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Sun in Virgo: Sun effects, Personality Traits, Compatibility, and more

Ruling Planet – Mercury
Element – Earth
Date Range – September 17 to October 17
Nature – Mutable Sign
Symbol – The Virgin

The sign of Virgo is represented by a Virgin, who is standing on a boat, coming to the shore with weed in one hand and ayurvedic medication in the other. Virgo represents healing and diseases. It is the natural 6th house sign, and this house is about diseases, debt, obstacles, disagreements, divorces, small animals, enemies, and helping unprivileged people.

Earth element of Virgo implies nourishment, creation, and stability. It is a mutable sign that makes it quite adaptable in any environment. Its ruling planet is Mercury. Mercury is the planet of intelligence.

Basic Characteristics of Sun in Virgo People

Sun in Virgo Impact

Communication of Sun in Virgo Natives

Play of Numbers

Same Sign but Different Personalities

Sun in Virgo: Placement of Mercury

Sun in Virgo: Problem Solver

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