Mercury In Taurus And The Effects of Its Transition

Astrologers believe that various planets influence human life in different ways. These planets play a significant role in our personality traits, career, personal and professional relationships, friends, enemies, and many other important aspects of life. As per Hindu Astrology, Planet Mercury represents intelligence, logic, speech, communication, and friendship. Sun and Venus have a friendly relationship with Mercury though Moon and Mars have a dissident relationship.

However, Mercury in Taurus is a neutral planet and influences a native based on its position in one’s horoscope. Mercury is a symbol of communication; if it is malefic, then the person may have communication issues; they can be shy or talk less. Sometimes they may lose important information due to unknown reasons. When Mercury transits in Taurus, the combination makes the person sharp-minded, logical, good at calculations, and above all, a good decision-maker. Mercury in Taurus men and women think everything thoroughly. They take their decisions very slowly and try to make sure they are correct and relevant. That’s why they are said to be plodders.

Mercury sign Taurus men and women speak with authority and confidence when they discuss anything professionally or personally. Taurus wants to be listened to and noticed. If they had to start any new project, they would complete research and development (R& D) before arriving at a conclusion. Mercury is a planet that is quite fast in movement and does not stick around with a zodiac sign for a long time. It is a symbol of enthusiasm, youthfulness, and a lively spirit with a strong communication channel.

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Mercury is in Taurus

When the Planet Mercury transits in Taurus, it influences Taurus men and women in their personal and professional life, career, behavior, and relationship. Mercury in Taurus Natal makes a native confident about what they are saying; they like to be noticed and heard when they speak. They are very clear on their part and like to speak their mind with authority and confidence.

The people with the Taurus mercury sign exactly know how to be presentable. Their pleasing manner of communication makes people attentive, and they are always taken seriously. Taurus’s ruling planet is Venus, which has a friendly relationship with Mercury; these Taureans are good artists, singers, and self-disciplined.

Positive side of Mercury in Taurus

Mercury in Taurus is nothing but just an astrological phenomenon that sways Men and women with some pleasant and few unpleasant experiences. These people may have good voices. They may turn into a great singer. Taurus men and women are very down-to-earth, and with mercury, they seem to become more stylish, noticeable, and flamboyant.

Mercury causes a person to learn by experience, and the Taurus zodiac sign itself is a planner and does everything in detail. Mercury induces them to slow down and just chill on their professional and personal front. Mercury in Taurus follows an earthed vision. These natives speak with confidence and authority and say whatever they feel like and do not care how it comes across. They like to give their honest remark and believe in performing slowly and steadily with desired results. Mercury is a creator and always pushes Taurus men and women to create new things and opportunities for themselves. It inspires them to learn, experience, and then expertise in any creative field.

Taurus sign mercury categorizes things around them as good, better, best, worst, and disastrous. Tauruses being headstrong and stubborn, start learning to be thoughtful, easy-going, and understanding. Mercury in the Taurus zodiac sign is very much fond of material things; they like enjoying all the comforts of life, like their branded clothes, car, house, and otherworldly pleasures. These people would evaluate a person or thing with its financial value. 

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Mercury in Taurus woman

Mercury in Taurus woman has a great sense of judging things around. She is an intelligent woman and likes to live a comfortable life, while at the same time, she does not resist any opportunity to adopt a new change. Mercury in Taurus women are sometimes misunderstood; it can be because they are a bit headstrong. They like to have straightforward, practical, and meaningful conversations, not something which is only flattering and sweet but not true.

Hey, Ladies, just try to be a little soft and courteous and try to see beyond your own world. The truth is things are not always black and white; there are some other probabilities, too, and if you do not change yourself, it could result in miscommunication, misunderstanding, and frustration.

Mercury in Taurus Man

Mercury in Taurus Men is beneficial for them, as it makes them stronger communicators; they may have bright chances in business since communication is one of the qualities needed to run a successful business. They know exactly how to make words magical and use them wisely.

The impact of Mercury in Taurus Zodiac Sign

Mercury directs the way a person thinks, writes, and talks to people. When a person meets someone they actually meet their mercury sign, not the Sun sign, because the mercury sign determines the communication style of a native and it influences them strongly. It is how you come across someone or how you are perceived. Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun, therefore a person’s Mercury sign will be in the same sign as his/her Sun Sign or a sign before or after. Thus right from your professional life to your love life, everything is directed by your mercury sign.

Mercury in Taurus Compatibility

Mercury in Taurus natives, if they seriously decide to take some decision about their personal life, they do it with conviction and commitment. And that is the reason, why these people are very practical and most compatible with their would-be soulmates. It is the best match if their partners are from earth signs i.e. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

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The Time of Mercury Transition in Taurus?

The last time Mercury transited in Taurus was in the month of January 2013, and this year on 1st May 2021, Mercury transited in Taurus. Mercury is known as the planet of communication, intelligence, wit, wisdom, and wealth. So if you are a Taurus with a Mercury Sign, you might gain your desired position or promotion in your present job.

Is Mercury in Taurus bad?

No, it is not. It is just that they are misunderstood sometimes. They take a very long time to make the right decision, which sometimes others may consider as their arrogance, ego, or waste of time. Taurus people get confused with their personality because they are always good at communication, and when they delay something, it is because of a certain reason.  Basically, mercury in Taurus people’s most negative attributes are rigidity, stubbornness, and being slow decision-makers.


Mercury sign in Taurus means the native becomes possessive, loyal, honest, and sensual in the way they think and move. However, others may assume them to be predictable which is almost never the case. Well, you don’t need to correct them, just let them be with their assumptions and live your life.

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