Justice Tarot Meaning, Love, Money, Career, Health, Emotions, Upright and Reverse

Justice Tarot Card Meaning

If someone has betrayed you, done injustice or wrongfully tried to cause you pain and sorrow then it is time that nature will do its justice and everything will be right once again. This is what the Justice Tarot predicts in the Tarot deck.

Justice Tarot tells that Karma never leaves you and every action whether good or bad, you have to bear the consequences. This card is not justice to be done in court, but justice to be done by nature.

The best thing about Justice Tarot is that it follows the same rules for everyone. It gives life lessons and motivates to live our life honestly and do good deeds.

The Blade in the Justice tarot image represents the code that is always ready to punish wrongdoing. He is the embodiment of the Karmaphal principle created by our decisions, our actions and nature.

This Major Arcana card places the greatest emphasis on truth, equality and balance.

Element: Air

Astrological Sign: Libra

Planet: Venus

Date: September 23 to October 22

Justice Tarot Upright: Legal Dispute, Life Lessons, Integrity, Fairness

Justice tarot Reverse: fraudulent behaviour, injustice, failure to take responsibility, bad deeds

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Justice Tarot Card Upright

The Justice tarot symbolizes justice, equality, honesty, and the rule of law. It tells that you are responsible for what you are doing and you will be judged on the basis of that. If you have done good deeds, if you have done good to others, then rest assured, good things will happen to you.

But if you have not done this and shirked from your responsibilities or did not perform them properly then it can become a cause of trouble for you. Keep in mind that the Justice Tarot is much more than what we imagine.

If you have done something wrong in the past and you are ashamed for that, you have accepted your mistake and tried to rectify then surely you will get opportunity in life. You need to take responsibility for your decisions and the circumstances that lead to them.

The Justice tarot is attached to reality. When you start knowing and understanding the truth, then you find that the truth is not as simple and easy as you were thinking. For this you have to walk through dark paths, only then you can see and understand the reality.

Keep in mind that what you consider to be real, consider how right and moral it is. It is not easy to do this but still you should do it to make your life good.

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Justice Tarot Reversed

The Justice tarot reverse suggests that you are doing something wrong even though you know what is morally right and what is wrong. Others may not be aware of this at all, but in this situation also you will have two options on which you can take action. First – you cover your mistake and think that no one will know about it. Second – you should take responsibility for your actions and the circumstances that have arisen due to them, try to rectify those situations and be ready to face whatever the consequences may be.

Justice Tarot Reversed When you are making a decision that will affect others or greatly affect someone else, you should make a balanced decision without prejudice. For this, keeping your personal thoughts aside, you have to take a completely neutral decision and work accordingly.

If you are involved in a civil case, it is possible that the decision may not be in your favor or you may be afraid of a possible wrong decision.

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Justice Tarot Love

Justice Tarot also gives accurate predictions in matters like love, marriage and relationships and tells you the options available to you. It tells what you are doing and what the result will be. According to this card, you should never settle for less than what you are capable of, whether you are single or married.

According to Justice Tarot love predictions, if you are in a mood to take a breakup, then you may have to face a legal fight. It is difficult to say what situations you will face but whatever happens it will give a new direction to your life and show you the way to move forward spiritually.

It suggests that you may fall in unrequited love. You may get trapped in some confusion from your own side. In such a situation, it is best to identify your own need and reality and then act accordingly.

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Justice Tarot Money and Career

When you want to ask money and career related questions, Justice Tarot Money and Career will tell you what you have been waiting for, the time for your dreams to come true is getting closer. Accordingly, this card brings good news for you.

Justice Tarot predicts the same for office and relationships. If someone has done something wrong to you in the past, don’t get discouraged or worry. Now the time has come for justice to be done to you.

Justice Tarot Predictions in relation to money and career, Justice Tarot warns that you should not get involved in any kind of unethical or wrongdoing. It is possible that you are getting a lot of money from them, but along with that you will have to bear the fruits of your actions, so be careful and avoid doing any kind of wrongdoing.

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Justice Tarot Health

When the question is related to health, Justice Tarot health predicts in very accurate and simple language that you should take care of yourself. You get so involved in solving life’s problems that you become careless about your own health.

You should focus on self-care. You should take care of your mind, brain, body and soul as much as you take care of your own needs. If you do this, your health will also be good.

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Justice Tarot Feelings

Justice tarot Emotions can leave you disappointed when you want to know what others are thinking about you. Justice Tarot tells feelings that the person in front is neutral for you, that is, he does not mean anything special to you.

If Justice Tarot sentiments are to be understood in simple language, then it would be appropriate to say that it weighs you on the basis of your deeds and decides your fate from that. You will get rewards for your good deeds and you will deserve punishment for bad deeds.

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