra for your healthy life.

Taurus Health Problems

Each zodiac sign is related and ruled by a specific planet, and every planet rules different body parts. Understanding this aspect helps you take care of your health in advance. Venus planet governs Taurus, and the body parts ruled by Venus are the lower jaw, throat, ears, ankles, legs, sexual organs, and back and spinal region. Because of the planetary effects, these body parts are vulnerable to illness and infection. They are prone to the sensitive throat, congestion, other throat infections, goiter, and respiratory problems.

If you are a Venus-governed zodiac, you cannot escape the hypnotizing spell of the Goddess of love, sex, beauty, fertility, and pleasure. This pleasure-seeking attribute of yours gives birth to a tendency to eat and drink excessively. If you do not have an exercise routine, you tend to become overweight, leading to heart issues, poor circulation, weak knees, varicose veins, and other chronic complaints.


Perfect Food for Taurus

With time, your metabolism slows down. You have good taste in food. You are an absolute foodie, and eating is one thing you enjoy, mostly without worrying about its effects. Many of the Taurus natives would hate it, but at a particular juncture in your life, there comes a stage where you need to understand this tendency of yours and need to get a grip over it a little, if not wholly.

It might be a struggle initially, but once conquered, it can be a life-changing experience. Consuming a low-fat, sugar-free, and starch-free diet would be warranted in the long run. Adding natural iodine and iodized salt to your diet chart would help you keep thyroid issues at bay. Taurus individuals should include salads and fresh fruits in their diet.

To regulate the amount of water in the system, you can eat foods high in sodium sulfate. A deficiency of this mineral can cause thyroid problems. Since they are high in sodium sulfate, Taurus people should include cranberries, broccoli, beetroot, nuts, beans, pumpkins, cauliflower, cucumbers, onions, peas, and almonds in their diet.

Giving up on anything is not the solution for Taurus. It will give them a feeling of deprivation, but maintaining a minimalistic balance is the key here, which applies to a craving for sweet, salty, or spicy foods. Taurus natives should practice healthy and adequate water intake habits.

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The Taurus Physic

The Taurus natives have an intangible and enigmatic quality. They possess a gift of an appealing personality from Goddess Venus. Therefore, Taurus females have calm and deep eyes. Her movements are dominated by sheer grace and lazy elegance but with a touch of hidden resilience, which symbolizes her independence and strength. The Taurus Males have strong necks. Their shoulders, chest, torso, and back are wide and broad. Thus, they look solid and tough.

If you are a Taurus native, you will have a well-proportioned, thick, and square body regardless of your average height. The ears are tiny and close to the head. They chew nicely and slowly. As a result, they have an excellent digestive system. Your limbs are thick and heavy. Most of you have wavy hair, dark eyes, and a medium skin tone. Your face, eyes, and lips are your appealing features. You are strong mentally, which reflects your potent character frailty.

Taurus Looks and Fashion

The natives usually have smooth skin and stunning, well-defined eyes. Blue and pink are my favourite shades. Floral scarves and earrings suit you. Your love for bright-coloured lipstick and nail polish is eminent. It is best to wear a pastel-coloured dress to complement your sensual look. You favour fabrics that are delicate and elegant jewellery.

Your classism is eminent in your selection of dresses and accessories. Your know-how about finer stuff compliments your elegance. Choosing a dress for a specific occasion might consume an important part of your day. Your grace allows you to carry your clothes well. You love to invest a lot of time and money in dresses and shoes. Your comfort is your fashion mantra.

Taurus traits also say many more things about their fashion style and more.

Importance of Regular Workout for Taurus

Taurus natives are involuntarily a little lazy as far as exercise is concerned. They are a little erratic with their fitness regime. Venus governs the thyroid gland, and thyroid gland disorder would cause weight problems. Taurus individuals must incorporate a way to do moderate exercise into their lifestyle. Be mindful that if the regime is strenuous, you will get bored and not continue it.

Hence, finding out a moderate exercise regime that interests you and keeps you going is essential. Some of the moderate exercises that you can start doing every day are brisk walking, spending time in the garden, trekking, golfing, water aerobics, tennis, yoga, and cycling.

And That’s It for Taurus Health

You are also susceptible to the risk of having gout and diseases related to the genitals, kidneys, liver, abscesses, and rheumatism. Tauru’s health issues also include slow digestion and metabolism processes, and as they age, it gets slower. The other body parts prone to diseases are the upper chest, throat, teeth, chin, palate, neck, larynx, ears, and jaw. Other diseases commonly seen in Taurus natives are croup, tonsils, stiff neck, cervical pain, sore throat, swollen glands, laryngitis, neck injuries, and earaches.

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