Mercury In Taurus And The Effects of Its Transition

Astrologers believe that various planets influence human life in different ways. These planets play a significant role in our personality traits, career, personal and professional relationships, friends, enemies, and many other important aspects of life. As per Hindu Astrology, Planet Mercury represents intelligence, logic, speech, communication, and friendship. Sun and Venus have a friendly relationship with Mercury though Moon and Mars have a dissident relationship.

However, Mercury in Taurus is a neutral planet and influences a native based on its position in one’s horoscope. Mercury is a symbol of communication; if it is malefic, then the person may have communication issues; they can be shy or talk less. Sometimes they may lose important information due to unknown reasons. When Mercury transits in Taurus, the combination makes the person sharp-minded, logical, good at calculations, and above all, a good decision-maker. Mercury in Taurus men and women think everything thoroughly. They take their decisions very slowly and try to make sure they are correct and relevant. That’s why they are said to be plodders.

Mercury sign Taurus men and women speak with authority and confidence when they discuss anything professionally or personally. Taurus wants to be listened to and noticed. If they had to start any new project, they would complete research and development (R& D) before arriving at a conclusion. Mercury is a planet that is quite fast in movement and does not stick around with a zodiac sign for a long time. It is a symbol of enthusiasm, youthfulness, and a lively spirit with a strong communication channel.

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