Mars in Taurus: Exploring Meaning, Characteristics, & Qualities

  • Element And Quality: Earth & Fixed
  • Celebrities: Madonna, Adolf Hitler, John Kennedy, Tom Cruise, Michael Jackson, Charlie Chaplin
  • Positive Traits: Stable, Patient, Cautious, Disciplined, Persistent, Enduring, Loyal
  • Negative Traits: Stubborn, Lazy, Short-Tempered, Boring, Rigid

The planet Venus governs Taurus, which is a watery sign. Venus shares a neutral relationship with Mars, which on the other hand, is fierce masculine energy. Mars is not as active as in other zodiac signs when positioned in a rigid sign with a flexible planet as its Lord.

Mars in Taurus favors individuals who are low in energy and low in physical activity. However, they are exceptionally focused mentally. These people learn a great deal from their mistakes as well as their experiences. They are among the most stable and resilient people you will ever meet.

Individuals born under the influence of Venus have a preference for beauty and the arts such as music, paintings, luxury items, etc. They may also possess artistic skills. The natives value comfort and luxury in their daily lives.

Those born with the Taurus Mars sign tend to be able to handle their money matters more effectively. These people tend to have a strong sense of love and sensuality. It is common for them to have multiple lovers. It is common for them to feel unhappy in their relationship and with their spouse. Depending on the energy Mars presents, they could also show excessive possessiveness and even some violence in relationships.

In Taurus, Mars is a sign of patience and stability. According to Mars in Taurus Vedic astrology, Mars is also to this sign’s detriment. The Mars in Taurus person has a passive attitude toward life, rendering them immobile and inert.

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Positive traits of Mars in Taurus

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Personality Traits of Mars In Taurus

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